A customer interactions strategy that actually works [INFOGRAPHIC]

Sergio Garcia

3 min read Last Updated Apr 6, 2021

Customer interactions

Consistently delivering experiences that foster brand loyalty is absolutely crucial for success – especially considering that a customer will leave you for a competitor after just one bad experience. As consumers navigate the customer journey, their interactions with your brand are key points of influence on how they perceive their overall experience.

If customer experience is the new battlefield, then having the right tools is pivotal in order to stay competitive. With this in mind, we’ve created an infographic with some actionable steps your business can take to implement an effective customer interactions strategy that will delight your customers:

These statistics reflect the significant role customer interactions play in creating better business outcomes. However, consistently delivering high-quality experiences can get incredibly challenging – especially with the myriad of channels consumers can choose from to engage with your business. 

Overcoming these challenges requires finding the right solution that removes each of these roadblocks. However, you can’t even begin to achieve that unless you understand your audience. Engaging each customer with the right information at the right time on the right channel is a challenge for every business—from sales to marketing to customer service. 

A critical component to overcoming this challenge is identifying the various niches within your audience and how they prefer to communicate. With social distancing causing every generation to ramp up their use of online channels to connect with brands, this has become even more crucial as you’re no longer just competing with businesses in your immediate vicinity. You’re now also competing with brands online in your entire metropolitan area.

Each generation grew up with different technological advancements and social movements. Knowing the nuances of how these pivotal experiences determine communication preferences is a key element to creating successful customer experiences. Let’s take a look at how each generation prefers to communicate. 

Armed with this knowledge you can decipher which channels would best work for your business to win every customer interaction. However, it’s imperative to not simply go with the status quo when investing in solutions that optimize customer interactions. Innovation is a key differentiator for many brands. 

That’s why more businesses are increasing investment in software that will help optimize customer interactions. 

  • 43% of businesses are investing in software that provides access to new channels
  • 35% are investing in software that improves seamless communication. 

We’ve already shared the unique channels each generation prefers to communicate on. So let’s examine how the right technology can not only help you easily add new digital channels to your customer experience, but also provide unique solutions that will help your brand stand out from the competition. 

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