3 Ways BirdEye is Vibranium for your business

Have you seen Black Panther yet? If not, run to the theater and catch this spectacular movie on the big screen. If not, just a warning for mild spoilers ahead! As we watched the movie here at Birdeye, we began to think about Black Panther’s awesome new suit and how BirdEye can be your vibranium laced tool when trying to conquer the world of customer experience automation. Stay with us here.

From Captain America’s shield (also vibranium), to Thor’s hammer, to even Wolverine’s claws, nigh-indestructible metals are common in the Marvel universe. These superheroes use their tools to help them fight crime and save the world. As a business, you are fighting every day to grow and prosper. This means you have to save the day when it comes to providing happy customer experiences.

It may seem that while you are trying to grow your business there is always something or someone trying to block your path. Just like Black Panther’s nemesis in Erik Killmonger, who had a different vision of how Wakanda should be. Your customers, just like Erik, may think you should run your business a certain way and can take actions to potentially dethrone you with their negative reviews. Customer reviews can poison your efforts to grow your business.

You can’t fight that battle alone. Just like Black Panther, you need a team behind you and some awesome tools to use in the field — that is where BirdEye comes in.

In the movie, Black Panther gets a whole new suit with some serious upgrades. The Vibranium laced suit helps our hero absorb kinetic energy and allows him to refocus that power as an offensive attack.

So how does that relate to BirdEye? No, we aren’t announcing a new line of intimidating clothing — but we can outfit you with the tool you need to absorb both positive and negative customer reviews and refocus that energy to creating positive customer experiences that help you grow your business, attract new customers, and more. Here are some of our favorite examples:

Absorb all of the customer feedback – easily

All of those customer reviews and calls into your service center sure can feel like a thousand stray bullets headed straight for you. Instead of dodging them all, you can take all of that force in! BirdEye’s review feed gets all your reviews into one place to help you absorb everything coming at you and keep pace with customer experience.

One superhero we work with, O’Brien Auto Group , was able to drive 4x more Google and Cars.com reviews which helped them boost customer satisfaction and revenue. In the highly competitive automotive market, retaining customers is as difficult as acquiring them (just like Thor convincing Loki to be a good guy, but alas… the trickster God always returns to his old habits). O’Brien Auto group wanted to save their customers’ day by understanding their experiences and making sure that they had positive PR online so that other citizens would trust them as their auto-centric superhero.

Turn negative reviews into positive customer interactions.

Our favorite heroes know it well, sometimes the fans that love us can turn on us just as fast (poor Bucky Barnes). Just like any good Agent of Shield, damage control is a key part of keeping the peace. Black Panther’s vibranium suit helps him refocus the kinetic energy into more power for him. BirdEye gives you the tools to help you easily refocus the power of negative customer reviews so that you can solve their issues, create positive customer experiences, and go from villain to hero.

In this case study, Customer Support Hero  Redstone Residential jumps into action on tenant issues the second they surface, resolving them in real-time to improve tenant experience. With BirdEye, Redstone transformed online feedback into a powerful driver of retention. Thanks to Redstone’s proactive engagement, both tenant satisfaction and search rankings skyrocketed, bringing in more tenants and increasing revenue.

Benchmark your efforts against the competition and save the day.

Knowing one’s enemy is the key to success. Having an awesome vibranium nanite laced suit is one thing, but having a suit with the tools you need to take on a specific challenger is the key to victory against all things malevolent. With BirdEye, we help you conquer your foes by helping you listen in on social sentiments and monitor not only your own PR but your foes’ as well.

Superhero customer Blaze Pizza has mastered this art. Blaze Pizza’s customers love to talk, and Blaze loves to listen. This build-your-own pizza franchise knows that excellent customer experience is the key to revenue growth and that the voice of the customer is the gateway to a great customer experience. With BirdEye’s brand monitoring solutions, Blaze listened to every customer comment across review sites and social media and used feedback insights to drive action at the frontlines–and it worked! In less than 12 months, Blaze grew same-store sales by 15% while expanding more rapidly than all fast-casual pizza chains. Check out their story here.

Wrapping it up

Whether you are taking down an intergalactic villain hellbent on world destruction, or simply trying to grow your business…  you need the right tools and the right team behind you to save the day. BirdEye is here to be your vibranium. We help you empower your business to get more reviews, understand customer’s experiences, acquire new customers, and become a true hometown hero — at least according to the search engines.

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