Decoding blogging – a popular real estate marketing idea

Realtors should use blogging; it is one of the successful and popular real estate marketing ideas that establish you as an expert in your domain. It not only assists in capturing high-quality real estate leads but also makes your blog a genuine and trustworthy source to get latest trends and news about real estate industry. The best thing about a blog is that it is readily available to an infinite number of prospective clients. Check out 4 ways how having a blog can get Realtors more clients:

  • It’s informative
  • Offers good visibility online
  • Helps in getting leads
  • Gives more space for creativity -share customer success stories

Let’s discuss them in details:

It’s informative

Through blogging, you will be seen as a trusted source for information. A blog is a great way to offer informative content to buyers and sellers. Realtors should include varied topics in their blog such as ‘Timing options of buying and selling a home,’ ‘Real estate terms buyers and sellers should know’ and more. Once your prospective client sees you as a trusted resource, then they will surely choose you over a competitor.

Offers good visibility online

A blog increases your business visibility on search engines such as Google, Bing and more. The purpose of Google is to offer relevant information to its users, and when it sees that your blog is churning out fresh and relevant content, it will rank you better.

Without relevant content it will be hard to attain a good ranking on Google.  For good ranking, focus on using SEO optimized keywords in your blog posts. One of the many advantages of a good ranking is that it assists in trimming down your marketing costs.

Helps in getting leads

A blog no doubt assists in getting suitable leads because your every post will contain a certain call-to-action (CTAs). Realtors can promote varied content through such CTAs. You can use varied content for CTAs such as webinar on ‘Learn the art of buying and selling property’ or jot down a downloadable eBook containing ‘Important property laws’ and much more. Place actionable CTAs at the end of the blog where you will receive client’s permission to contact them or offer them downloadable guides/eBook.

Gives more space for creativity – share customer success stories

The blog is one place where you can use your creativity to the maximum. Being a Realtor, share customer success stories on your blog. Try to write a descriptive story. In success stories, try to include the pictures of your client standing happily with family in front of their newly purchased property. These stories are a true testament of your unparalleled services. It also shows how your customers appreciated your services. Through the blog, you can educate prospective clients about all your services, but make sure you got the back of your services to support your claims. If you are not delivering the proper services, don’t offer half-baked promises.

When a customer decides to follow your blog, you can stay on top of his mind by sharing engaging blogs and newsletters. This majorly helps in building the long-term relationship with them.

When penning down a blog, try to keep certain points in mind:

  • Offer original information that no one else is offering
  • Collaborate with other bloggers too
  • Post blogs consistently
  • Prioritize quality over quantity
  • Get to know your audience
  • Avoid publishing posts without photos
  • Don’t interrupt users reading flow with pop-ups
  • Constantly learn new blogging strategies

When Realtors use real estate marketing ideas such as blogging in tandem with their offline marketing efforts such as open houses, it will generate more leads. Apart from blogging, managing online reputation and reviews is another aspect which is often neglected. But BirdEye can help with every step in the process, from managing online presence to review monitoring, review generation to review management. If you want to see how all this can be done seamlessly and without any hassles, sign up for a free trial.

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