Online Reputation Management for Insurance Agencies

Frederik Hermann

5 min read Last Updated Sep 11, 2020

ORM for insurance agencies

If you are worried that negative publicity about your property insurance agency or business interruption insurance agency could be costing you critical leads, then it’s time to take charge of your online reputation management strategy.

Online reputation management comprises of everything that’s being pushed out to the public about your insurance agency, from the what customers are talking about you on review sites like Yelp to the relocation of your agency across the city.

The good news is that you can have a lot more power of your online reputation than you think, even if you’ve been bombarded with poor ratings or publicity horrors. Though it might take time to revive a maligned reputation, it’s not something that is impossible to achieve. The key is to take proven measures to re-establish your insurance agency’s online reputation.

7 online reputation management tips for your insurance agency

Let’s look at 7 useful tips that can help you improve your online reputation and get more customers for your insurance business:

Build a robust website

If you left your website untouched for a few months, it’s time to relook at its appearance and structure. Is it optimized for relevant keywords? Even if it is, remember that keywords are dynamic in nature and SEO is an ongoing process.

Also, evaluate the content on your website and check if it is comprehensive and useful enough for the audience. Search engine crawlers love sites that are regularly updated with useful fresh content. Publish new blog posts, articles, and content in other formats.

A complete overhaul of your insurance agency’s website can have a great impact on it’s ranking on search engines like Google and Bing.

Track what your audience is talking about you

Using social listening tools which are a part of online reputation management solutions like BirdEye, you can track what your audience is talking about you on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. Many customers express feedback outside of ratings and reviews, and their discussions happen casually on social channels. Track online conversations that can help you solve problems quickly.

Don’t shy away from the social media

Social media can help you establish your insurance agency as a trustworthy source of information, and can change the way people think of you within your city and industry. Set up your company’s profile on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram and engage with your audience. Respond to any comments that you receive, positive or negative.

Maintain the consistency of your brand

As simple as it sounds, consistency is crucial to a strong brand identity. This means that your insurance agency’s branding, design and messaging should be same across all social sites, commercials, and emails. To persuade new customers, you don’t just want to be visible; you want to be memorable. Any inconsistency in your brand image can cause customers to question your credibility.

Get more reviews, they are influential

Online reviews provide insights into your customer experience and how a customer feels about your business. Customers value online reviews because they recognize genuine experiences from their peers more reliable than the decorative information provided by the business itself. Moreover, search engines also give importance to reviews. Out of the seven search engine ranking factors which determine where a business appears in local search results, one is online reviews.

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Make it simple for your customers to write reviews for your insurance agency. Implement a robust, automated process with the help of online reputation management solution like BirdEye.

Respond to reviews

As soon as you get a review, respond to it with a sincere note of thanks. If you remember something interesting about the customer, mention it in your response to make them feel important.

When someone writes a negative review of your business, avoid responding with aggression. Cooler heads always command, so step back, take a deep breath to collect your thoughts and then respond. Be clear, honest and friendly. Politely offer to mend the situation and address the customer’s concerns.

Fix your online listings

Another important part of your online reputation management strategy is your online presence. If your business information such as your name, address, and phone number (NAP) is inaccurate, it will hardly make an impact whether you’re listing on page one or page five of search engines. This will make your customers frustrated and will lead to choosing your competitor. Consistent and accurate listings on various websites improve search engine rankings and reduce customer’s disappointments over inaccurate information. Correct listings are especially valuable for insurance agencies that have offices in multiple locations.

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The final thought

The insurance industry has been facing reputation problems for a long time.  Just like banks, pension funds and attorneys in general, customers think that insurance companies are not completely reliable.

Auto insurance, business interruption insurance, life insurance- everyone needs them, but, at the same time, don’t usually have a positive opinion about such services and the insurance agencies that provide them.

Whether your insurance agency recently suffered a blow on its online reputation or you’d simply like to use a proactive approach, BirdEye can help.

With BirdEye’s powerful online reputation management tools you can handle feedback, respond to it, get more reviews for your insurance agency. Through it, you can also fix your online listings, share positive reviews on social media and listen to what patients are saying about you.

Want to see how BirdEye can be a perfect online reputation management solution for your insurance agency? Sign up for a free demo.