80% of CEOs believe they
deliver superior experience.

Only 8% of their customers agree.

Source: Bain & Company

Bain Company

There’s a saying - Building good customer
experience doesn’t happen by accident.
It happens by design.

With that in mind, ask yourself:

  1. What is our businesses approach to deliver
    an exceptional customer experience?
  2. How often do we gather real customer
  3. How does our customer experience
    compare to our competitors?
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With Birdeye you can

  • Measure.

    Customer sentiment at each meaningful
    touchpoint with NPS surveys

  • Analyze.

    All your customer feedback is run through
    Birdeye’s AI engine Athena to produce the sentiment
    analysis and customer insights that propel a
    deeper understanding.

  • Compare.

    Information from over 150 sites is aggregated to
    let you understand how customers view and
    compare strengths & weaknesses of
    your business vs your competitors.

  • Improve.

    Closed-loop ticketing allows you to assign
    issues to specialists and resolve customer
    experience problems.

20 million
NPS surveys run on Birdeye
1 billion +
AI-driven insights generated
100,000 +
Customer issues resolved
Data is from over 60,000 Birdeye business customers

Customers Love Us. Experts Applaud Us.

"Birdeye has been a huge asset in revamping our
customer service program. Having access to both
online reviews and survey results, in real-time, has
helped drive customer service initiatives. Surveys
are sent out effortlessly, and we've received 1,000s of
responses from our patients to help us improve
experiences and gain insight into our operations. I've
come to realize our customer base has been a
wealth of untapped knowledge that is now helping
us build a better business."

Jill Quote

Jill Makowichuk

TRA Medical Imaging

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