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5on Facebook, May 13, 2018
The staff turned a terrifying life experience into an easier transition than I anticipated. I love this little community here except for 1 thing. Parking is terrible. By that I mean most times you cannot find a space unless it’s far away. I cannot blame management for that. The walls aren’t paper thin, but I expected to hear things from others that on the building. I don’t mind the little noise at all. The building is older than most, but it’s so warm and comfortable to be in. I believe I will be making this home for many years to come!!! more »
3on Apartment Ratings, Oct 18, 2015
I own one of the townhouses, which I rent out. I have found the new CPS management company very lacking in communication. They said that they have been sending letters that went to an old address but never bothered to send them to the condo. Also, some one stole all the keys out out of the office and they had to change all the locks around the community, luckily, I had already changed my locks. They've been notified about yellow jackets and do not take care of them on the community property. There's a lot of problems with the current management. My tenants are very happy with their condo because I take care of it very well. Rent from an owner. more »
5on Apartment Ratings, Oct 09, 2015
This review is for the townhouse condos. I lived here for 5 years and loved the property and the condo I rented. It was privately owned and the landlord took great care of the unit. It was updated with an efficient furnace so my utilities were very reasonable. The community was well maintained and I always felt safe and comfortable. The accessibility to the nature was a huge plus but also the location is also great for easily accessing Downtown, Grandview, Upper Arlington, Dublin, Hilliard, and OSU. I was actually considering buying a property myself but ended up relocating out of state. In short, I enjoyed my time here and would recommend it anyone looking in the UA area. more »
5on Apartment Ratings, Oct 06, 2015
I love the location! The river is beautiful and walking along the Frisbee golf park and Hoover park are wonderful. The buildings are well maintained and my neighbors were all very nice. I thought the price was great for what you get in comparison to other properties. Upper Arlington is a great community and this property is in the school district. Though this property is very pet friendly the residents could clean-up after them better. I know the property has a service but man... clean-up after your dog! more »
4on Apartments, Aug 05, 2015
Things are great - until they're not
So, Arlington Pointe Apartments are great overall for the cost. They are located in a nice area - Upper Arlington, Columbus - and situated in a condo de
velopment. The condos are new, the apartment buildings are a little on the old side. When you walk in they look like nothing so much as old university dorms/an older hotel. The rooms themselves aren't bad. I am currently renting the largest unit available - 2 bedroom, 2 bath. There is a spacious living room, a dining room, and a galley kitchen. It is all a little on the old side, but functional and cozy. Costs me (after your water, gas, heating/cooling, pet rent) right at $1,018/month, which is awesome for this kind of place in Columbus. My main issue has been with maintenance and with the cooling system. Like most of the older buildings in the Midwest, the building is not cooled by central air, but by an industrial chiller. That normally wouldn't be a problem, but the chiller is as old as the building and breaks down frequently (five times since April this year). I would think replacing the aging machinery would be high on the apartment's list of priorities, but I'm not the one making these kinds of decisions. Making things a bit worse, maintenance usually isn't able to get it taken care of quickly. The last time we lost air, it was down for over a week throughout the building and the vast majority of residents had to go out and purchase window AC units and floor fans just to make their apartments barely habitable. None of this, by the way, was offset by the complex. Maintenance is also egregiously slow. The complex recently came under new management and the old maintenance man was replaced by an outside company. This outside firm takes its sweet time to respond to resident requests, even when those requests would normally be considered pressing facilities issues. From experience, this includes reports of water leaking from the ceiling. That said, I still have to give Arlington Pointe a 4/5 because I really do love living here. The neighborhood is also really friendly, there are a large number of dog owners, and it is right on the Scioto river (which is absolutely beautiful in winter). The staff is always friendly and polite, even when their hands are tied and there isn't much they can do to help right away. There are a lot of small things that add up to big annoyances, but the location and price really can't be beat. more »
4on Apartment Ratings, Jul 08, 2015
I stayed in a 2 bedroom, full basement in the condos at Arlington Pointe, this is the same area as the apartments but instead of leasing through the office/company my condo was owned by one individual. Overall had a great experience there, if the rent was cheaper I would have stayed.
Area was minimal noise and safe neighborhood. Police cars would drive through neighborhood occasionally, made me feel better about my safety. I had an upgraded condo with stainless steel amenities for the kitchen. The only thing that never worked was the mini fridge in the basement which we didn't bother to get fixed because we never would have used it. Bedrooms and living room were very spacious. Loved the park that was located right next to us. People would walk their dogs, play frisbee golf, or go for a jog. Very convenient having so close. Neighbors were also very friendly. Most college students lived in the apartments, more of new couples and new families would live in the condos. Our landlord was unorganized at times but very friendly and helpful in getting us situated. Never had to worry about landscaping not being up kept, Every Thursday morning bright and early they would be taking care of the lawn and such.
