New: custom email templates, Zapier integration and more

Zapier integration: all your customers, from all your apps, in one place

You’re already able to send SMS and email review requests automatically, but now you can grow your customer database automatically too! BirdEye’s new integration with Zapier makes it easy to reach out to all of your customers with no extra work on your end.


For example:

Maybe you want to create a new customer out of every new lead added to Salesforce, or every field modified in Google Sheets. With Zapier, you can make that happen in just a few clicks!

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Run smarter campaigns with custom email and SMS templates

Customer happiness starts with a conversation, and every word counts. That’s why with our latest update, we’ve given businesses a way to boost conversion rates of their automated SMS and email campaigns. Now, you can meet your customers where they are — with a custom message that resonates with them.


With our new custom templates, running multiple high-conversion campaigns at once is a breeze! Get ready for more feedback and happier customers.

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Millions of sites. Billions of comments. Discover the ones that matter most to you.

Twitter and Facebook aren’t the only places people are talking about your brand. Customers are also sharing experiences on blogs and discussion forums. That’s why we’ve taken social listening to the next level.

BirdEye now supports social listening not only from social channels, but also from 300 million more sites including:

-News sources
-Blog posts and comments
-Discussion forums

You can now get a holistic view of rich customer feedback across the entire internet quickly and easily.

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Get the most out of social listening with advanced queries

Social media, blogs, discussion forums and news articles are buzzing with conversations about your brand, products, services, and competitors. Missing one critical conversation could cost you real sales.

To help you manage such a high volume of social mentions from social channels, news articles, blogs, and forums, we’ve added an Advanced Query Builder. This powerful tool lets you create sophisticated and customized search queries to filter your results to show exactly what you’re looking for.

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Compare your Net Promoter Score (NPS) trends with your competitors

Discover how many Promoters, Detractors and Passives your competitors have and track sentiment trends over time with new NPS reporting for competitors!

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