10 Reasons Your Customers’ Online Reviews are the Secret to a Happy Holiday (and Growing Your Business)

Frederik Hermann

4 min read Last Updated Jun 15, 2020

how customer reviews increase revenue

All you want for Christmas is peace on earth and peace of mind. What helps with the latter of these two? A thriving business that ensures that your kids’ college funds grow along with your business’s profits. And what helps create a thriving business? Customers’ online reviews.

Therefore, customer reviews = a happy holiday.

Still not convinced? Here are 10 reasons customer reviews lead to happy holidays.

  1. 92% of consumers read reviews before choosing a business. And you do it too. (I know I do.) Before choosing a car to buy, you consult cars.com to make sure you get the best price and the best vehicle at the best dealership. And you need a dealership you can trust. You’re not spending 30K of your hard-earned cash at a place you do not trust, right?  
  2. 71% of consumers buying new services start their research with Google reviews. Google reviews have overwhelming visibility in search results and are helping make Google the fastest growing review site. Therefore, Google reviews are not only the most used review site but also the most trusted.
  3. Having more reviews than a competitor makes you more credible to potential customers. Google your competitors right now. (Please.) Does your business have more or less than your competitors? Is your business’s rating higher or lower? Now back to that new car that you spent 30K of your hard-earned money on. When you chose which auto dealership to hand that cash over to, did you go with the dealership with 21 reviews and a 3.2 rating or the one with 135 reviews and a 4.6 rating? 
  4. More reviews lead to better visibility on search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo). Customers turn to their smartphones to find local businesses. So if you want your business to be found, you need the best local SEO possible. With great local SEO, customers can find your business whether they’re searching directly for your brand, or simply browsing for the products and services you provide. And online reviews account for 9.8%-13% of Google’s search ranking factors. Hence, more reviews = more potential customers seeing your business.
  5. Online review monitoring and taking action–doing more of what is praised and not doing what is criticized–helps you provide better services.
    Example 1: You’re a dentist. You read reviews that consistently mention how much your patients love that they can watch Netflix while getting a root canal. But they’d love to be able to watch Hulu too. Now all you have to do is download Hulu and your patients are delighted. Not just because they can now catch up on “The Mindy Project” in the dental chair, but that you listened to them. You have a patient for life now. How easy was that?

  6. Providing services your customers/potential customers really want = more happy customers.
    Example 2: You own an auto repair business. You read reviews that consistently point out how bad the coffee in the waiting area is. Wouldn’t it be great if you 1) invested in some Starbucks and a new coffee maker 2) responded to those reviews with “I’m sorry you had such a terrible experience with our coffee. We now serve a variety of Starbucks roasts and blends, and we’d be happy to serve you some in a free ‘I’m Sorry’ coffee cup that you can take home with you. We’ll also check your tires free of charge.” Delighted customers? I think so. And potential customers researching auto repairs in your area will also be delighted to see how well you handled a customer complaint. Easy peasy.
  7. More happy and loyal customers = more revenue
  8. And more reviews = more revenue
  9. Therefore, more revenue = a happier, less stressed out you who can finally relax and enjoy the holidays.
  10. A happier you = a happy holiday for you and your family.

And maybe, just maybe, online customer reviews can lead to peace on earth? (Did I got too far?) But at least now all you want for Christmas are more online customer reviews. Am I right? Want to learn how to do just that? Read this eBook, and find out how. Consider it our holiday gift to you.