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5on BBB, Sep 30, 2016
I honestly can't believe how amazing Seth and Amy were. They were both super communicative and EXTREMELY on top of everything. I am a first time home buyer and I work in the industry, so I have heard every horror story out there. I fully expected bumps in the road and for it to be a stressful process, but it was the smoothest process from start to finish. One thing I look for when I do anything like that is to work with someone who will respond to my 500 questions and keep me informed through the process. Seth went above and beyond this, I am truly shocked at how awesome he and Amy are. I would recommend 1st Alliance to anyone looking to get a mortgage loan and wants to work with someone that truly knows what they are doing. more »
5on Zillow, Sep 28, 2016
Justin and everyone at First Alliance were wonderful to work with. They made the loan experience painless. After the experience of working with Citifinancial this was more than a GREAT experience. Thank you Justine! more »
5on Google, Sep 27, 2016
1st Alliance Lending, truly care about the customers they service and it showed every step of the way. A dream I did not think was possible this year, is a reality today.
Special thank you to; S
hawn & Amy, for all your hard work.
Please thank your team behind the scene, for making my dream come true.
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5on Zillow, Sep 27, 2016
We worked with Shean Layton and have to say after being turned down with other lenders they came up with a solution for us! He was very helpful and truly cared for what we were going thru. He was so personable and made the the experience of a first time buyer go as smoothly as it could. I appreciated the time and efforts of everyone at 1st Alliance. Thank you so much! Fe and Joost more »
5on Zillow, Sep 26, 2016
Quick to close, informative and kept in touch and communicated regularly. Made the headache of buying a home less daunting. Would highly recommend this company. Shean Layton of 1st Alliance was awesome. more »
5on Zillow, Sep 23, 2016
Justin was amazing! He wanted to have an understanding of what we we had been going through the last eight years. We had been approved by another lender before we made an offer on a house, only to have that investor drop out of that FHA program the day after we made an offer on a house. On to another who made us feel like the mortgage crisis and my husband's medical conditions that caused our bankruptcy and foreclosure were our fault. Unwilling to give up on this house, my husband made a random call to 1st Alliance, then passed his phone with Justin on the line off to me. That was the beginning of a great new relationship. Justin asked for information that other lenders didn't care about. He wanted to know and understand EXACTLY what we had been going through the six years prior that led to our difficult circumstances and where we stood now so that he could work with the underwriters and loan officers in the best manner. We closed exactly three months from the day we made the offer on the house. However, it was only six weeks from when I first spoke to Justin. I will consider Justin a forever friend! I also truly appreciate others, (Steve, Sara, Heather) at 1st Alliance for their roles in getting us into our dream home. more »
5on Zillow, Sep 20, 2016
Great company Amanda was extremely knowledgeable and great to work with. She made sure that everything was in place correct all went smooth till closing. more »
5on Lendingtree, Sep 16, 2016
Everyone we had contact with was great, super responsive and explained things clearly. There were no surprises and they wet above and beyond to help us get into our new home. They emailed, called and got back to us to answer all of our questions, we had no realtors involved and it was still a smooth process. Can't say enough nice things about the people who helped us get our dream home. more »
4on Zillow, Sep 16, 2016
Shennae was awesome! Her quick responses were key in instilling my confidence in the process! It has been a positive experience all around. We've dealthough with several mortgage companies and 1st Alliance is the best so far! more »
5on Zillow, Sep 13, 2016
Shean was great! Very helpful and quick. Smooth process, even got a lower rate later on in the process. Every person we spoke to outside of Shean was friendly and knowledgeable. more »
5on BirdEye, Sep 12, 2016
A huge thank you to Jenna and the team at 1st Alliance for getting us through the FHA Back to Work program very quickly and easily! Our landlord had given us very short notice about selling the house we were in, and with a short sale in our past, it was not quite the best time to start looking for a house (we were forced to explore buying a home before we were financially ready given that the rental market is pretty much non-existent where we live). After getting turned away from other lenders, 1st Alliance took the time to help us through our situation, and now we are proud homeowners again! I must say that I was so impressed by the way Jenna took the time to explain everything and help us every step of the way. She is very knowledgable and friendly - a real treat to work with! Given that we were faced with potential homelessness, she really made this whole experience a pleasant one, rather than a scary one. We definitely recommend 1st Alliance! more »
