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5 BirdEye, Jul 22, 2017

Anne L. (Palo Alto, CA)

Though this is my first Birdeye post about Lenox Hill Esthetic, it's not the only review I've written regarding this business. Last year, after researching laser skin treatments that would effectively enhance the skin on my face, decided to do a Vipeel. Fortunately, I came to learn that there is no 1-2-3 solution!! Injectables can rejuvenate the face. But what can be done about the texture and look of skin? There are so many spa "treatments" not to mention the countless spa's to choose from!! It's daunting. However after doing my homework found the most reputable esthitician at Lenox Hill Esthetic. Ms. Alvina Martirosian is the director and head esthitician of this establishment. Apart from being a well respected esthitician, Alvina is honest and passionate about her craft. The effects and finished results of Vipeel vs laser treatments was explained in full detail. I was hooked on doing laser and thought VI Peel next time...Alvina convinced me otherwise. So, I bravely prepared to peel. Since December 2016, religiously do VI Peel Plus once a month. Alvina recommended microdermabrasion before VI Peel and 7 days after. We took things up a notch and did VI Peel in Precision Plus version. Alvina introduced Laser Genesis treatments as well. A total of 4 Laser Genesis treatments and six VI Precision Plus Peels later, my skin looks radiant!! Aside from sunscreen, bronzer and mascara, I've stopped wearing makeup! As if this were not enough, Alvina put me on a strict skin regiment. From a variety of peels and laser procedures, Lenox Hill Esthetic is a one stop shop. Alvina sells quality topical products that enhance daily maintenance of my skin. The diagnosis Alvina gave is tested and true. It's amazing to not only hear compliments from family and friends but strangers as well. From the evenness in tone to texture of my skin, I'm incredibly pleased and can't wait to start VI Peels come September. There should be a 5* + for Alvina!!