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25 Apr
Top 8 Review Sites for Healthcare Providers

Why do healthcare providers need to pay attention to patient reviews? 77% of prospective patients use online reviews as the first step in choosing a physician. Reviews are the first impression patients get of your practice.   Why patient reviews on review sites are important They contribute to...

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23 Feb
How Do Customer Reviews Help SEO?

It’s undeniable that customer reviews help other customers, since 92% of customers read online reviews, and 68% trust a local business more if it has positive reviews.     Customers value online reviews because they consider genuine shared experiences from their peers more trustworthy than biased information...

16 Feb
Why your customer surveys aren’t working

Traditional customer surveys vs. modern customer satisfaction Scientific market research really made a name for itself in the mid- 20th century, establishing many practices still in use today: questionnaires with non-leading questions, multiple-choice answers, anonymous respondents, all generating data used for extensive statistical analysis. With all...

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10 Feb
Tips for social listening success

Whether you’re just getting started with social listening or you’ve had a strategy in place for a while, it’s never too late for tips on how to get more value from regular social listening practices.   Here are some social listening tactics that can help you build...

09 Feb
Getting started with social media listening

What is Social Media Listening? Also known as social media monitoring, this is the process of identifying and tracking conversations happening on social media about a brand, product or service, in order to respond promptly when information or support is needed. Customers can (and do) speak...

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20 Dec
How UGC impacts your business

How cool would it be if your customers sold your products for you? With User-Generated Content (UGC), it’s possible.   Companies have always had to keep up with consumer trends, but today’s digitally connected customers pose a new predicament: they not only want the best products and...

14 Dec
Consistent brand identity is the new black

How to look hot and steal the show in online search The universal availability of mobile devices has made communication way easier--and as a result, way more complex. The customer journey is no longer a smooth, predictable path. It’s a turbulent series of countless decisions, lofty...

01 Dec
Customer experience DOES drive revenue

Can customer experience actually turn into dollars, or is it just a passing hype?   Let’s say a customer buys a smoothie, loves it, and skips out the door smiling. Is that customer only worth the $4.50 that her smoothie cost? Or how about this: another customer...

13 Oct
5 Juicy Customer Experience Secrets You Need to Know

Want to make your customer relationships last forever? Learn these shocking truths from real customers. We don’t normally like to gossip, but this is for your own good. 1. They want you to treat them like an equal. You’re a business, but that doesn’t mean you have...

22 Sep
SMB Solutions: Marketing Your Online Reputation

Online reputation management is crucial to conversion. Even if your current brand marketing strategies are helping your search engine ranking, you're unlikely to get any new customers if your business shows up on Google with a poor online reputation. Your own advertisements and SEO efforts can...

06 Jul
How to Get More Customers. And keep them.

Customers have become more connected than ever through the ever-evolving avenues of online feedback: 92% of consumers conduct research online before making a purchasing decision.  This makes acquiring customers more complicated than taglines and billboards. In today's reputation economy paradigm, customer experience (CX) is the most defining factor...

21 Jun
Reviews & Ratings: 5 Stars Just Won’t Cut It

What does it mean to have a "good" online reputation? Ratings matter, of course. So how come your business has a 5-star average but no one's come through the door except a large gust of wind and a FedEx employee delivering the copy of Crime and Punishment you...

03 Jun
Listings Management: Your Guide to Local SEO

Relevant. Simple. Instantaneous. This is what consumers expect from their online searches. This guide introduces the foundation of presence management--citation consistency. Providing basic business contact information may sound obvious, but believe it or not, this oft-overlooked step is actually the third most crucial element in search...

27 May
BirdEye launches new 2016 profiles

Make an unforgettable digital impression with BirdEye's new profiles. The customer journey is mobile, and it’s picking up speed. We’ve launched cutting-edge new BirdEye profiles so businesses can keep pace. Not only do BirdEye’s 2016 profiles have a fresh new look, they’re designed to benefit businesses’...

13 May
Google Lost My Reviews — What Can I Do?

Customer reviews on Google can make or break your business reputation. This search engine behemoth is an integral part of the customer journey, and as Google continues to refine its algorithms, business reviews on Google+ become increasingly crucial. This makes it all the more infuriating...

30 Mar
Boost online presence with free Scan-Your-Business tool

Scan Your Business Tool allows businesses to track and improve their online presence, reputation, and competitive ranking on Google Want to know how your business appears online? We’re excited to announce the launch of our new free Scan Your Business tool, available for everyone to access. This...

