Reimagining how customer feedback is used to acquire and retain connected customers.

BirdEye provides real-time actionable insights through in-moment customer feedback requests through SMS or mobile apps as well as social listening across 50+ reviews sites, all displayed on one centralized dashboard. In addition, daily sentiment trend reports are sent to management each day. BirdEye turns customers into advocates through review marketing, automatically distributing positive feedback across social channels and review sites. Our platform provides each client with a personalized microsite displaying their best reviews from top review sites all in one place, boosting SEO optimization and establishing a positive online presence.


With BirdEye, businesses can generate new, authentic customer reviews and promote them across the web, boosting ratings and establishing a positive reputation to acquire new customers; at the same time, businesses can monitor unsolicited feedback on social channels and review sites in real-time. Rather than simply cleaning up reputations or listening to online conversations, we’ve developed a platform that dives beneath the surface, closing the loop between reputation management and customer experience. This mutual understanding between business and customer builds the trust required to increase sales.


BirdEye launched its Competitive Analytics tool in February 2015, allowing enterprises to benchmark performance against primary competitors in their vertical market by analyzing insights from selected competitors’ customers against their own. In April, the free Scan Your Business app was introduced as an incredibly convenient way for any business to see a snapshot of their online presence, and with insight from this helpful tool, BirdEye’s client base expanded exponentially as more and more businesses recognized the need for a cohesive online reputation and customer experience solution.


Customer feedback was further revolutionized with BirdEye’s June 2015 introduction of in-moment feedback requests. With this capability, businesses can receive direct reviews on Facebook and Google through automated mobile SMS and deep-linking engineering. This streamlined process eliminates common culprits of poor conversion rates like required accounts, login information, or email requests. Many of BirdEye’s enterprise clients such as Hertz Rent-A-Car have used this in-moment feedback tool to boost their ratings through real-time customer engagement. In addition, many small businesses with no reviews saw their feedback volume skyrocket after implementing BirdEye’s SMS tool, enabling them to take action based on their customers’ sentiments.

BirdEye received an $8 million investment from Trinity Ventures in January 2016 to fund further development of new features. In February 2016, BirdEye enhanced its Social Listening tool, through which businesses can monitor unsolicited feedback on social channels and review sites in real-time in order to address each issue swiftly and effectively to retain customers. BirdEye will launch its mobile app in March 2016, making businesses’ customer interactions even more efficient.


In this increasingly digital society, customers are connected and in control, so providing the optimum customer experience through real-time authentic engagement is the key to longterm success. The BirdEye platform is quickly becoming the most streamlined solution to acquire and retain satisfied customers. BirdEye has devoted this past year to developing innovative tools to fuel customer happiness for both our clients and their customers, because we believe the best businesses are built chiefly on outstanding customer service.


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