5on Zillow, Sep 10, 2016
I had a BK CH7 in 2015, I looked into the FHA Back to Work Program with many lenders and was told many times the program didn't work and I would have to wait at least 2 years. I began working with Erin at 1st Alliance and provided all the information they required for pre-approval. Upon review, she assured me that 1st Alliance were experts at the FHA BTW Program, shortly after I received my Pre-Qual letter for the purchase of my home. I made an offer and selected a closing date 2 weeks from the date of the 1 yr anniversary of my BK discharge. This was a challenge to say the least. Erin and her team gathered all of my pertinent documents, approved the loan and had all documents in time for closing. During the approval process, Erin kept me informed every step of the way which made the process virtually stress free. Amazing team of professionals who know what they are doing when it comes to challenging finance situations. The best news is that the loan came in with an attractive interest rate and APR! Erin and her team at 1st Alliance are the best at what they do and I thank them all greatly for making it possible for me to purchase a home despite my extremely challenging credit history. I highly recommend 1st Alliance to anyone considering the purchase of a home. more »
5on Zillow, Sep 01, 2016
Thanks to Patrick Reed and the rest of the 1st Alliance Lending team, we were able to get a home loan when several other companies had told us we could not. Now I will say, be prepared to supply a lot of documentation and I do mean a lot, but in the end while frustrating, it was worth it to be able to move into the house we wanted.
Should we decide to move again to a different home, I have no doubt 1st Alliance will be our first call!
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5on Zillow, Aug 25, 2016
1st Alliance Lending was Awesome we are in our dream home because of them thanks so much. They were very helpful and made the whole process as painless as possible. Would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new home more »
5on Zillow, Aug 23, 2016
Thank you Spirit for all the work that you did for us!!! I'm so grateful that I had you and my loan processor bc you did amazing work!!!! I will recommend you and 1st Alliance to any and everyone that ask me about a mortgage. Thank you again for ur professionalism and ur patience and making the whole process run as smoothly as you did. I will miss ur emails and calls bc it seems we created a good working relationship through trust and honesty...and it's all over now thanks to you!!! Yeah we did it!!!! Thank you!!!! more »
5on Zillow, Aug 23, 2016
Just want to thank Spirit Souza, Nick Palermo & everyone at First Alliance Lending, LLC. My loan was not easy and as a family with 2 small home based businesses and we are not the easiest candidates to underwrite. On top of that I had suffered 2 major credit events during the housing meltdown that negatively effected my credit. First Alliance spent time getting to know us as people, and in doing so we got to know them. They have an easy application process, are very responsive and seem to work as a team. I applied to 3 different lenders and First Alliance from a customer service perspective were the best by far.
My wife and I have worked hard to rebuild our credit over the years and wanted to get back to home ownership now instead of waiting. Thanks to First Alliance we are now new homeowners!
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5on Zillow, Aug 22, 2016
I am a husband of a lovely woman and a father of three exceptional children. I haven’t been given much in my life. Aside from a warm bed growing up, my parent’s didn’t provide much for me in the way of life outside of their home. Needless to say, paying for college and life took a toll on my personal finances as I racked up numerous and staggering amounts of student loans. I had to learn on my own how to budget and pay bills responsibly, and how to get by while having no one that I could turn to in times of financial trouble. I’ve worked hard, and through God’s good grace, I’ve been able to work myself into a position of financial stability and to have a very bright financial future.
Having said this, the last year has been rough! I took a job opportunity out of state, and away from my wife and kids to open up future opportunities. During the year I was separated, we had some late payments and financial issues that were hard to overcome, although we always did! In May, I was able to take another opportunity back in my hometown (no more visiting my family on the weekends) for higher pay and better benefits. Now living with my family again, we decided very quickly, that our “little” family had grown a lot in the last year and we no longer were able to continue in our 1500 sq. ft. house! This is where Sonya and 1st Alliance come in!