07 Mar
In-Moment Customer Feedback: Every Second Counts

Customer experience is determined in the blink of an eye. The BirdEye platform provides immediate solutions that transcend demographics using in-moment feedback tools that prevent problems before they occur, letting you engage with every customer when sentiment is still fresh.   Customer feedback is mobile It's shared in an...

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17 Jul
Google Lifts Barriers to Review Rating Stars on Google Ads

Changes by Google good for Business Reputation Marketing.   Three chirps for Google! They’ve just released changes that will greatly assist businesses with their reputation marketing. Today’s post focuses on one of the changes most important for businesses — the ability to include Google Local review stars...

26 Jun
Hospitality, Travel Industries Embrace Transparency in Online Reviews

Transparency, authenticity and acting on feedback lead to consumer trust, improved online reputation and more customers. The tides of change have taken hold in the world of commerce. Today's consumers, particularly millennials, are increasingly turning to customer reviews for key information in making buying decisions. On your next vacation, would you...

17 Jun
Getting Direct Reviews on Google & Facebook via Mobile SMS

BirdEye platform helps businesses overcome barriers to direct customer reviews on major review sites.   We're excited to announce our latest breakthrough feature on our industry-leading business reputation marketing platform. Now businesses can get customer reviews directly on Google and Facebook using automated mobile SMS and our deep linking...

Reputation Management & Online Presence report
29 Apr
BirdEye Launches Free Presence & Business Reputation Diagnostics Tool

Scan Your Business app enables any business to run a free instant report of how their business appears on 50+ consumer sites We're excited here at BirdEye to announce today's launch of Scan Your Business, a free app for businesses to quickly assess their online presence and business...

BirdEye Enterprise Analytics
12 Feb
Enterprise CMOs Now Have a Finger on the Pulse of Competitors’ Customers

BirdEye launches Competitor Analytics using proprietary Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning   Enterprise CMOs can benchmark vs. competitors on customer sentiment, reviews & ratings, keywords, operational metrics   Today, BirdEye announced the launch of Competitor Analytics as part of its comprehensive enterprise platform. Competitor Analytics provides enterprises with competitive...

18 Dec
BirdEye Launches Enterprise Analytics

One-Stop Reputation Management for Thousands of Locations Good news from BirdEye for enterprise! We're excited to announce the launch of a batch of powerful analytics capabilities on the BirdEye platform geared exclusively for enterprise. The new enterprise analytics tools are built upon our industrial strength online...

01 Aug
How Do Reviews Collected on BirdEye’s Platform Help You?

At least 92% of users read online reviews before selecting a business.    Reason enough to ask your happy clients to talk about their experience and to let others know about it.    The BirdEye reputation management system allows you to get your customers to leave you a review easily and without the...

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31 Jul
Is That Review FAKE?

Determine the Authenticity of Customer Feedback   In one of our earlier posts — Do Customers Really Trust Reviews? — we discussed the crucial role reviews play in purchasing decisions today. We also explained how "planted" reviews affect the level of overall trust people have with online reviews.   This time we...

Your Online Reputation – Go Deep or Go Wide?

The higher up your business appears in Google searches, the better your chances of being considered by a consumer — a potential sale! To a lot of businesses, reviews on a Google+ page seem to be the only reason for Google to rank them higher....

Do Customers Really Trust Reviews?

Today most businesses – big and small – realize the importance of good reviews and the impact they can have on their business. A lot of them work diligently towards getting constant customer feedback to grow their online reputation, while others rest on their once-achieved...

Can I Remove Negative Reviews from Yelp?

Receiving negative business reviews on Yelp is about as fun as spilling spaghetti sauce on your new white shirt. As wonderful as it would be to simply make all negative customer feedback disappear, only in some circumstances is it possible to remove a review from Yelp.   First, what...

Generate New Customer Reviews Everyday!

Businesses often ask us for tips on how to easily generate new customer reviews. One of the best ways to get a steady stream of new reviews with the BirdEye reputation management system is to use our handy Customer Check-in shortcut. Simply click on the...

How to Address Negative Reviews

If you’ve been in business long enough, you would have gotten at least one bad review online. Getting one does hurt – your ego and seemingly your online reputation! However - if you see the negative review as a constructive feedback, it will give you a positive...

BirdEye Accelerates Customer Review Process with Mobile SMS

As a leader in business reputation management, at BirdEye, we want to focus every effort into helping businesses to easily monitor, manage and amplify their online reputation. After all, a business’s reputation is its #1 asset. What’s at the heart of a great online reputation?...