93% of customer journeys start on Google

Source: Google Data, March 2019


People are now searching for you on Google
and while on the go in apps & maps

That means businesses are now faced with
three new challenges:

  1. When customers search for my business
    category, do I rank near the top of Google
  2. Is my business information consistent
    across major websites and apps?
  3. How can I easily find & fix inconsistencies
    about my business?
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With BirdEye you can

  • Be in Control

    We scan the internet and update your business
    information on 50+ sites

  • Increase your leads and overall business

    A Google My Business profile created for your

  • Dominate in Search

    In addition to the little things we do that boost
    your Google search results, a SEO optimized
    BirdEye profile page is developed that directs
    even more traffic to your website

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Data is from over 50,000 BirdEye business customers

Customers Love Us. Experts Applaud Us.

"BirdEye allows us to update all of our info across
tons of sites, and from one place. It's done
automatically which makes is super easy to
manage. I could never have done this on my own."

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Kristen Bonin

Texas Home & Ranch Group

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