Wall we shared with our neighbors were very thin. We could hear them going up their stairs constantly and could hear their TV ever so often if it was quite enough in our condo. Office manager seemed a little unorganized. The previous office manager left unexpectedly and it was a hard transition. The previous office manager was helping out our landlord and taking care of any issues with our rent/water/maintenance. When she left we had to go to our landlord who wasn't as prompt and helpful during the transition.
Our landlord lived back and forth between Florida and Columbus so at times was hard to get a hold of him for maintenance calls. Although, once we got a hold of him he was prompt to reply and help. Maintenance calls had to be done through landlord for condos, we were not covered to make the calls through the office like the apartments could. With that said our landlord had the Arlington Pointe maintenance guy cover our calls.
Rent was pricey, started at 1000/month 1st year, went up to 1150/month 2nd year and I believe he raised the rent again for the next tenants. Average Utilities for Electric/gas/water/Wifi came to 300/month with 4 girls living in the condo.
During the winter time, the snow removers very rarely came out and when they did wouldn't always make it back to our last row of condos. there were times I had no where to park because of so much lack of snow removal. If we didn't get a lot of snow they were not going to come out and shovel and lay down salt.
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4on Apartment Ratings, Nov 20, 2014
I moved to Columbus (Arlington Pointe) from the San Diego area and had heard good things about the complex. I was very surprised about the maintenance man, ----. As I was moving in I had problems with my stove, the carpets were old and had been a home of a cat before me, and the heat was having problems. In less than a week ---- replaced my stove, had the carpet replaced, and fixed my heat (twice because it went out again). ---- has been awesome since i moved in. He is professional and helpful. He is nice and timely. If you call on ---- he will answer and he will get on whatever problem there is right away. I am very grateful to have ---- at Arlington Pointe, he is keeping this place alive.
The walls are thin and if people live above you, you will hear them. But other than that it is exactly what you would want from an apartment. Truly though, without ---- I am not so sure I would have stayed...i looked at other places but since I was taken care of so well...i decided to stay with Arlington Pointe. It matter when you are put first. I give Arlington Pointe a thumbs up!
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4on Apartment Ratings, Oct 22, 2014
I have enjoyed living in Arlington Pointe, The area is very safe and convenient to many parts of Columbus including the Campus area, Upper Arlington, Clintonville, Grandview. etc. There is always plenty of parking available for both me and my guests. Depending on your unit there may be a small amount of noise from the road. Our maintenance requests have been fulfilled and Rick, our building's maintenance person, has always been courteous and done a good job on the repairs. A big bonus is the park and river that are next to the complex. The park is a great place to run, walk your dog, or play disc golf along the scenic river. There is a small path that connects the Arlington Pointe parking lot and the park so there is no need to drive over or walk on the busy roadway. more »
4on Apartment Ratings, Oct 07, 2014
Overall, I really like this complex. It is a decent price for the area and I've never had any safety concerns. The outdoor area is well lit and there is a pool and small workout area at the clubhouse that you can use for no extra charge. Coin laundry is available in each apartment building which is really convenient.
Rick the maintenance man for the complex always responds to maintenance requests in a timely manner, even in the middle of the night. Usually major problems are resolved in a day or two and minor concerns within the same business week. He is always friendly and respectful of your time constraints or other concerns. The only issue is that there is way too much work in this pair of older buildings for one person! I am confident problems would be resolved much faster if another person or two were hired on to help him out. Not only does he handle all the maintenance requests, he is also the one who preps all the units that are about to be rented out to new tenets.
Kyle is always friendly and helpful. It is sometimes difficult to get her by phone so I suggest actually going into the leasing office to meet with her.
The only big problem I've had has been this past summer. My AC or the AC for several units, including mine, stopped working about 3 or 4 times. am on the top floor so it was insanely hot in my apartment. In one case, I was without air for 4 days with no contact from the office about maintenance request. The problem was eventually resolved but it was stressful.
Also, keep in mind that the building has to be manually switched over from air conditioning to heat. This can make for some uncomfortable days. Either really hot or really cold because you can only use heat or air.
