How to Handle Your Online Reputation After Changing Your Business Name

Frederik Hermann

5 min read Last Updated Dec 18, 2019

changing your business name - reputation management

Changing your business name can sometimes become a necessity. You might be expanding your business, going through a business merger or collaboration, or rebranding your business to be in-line with your current vision and services. As a result, a change of name could turn out to be the need of the hour. This idea isn’t new or something unheard of as many well-known companies have taken this path to commemorate their growth.

But changing your business name should not be a hasty decision. It should be a well-thought through matter because it is not just a mere name change for convenience. A name change is like putting a new face to your brand identity.  It can have a direct impact on your online reputation and how customers perceive your business.

Here are 6 important online reputation management strategies that you should consider implementing after changing your business name.

  • Get the exact website domain
  • Update your website
  • Update all your listings
  • Revamp your social media pages
  • Create exciting content
  • Run email campaigns to spread the word

 1) Get the exact website domain

changing your business name - get the exact website domain

Before deciding the change, it is advisable to check the availability of the exact domain name for your business. This will make the brand transition a little easier for you.

It should be your top priority to own a website domain that matches your business name.

If your preferred domain name is not available, there is an easy answer. Just use your location or service type along with your business name to have a unique domain. Customers will search for your business with its actual name or service type, so it’s important to get a domain name that matches this. This will help customers easily recognize you after the name change.

2) Update your website

changing your business name - update your website

It is important that your new business name and refined brand vision get translated into your business website. Since your website is the first touch-point for your customers and represents your business identity in the digital world, it is important to update it accordingly.

This may include revising your web content with the updated services and offers. It might also include redesigning your business logo and updating it on all web pages. You could also consider getting an all-new website template. Make sure that your new business details are correctly mentioned on your website.

To make your rebranding story more meaningful, update your website before you make a public announcement. This will help make your rebranding efforts more successful.

3) Update all your listings

changing your business name - update your business listings

Be sure that you update your business information on all sites such as ‘Google My Business’.  Make sure that you highlight your current business description, updated list of services, new business logo and provide the link to your new website.

4) Revamp your social media pages

changing your business name - revamp your social media pages

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, etc. are extremely important when it comes to conveying a strong message about your rebranding story. The best part is that you can get really creative with your rebranding efforts on social media through appealing posts that can really engage your customers and drive your point home. This will also help you enhance your social media visibility.

5) Create exciting content

changing your business name - create exciting content

Another great way to turn over a new leaf and convey your rebranding story to your customers is through exciting content. There are absolutely no limitations in the many ways you can accomplish that. But a sure shot way to make a pleasant and memorable impact on your customers is to create an interesting blog-post or engaging video around why you changed your business name. Make sure that you think of an interesting story concept that can connect with your audiences and convey your rebranding message.

6) Run email campaigns to spread the word

changing your business name - run email campaigns

An effective way to get the word out to your network about changing your business name is to send out email campaigns. Create impactful mailers with a thoughtful message to inform your clients and partners about your new business name. Remember to include a call-to-action (CTA) that links the reader to your updated website when they click on it. If done correctly, this can be very useful in enhancing the online reputation of your business.

Use these six online reputation management strategies to make your rebranding efforts more meaningful and keep your customers aware of your new endeavors. Such efforts will rule out the possibility of unnecessary confusion about your brand identify and ensure that you don’t lose out on your valuable customers.

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