70% of customers prefer to
message with businesses.

Source: The Washington Post

Washington Post

Customers don’t pick up the phone and
voicemails are full. They don’t return emails.
And did someone just ask a question on
Facebook or Google?

The explosion of communication methods
means your business needs to ask itself three

  1. How does our team keep track of, and
    respond to, both the incoming questions
    and ongoing conversations with prospects
    & customers?
  2. Do we let our customers communicate the
    way they prefer?
  3. Is our website textable?
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With BirdEye you can

  • Consolidate customer interactions.

    Capture leads from your website, Facebook,
    and Google and send them to a single inbox

  • Increase efficiency.

    A single inbox allows you to text all leads and

  • Work as a team.

    Assign specialists on your team to send follow-
    up messages to leads or customers

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Leads per month
Decrease in response time
Open rate for SMS
Data is from over 50,000 BirdEye business customers

Customers Love Us. Experts Applaud Us.

"In 6 months we answered over 500 new chats from
potential and existing clients. We are able to both
answer customer questions and address their
concerns before they escalate. We have also
acquired new business because of the WebChat
feature. It has been a great tool for us to connect,
communicate and respond quickly."

Dawn Quote

Dawn Harsch

The McGuire Group Healthcare Facilities

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