The only other issue is the snow removal in winter. Whoever does our plowing is terrible! Luckily, I have 4WD but I have had to drive around people who are stuck on the ice or snow in our lot. Typically, the plow driver does not go around the entire lot. He just picks one side that he feels like plowing and you have to hope you parked on that end.4
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4on Apartment Ratings, May 14, 2014
I am a current resident and have had some maintenance issues the last couple weeks with plumbing issues and the A/C not working, and I have to say- Rick the maintenace man has been just so great! He responds very quick, fixes things correct, cares about the building and keeping the residents happy. Overall I am very happy with the service i receive. He will also make sure to follow up with you and check on the repairs made. You don't always get this kind of service when you rent. more »
5on Apartment Ratings, Mar 01, 2014
I have lived here for almost a year now and while the apartments are not as new as other complexes around the area, I love it. Whenever I have issues our property manager Kyle is always quick to respond and our maintenance guy Rick, is always super friendly and super helpful. I haven't had any major issues while here and I honestly feel like it's my home not just an apartment. It's not the most up to date place, but for the price, location, and space you get, it's perfect. I love it here! more »
4on Apartment Ratings, Nov 05, 2013
When I first moved in more than a year ago, the management and maintenance were terrible. Lots of cut corners and half-baked fixes and rarely were my emails returned. Since then, they've transitioned to a new management team and I haven't had troubles since! The apartments are clean and pretty cozy and any issues I've had since the new management took over have been fixed within 24-48 hours. The new maintenance guy the management team hired (Rick) is really friendly and knowledgable and always follows up to make sure things are fixed. The grounds are great if you have a dog that needs to space to run around and I always felt safe in the community. Most of the apartments are for students and young pros and young families and all my neighbors have been incredibly friendly. Nice location to boot! Sure, it's pricier than most places, but I'd say it's worth it. more »
4on Apartment Ratings, Jun 23, 2012
These apartments are in a great location in Upper Arlington with easy access to downtown and Ohio State campus. Yes the buildings are older and need some work but, overall the positives outweigh the negatives. For one you have a 24 hour gym with mounted tvs and several treadmills. Along with an in-ground pool and grilling patio that is the place to be during the summer months. The landscaping is done very well, which is nicely complimented by the Scioto River.
As far as the apartments go they are well suited for those who are more on a budget rather than those expecting luxury. They are quite spacious besides the size of the kitchens, but the kitchens do have good counter and cabinet space. As an OSU student I can't complain when comparing the rent prices to surrounding apartments,I and have enjoyed my time here.
So, when heading into it don't expect to be blown away, but with the gym and pool access the living conditions are quite comfortable.
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5on Apartment Ratings, Aug 18, 2010
Most of the reviews written below refer to the apartment blocks facing 33. We've lived in this area for 5 years now in the condos facing the river and love it. It's a 3 br with one and a half bath with granite counters, wood floors and a basement. Not to mention access to the 24 hr. gym, the river, park nearby and nice landscaping. While I'm sure the apartments are the mildewed tenements they are reported to be, the condos in the back are a world apart. Very dog friendly area too.
Oh, and I DO NOT work for the condo association.
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4on Apartment Ratings, Dec 15, 2009
I just moved into my new one bedroom apartment- tons of living space which is nice considering I have oversized furniture! Buildings are older but well maintained, I didn't expect brand new because I got a great price. The gas and water is a fixed rate which is nice. The heat setting is on in the winter so it gets nice and toasty. The laundry room is on my floor but there are two others in my building which again is a plus- only a dollar for the coin laundry. The fitness center is open 24-hours which works out with my schedule. Also was able to rent out the clubhouse for an office get together during the week- very affordable compared to other apartment complexes. I just moved from the Quarry where I was paying over 700.00 for a one bedroom and honestly it is a newer property but it did have many issues. To sum it up I am Happy with my apartment here, it is affordable safe (secured doors) and roomy. I would refer this property. more »
4on Apartment Ratings, Jul 12, 2009
I'm surprised at the negative ratings. I liked my 2 years here at Arlington Pointe. Any time I needed repairs/fixes, they were done pretty quickly (2-3 days). During my first year from Jan to Mar there were problems with the hot water. When the temperature was extremely cold outside (below 15 deg), the hot water heater could not keep the water hot for showers from 6:30 to 9 am. When summer came, a new hot water heater was installed and no problems have occurred in the last year.
The walls are a bit thin, so if your neighbor is playing music (rare but occurs) or has company, you can hear the noise in a quiet room. As an FYI, the office does not accept UPS or FedEx packages, so you have to go pickup your package by car. Overall it's a quiet apartment building. Most residents are young professionals with a few OSU students and families mixed in.
