7 benefits of blogging for small businesses

Whether you hire a blogging expert or do your own writing, there are several benefits of blogging that can help you build a great online reputation. What’s important is that your blog helps customers learn more about you and your business, and adds a personal element that sets you apart from other businesses in your industry. There’s no better way to establish yourself online than by creating genuine content.

Here are 7 benefits of blogging for your business:

Blogging helps you boost your business ranking

benefits of blogging - boost your rank

Blogs can help your business rank higher in local searches. Each time you post a blog, it’s counted as one more indexed page on your website and one more chance for your business to show up on search engines. It’s also a signal to Google, and other search engines that your site is being updated regularly and there’s fresh content that they should check.

Blogging is a source of shareable content

You can share your blogs across your social media to generate interest and drive traffic at the same time. Blogs centered around customer reviews and testimonials highlighting the brand in a positive light can add value to your online reputation on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Blogging helps you grow your revenue

Prospective customers who keep coming back to your blog begin to learn more about your business and trust you. These potential customers are more likely to convert into long-term clients, increasing profits. Revenue growth is one of the most significant benefits of blogging.

Blogging builds credibility on LinkedIn

Depending on your industry, you can also re-publish your blogs on LinkedIn’s Pulse platform, a valuable resource for professionals and business owners on the internet. With time, this can grow your business’ online reputation and help you gain visibility within your industry.

Blogging creates a social identity

A blog is an excellent place to share how you started your business and your business’ goals for the future. You can share with customers a look at what goes on behind the scenes and post updates on any social service your company is involved with. Weekly inspirational messages resonate with customers emotionally and keep them coming back to read your blog and discover more about your business. Sharing these thoughts on a blog helps customers to know you better and most importantly, trust you.

Blogging helps you communicate with customers

The comments section of the blog can be used as an efficient tool to communicate with your customers. Some customers use this section to express their negative feedback about a business. Don’t let these comments go unheard. Treat them as negative reviews for your business and respond to them. Acknowledge the customer’s concerns and address the concerns wherever possible. In case of positive feedback, thank the customer for their valuable time. Responding to blog comments is a great way to improve your online reputation.

Blogging helps you target the right audience

benefits of blogging - target audience

Do research to better understand what interests your customers and use blogs on specific topics to target your particular audience. For instance, if you are a cosmetic surgeon, blogs on different topics like body contouring and facial cosmetic surgery can help build trust and attract more patients for your healthcare practice.

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