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30 Jan BirdEye Partners with Yelp to Give Businesses Real-Time Customer Experience Insights

When it comes to online reviews, Yelp is the first name that comes to mind, and rightfully so. With 115 million reviews across myriad local industries from restaurants and retail to dog walkers and dentists, Yelp has invaluable customer data that can help businesses understand their customers on an incredibly deep level. To give businesses a more comprehensive view of their customer experience, BirdEye has partnered with Yelp, giving BirdEye customers official, licensed access to Yelp’s rich content.

With this collaboration, BirdEye customers can now monitor, engage with, and glean insight from their Yelp reviews directly within the BirdEye platform. Access to Yelp data–alongside 200+ other review sources like Google and Facebook–gives BirdEye customers deeper insights from a great volume of feedback. They can then use this feedback to analyze location-specific data and view historical trends to develop a more accurate, comprehensive understanding of customer satisfaction trends than ever before.

Getting a less-than-awesome review on Yelp can be frustrating, but with the right tools, businesses can not only minimize the damage of a negative Yelp review, but actually use it to their advantage: in addition to providing full review text from Yelp, BirdEye will also analyze sentiment from Yelp reviews with its Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine, Athena. These juicy NLP insights help businesses pinpoint exactly what makes their customers happy and unhappy, and where that root cause of sentiment is occurring. Integrating Yelp’s rich semantic content will make these insights even sharper enabling  strategic operational improvements to their products and services.

BirdEye customers will receive a whole host of benefits through the Yelp partnership:

  • 1) Online presence – update their business details (business name, phone, address, etc.) on Yelp
  • 2) Review monitoring – get direct access to their verified Yelp reviews
  • 3) Review alerts – near real-time updates from Yelp’s private API for BirdEye customers
  • 4) Review management – respond to both positive and negative reviews on the Yelp platform
  • 5) Reports and insights – based on all their reviews on Yelp, across all your locations
  • 6) Premium support – direct support and access from Yelp strategic partnerships and operations team

Since most businesses can be overwhelmed with social media, they aren’t able to effectively engage with critical customer conversations that they need to. Our goal at BirdEye has always been to help our customers become better businesses by plugging them into the Internet of People, the place where their customers are talking. As a Yelp Knowledge Partner, we’re able to give our customers deeper customer connections and more insights than ever, and we can’t wait to watch their businesses succeed!

To learn more about this partnership, see our official press release.

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