I cannot express my thankfulness enough for Sonya Pellitier! Sonya was my loan coordinator, and from day one has been nothing but supportive and ever resilient through all of the trouble we had getting me approved for a new home loan! Sonya stayed on top of every request from the underwriter, every document that had to be submitted, and every letter that had to be written…. everything that needed to be done, Sonya did it! We will close on our home tomorrow, August 22nd. I don’t think that there’s any way that this dream would be a reality without Sonya and 1st Alliance.
Again, I just want to thank 1st Alliance and Sonya Pellitier for everything through this whole process, and we cannot wait to continue our blessed life in our new home!
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5on Zillow, Aug 20, 2016
I would like to say thank you to First Alliance Lending, LLC and to Spirit Souza and Amy Charlton. They were truly a blessing. Spirit was such an encouraging person and she worked hard to make sure all the documentation was sent promptly. She was even a HUGE cheerleader for me because she could sense when the demand for all the documentation would frustrate me. With their help and hard work, I am able to say I have a NEW HOME! Thank you all so much for your hard work and long hours to make sure your clients were able to have a new start. Thank you so much Spirit and First Alliance!!! more »
5on BirdEye, Aug 13, 2016
1st Alliance is awesome. Shean helped me immensely with all the steps in this process. He followed through with everything, answered all the questions I had and most importantly put my mind at ease when I hit a couple of bumps. I would recommend them to everybody looking for a lender. more »
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5on BirdEye, Aug 13, 2016
Awesome, experienced and knowledgeable staff! I highly recommend them. I worked with other lenders who were less knowledgeable about the FHA guidelines than I! Amanda with First Alliance was a rock star and I will refer anyone and everyone who asks me to her!! I am now a proud homeowner! Thanks Amanda!! more »
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5on Zillow, Aug 10, 2016
I have been working with Ashley Cromwell on getting assistance on our mortgage since my husband lost his job. She has been the most professional, helpful and knowledgeable person to work with. I highly recommend her. more »
5on BirdEye, Aug 09, 2016
My experience with 1st alliance was phenomenal. I had a single point of contact (Alyssa) who was extremly responsive and helpful. I couldn't not speak any higher of this company and I'm so glad I found them. I will be recommending them 100 times over! more »
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5on Zillow, Aug 08, 2016
I originally obtained a loan with First Alliance over a year ago and the process was done smoothly, very professionally, and all agents I worked with were so kind, helpful and just great. I am now re-financing at a lower interest rate, and again, everyone I have been in contact with could not have been nicer. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing loan services. I truly appreciate their patience and kindness. more »
5on Google, Aug 04, 2016
Contacting 1st Alliance with my situation was my 4th and long, down by 6 hail mary. I was skeptical but hopeful, but I now sit a homeowner again. I had the great pleasure of working with Justin through my loan process. With any home loan, I've come to expect small hiccups here and there. Nevertheless, Justin kept me informed and optimistic, when I felt otherwise. Thank you doesn't seem to express enough gratitude, but its a start. Thank you Justin & 1st Alliance! :) more »
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5on BirdEye, Aug 04, 2016
Contacting 1st Alliance with my situation was my 4th and long, down by 6 hail mary. I was skeptical but hopeful, but I now sit a homeowner again. I had the great pleasure of working with Justin through my loan process. With any home loan, I've come to expect small hiccups here and there. Nevertheless, Justin kept me informed and optimistic, when I felt otherwise. Thank you doesn't seem to express enough gratitude, but its a start. Thank you Justin & 1st Alliance! :) more »
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Our mission is to help borrowers become owners in the place they love most, home. We are not simply a collector of payments, we are a partner in sustainable home ownership. We provide outstanding service at the time of financing and every day throughout our partnership.more »

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