BirdEye founders Neeraj Gupta and Naveen Gupta

28 Jan An Open Letter from BirdEye CEO, Naveen Gupta

I’m excited to announce that BirdEye raised $8M from Silicon Valley Who’s Who, led by Trinity Ventures (welcome Ajay to Board of directors!), Salesforce founder Marc Benioff, Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang and world-class investors and advisors — Starbucks board director, Clara Shih; Godfather of AdSense, Gokul Rajaram; Twitter SVP Kevin Weil; LinkedIn’s Ellen Levy; BranchOut founder Rick Marini; angel Mark Goldstein; Red Lion CEO Michael Skarzynski; media personality Semil Shah; and celebrity Anjula Acharia-Bath. Welcome all of you to BirdEye!

First, I’d like to thank our 10,000+ customers, 100+ digital agencies and 40+ employees and families — you all are the reason we’ve come this far, growing at 200% y-y, strong revenue and profitable. Thank you for inspiring us everyday to do what matters most to us: build innovative products.

It all began 3 years ago with a few of us from Yahoo and Google and a vision to reimagine how businesses will acquire and retain connected customers. Our thesis: today’s businesses need an entirely new approach to thrive in the increasingly connected customer world.

Today’s connected customers are in-control. They are in control of a business’ reputation online. Businesses can get wiped out by a 2-star reputation on Google — they need a tool to amplify the voice of happy customers.

Today’s connected customers demand a seamless customer experience; if something goes wrong they expect remediation then and there. Gone are the days of calling United Airlines 1-800; enter the world of #baggagelost. Businesses need a tool that captures customer feedback instantly and enables in-moment issue resolution.

This brings us to the definition of customer feedback itself. What is it — a review, an NPS survey, or a tweet? How is it measured — 5-star scale, 1-10 scale, A-F grade? It’s all of the above. Just as customers have access to all these avenues of expression, businesses need a new lense that normalizes feedback across all channels and provides a cohesive measurement of customer sentiment.

We’ve built BirdEye as the next-generation business reputation and customer experience platform that reimagines how businesses use customer feedback to acquire and retain the “connected” customer. Stay tuned for an exciting product roadmap in 2016. Read PR on Yahoo Finance and TechCrunch.




Naveen Gupta, CEO BirdEye