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4on Apartment Ratings, Aug 20, 2004
The apartment are large and the community is kept very clean. They are old but have a lot of character and personality. I found the maintenance staff to be very responsive to my needs. more »
5on Apartment Ratings, Jul 15, 2004
Great spot. Fair price. Not a castle, but respectable. more »
4on Apartment Ratings, Jul 15, 2004
just moved in from out of state, ive never lived so close to water before, the view from my deck is refreshing. i love the natural scenery, but some of the grounds seem overgrown. more »
3on Apartment Ratings, Jun 18, 2004
These Apartments are located in an awesome spot. Right directly on the scenic Scioto River. It is surrounded by woods and parks. It has even been the reason I took up FRISBEE GOLF :) There is a free course next door, a short walk through the woods and you are there.The office staff has been really good to me. They are very patient with all of my daily UPS deliveries. They even have fresh baked cookies often (YUM)Maintanence is getting better. They were backed up on work in my apartment but are now all caught up.Parking is a bit tight at times if you come home late but have always been able to find a spot to park even if its not next to my building.The grounds seem very secure. I have yet to hear of any trouble since I moved in.There is some noise from Riverside Drive (my apartment faces it) but I think the noise level would be almost none if you were closer to the river.The office area is beautifully landscaped as well as the area near Riverside Drive. more »
4on Apartment Ratings, Nov 30, 2003
I just moved out in Sept., lived in a 2 bedroom townhouse on the river. The river views and green space was enough to make me go out and get a dog because I couldn´t imagine not being outside every day in the summer. Yes the place was built in 1960, but I´m sure they´ll never be able to build another complex in Columbus that is this close to a river but is controlled by a reservoir 1 mile upstream.
I know lots of people have had problems with the maintenance staff here, and I couldn´t agree more until they hired a new supervisor who´s a young go-getter type. It used to be that you couldn´t get things fixed for a few weeks but now the turnaround time is same day or next day! I had a leak in my tub that needed some new silicone caulk...not only did he fix it but he also bleached my tub walls so they´re sparkling again! Hopefully he doesn´t get too pooped but he´s young and new so he´ll probably manage.
Riverpark had a pretty tired look with overgrown bushes and bad paint jobs, but the landscaping crew yanked all the old bushes & put in new sod...hey, we´re looking good again! Some of my friends who live in the garden apartments said that there´s some artist whose been painting murals in the hallways of their building...can´t say anything about those cuz I never made it over there. The new windows in all the apartments are NICE for apartment quality. I bet my astronomical heat bill from last year would´ve been cut in half with those!
I left because I just got married, bought a condo, the dog misses the park and chasing geese. I miss seeing the Scioto river every day but I don´t miss paying rent. If I were paying rent, though, I probably would have stayed another year here.
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4on Apartment Ratings, Aug 12, 2003
I´ve leved in the mapartment building 2599 at Riverpark on the Scioto for a year and I hve mixed feelings.
Maintenance seems to be busy with the apartment buildings more than the to
wnhomes; hense the wait has normally been within hours of reporting the problem to the rental office and I haven´t had any reoccuring problems.
The grounds are prety well kept (minus a few dog droppings, and for what they ask to have pets I´d probably leave it there too).
The times I´ve visited the office the staff have been great to me.
The location is great and next to the park.
The parking situation is not the greatest not to mention the odd and ill placed enterences.
The apartment inerior, for the price, could be nicer.
AC and Heat are controled by the complex, meaning when they chose to switch from AC to heat or vice versa it´s up to them.
Last winter the apartment was loosing alot of heat through the windows but sinse then they have installed new windows (just waitin to se how they work).
It took a while for them to clear the snow for driving, much much longer till they cleared the walkways.
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3on Apartment Ratings, Mar 13, 2003
i lived there a couple years ago in the apartments that didn´t have a door that went directly outside.. "2599-1E" i think it was..
pluses: rent was cheap, good sized apartment, and it was in a
pretty good part of town..
minuses: the shared laundry facilities were almost always busy, the a/c never worked, had some flooding problems, the "workout facilities" were older than strom thurmond, and dog poop was all over the place..
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4on Apartment Ratings, Nov 25, 2002
Place is peaceful, on the Scioto River, and close to campus. Staff is helpful. Grounds clean and well kept.
Architecture is a little dated, but it´s an excellent value for a nice area.
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Arlington Pointe is a blend of natural beauty and modern living. Experience a unique riverfront location with acres of green space to explore. Stroll the banks of the Scioto River with your pets or catch a workout in our new 24-hour fitness center. We are located just minutes away from Grandview, OSU, Dublin, Short North, and the Arena District. Welcome to Arlington Pointe Apartments.more »

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