Customer Service Feedback Can Bring Kevin Durant to Your Business!

Customers are all connected online, and their comments have serious power. If they like your business, they’ll spread the word far and wide, bringing more customers through your door–possibly even an NBA all-star. That’s the all-star power of customer service feedback.

Customer service feedback

Kevin Durant of the Golden State Warriors may be a famous athlete with thousands of fans–he’s also a connected customer. New to the Bay Area, Durant posted in a Reddit forum asking what in the area he should check out.

He received hundreds of responses, which is to be expected, but what happened next is pretty crazy: he actually acted on them. Authentic customer reviews brought Durant to local favorites like Philz Coffee, Amoeba Records, and Ike’s Sandwiches. These businesses were thrilled not only about the national celebrity in their stores, but also about the online buzz Durant’s visits have generated for their brands.

Customers trust other customers most. The most influential promotional content is authentic customer reviews from satisfied customers: 92% of customers read online reviews before making a purchase decision. Just like Durant, they act on what they read from other customers.

Now Durant knows what’s what in The Bay, all thanks to happy customers’ voices.

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