90% of consumers read online reviews before
choosing a business.

Source: Forbes


Customers now trust reviews and ratings just
as much as word-of-mouth from friends.

And even though tackling the chore of ranking
higher on Google can be daunting, every
business needs to ask itself:

  1. When customers compare our reviews &
    ratings to our competitors, are we the
    obvious choice?
  2. Is the volume and velocity of our customer
    reviews helping to increase our Google
    Search ranking?
  3. Do we respond to reviews quickly, both to
    show we care and to boost our Google
    Search ranking signal?
  4. Are we promoting our best reviews to get
    new customers?
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With Birdeye you can

  • Increase your Google Reviews!

    Quickly, you’ll notice your customers posting
    more reviews to Google and major review sites

  • Increase social engagement.

    Your best reviews are automatically promoted
    on your social media profiles

  • Increase customer engagement.

    Review notifications so you can quickly respond
    to both unhappy & happy customers

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Increase in Google Reviews
+0.8 Stars
Increase in Google rating
Increase in revenue
Data is from over 60,000 Birdeye business customers

The #1 Online reputation Management Software

"As an HVAC company we have a ton of
competition. Birdeye saves us so much time and
money by making it easy to manage customer
feedback all in one place. Positive reviews bring in
new customers. It’s that simple."

Ronnie Gerard

Next Generation Air & Heat, Inc.

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