Dental marketing strategies for a strong Online Reputation

Dental patients search for dentists in their vicinity on search engines and social media platforms. Then they  largely base their choice for a new dental practice on the practice’s online reputation. Although dental marketing strategies  has multiple facets, some much more complex than others. Here are a few simple tips for the owner of a dental practice, who wants to do some of the work themselves to improve their online reputation and get more patients.

Dental marketing strategies

Engage with your audience

Whether it’s a comment on your website’s blog, a query on your social media pages, or just a suggestion that one of your patients has emailed, you should respond and show that you’re listening to your patients’ concerns. When prospective patients take time to write something that concerns them, it is important for to you reciprocate. A simple reply will go miles in building an online reputation. This is one of the important dental marketing strategies that leads more patients to your practice.

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Ensure consistent web presence across channels

A good way to improve your online reputation management for your dental practice is to make sure that you are consistent in words and phrases you use across all online channels. Dental marketing strategies such as these include your dental practice’s Google listing, your Facebook pages and your Twitter feed. This will help your prospective patients identify your brand on all these channels and start to recognize you over the competition.

Dental marketing strategies

Timely response is critical

Your patients might be using your social media pages to share their queries and suggestions, and even raise concerns. Either way, it’s important for you to ensure that your patients and prospects get a timely response. This is even more critical when one of your patients is sharing a negative review on a website or on your social media pages. Your prospective patients will take an unanswered concern as negligence on your part. Not seeing your response can lead them to believe that you don’t really care about your patient’s well-being. It’s probably unfair, but it’s not an uncommon reaction to a lack of response. On the other hand, with a timely response you will be in a better position to pacify an unsatisfied patient. You will also show potential patients that you’re a dentist who doesn’t shy away from criticism and listens to genuine concerns.

Don’t make false claims

Never make false claims on social media or your practice’s website. Rather, just promote what you can achieve and what you provide. False claims might make a few patients choose you over other dentists in the area, but once these patients confront reality, they’ll be vocal on social media and you’ll lose credibility.

Don’t try to delete negative comments

Obviously, it’s not awesome to receive a negative review about your dental services or your practice on public platforms. However, negative reviews are important for your dental practice and you shouldn’t focus on getting them removed. Your aim should be to get a high volume of reviews for your dental practice,  and inevitably there will be a few negative reviews here and there. Negative reviews only add credibility to your dental practice’s online reputation, especially if you respond to them thoughtfully.

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Regularly update your content

Your online reputation will be incomplete if you don’t invest time and energy in creating useful content for your patients. Share on your website or social media news about recent developments in dentistry. You can also provide updates about a revolutionizing dental procedure that can benefit your patients. Or write a simple blog post regarding good oral health. This way, you’ll be more likely to catch the attention of search engines that are constantly looking for websites with fresh content. Fresh content is a marketing strategy for dental clinic that will improve your search ranking.

Empower your patients to write reviews

Reviews go a long way toward completing your online reputation management. Not only do they set expectations in the minds of your prospective patients, they are important search engine ranking signals. Find a way to talk to your patients about websites where they can review your practice. Also inform them that their review will help other patients learn about your practice and enable them to find the right dentist in their area.

Implementing dental marketing strategies for comprehensive online reputation management isn’t easy. But, you can make some solid improvements on your own — if you choose to invest the time and energy. And if you need help, BirdEye’s comprehensive solution can improve your online reputation by generating and monitoring reviews your patients leave on more than 250 websites. It can also make it easy to share the best reviews on your website and social media pages to help you get more patients. Additionally, BirdEye can ensure your practice’s online information is accurate on more than 60 websites and directories. Sign up for a free BirdEye trial to start improving your practice’s visibility on the internet today.

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