Pie yourself to a “no excuses” sales culture

In the first month of the year, everyone sets goals. The rest of the year, they make excuses: “There’s too much traffic on the way to the gym”, “There’s not enough time to organize the house”, the list goes on. Maybe next year, they say. A sales team can’t afford to fall into this pattern. In a sales culture, excuse-making is toxic and can be the downfall of even the most stellar team.

Weaving a story around why you failed doesn’t make you succeed. Dog ate your homework? Should have spent more time training your dog.

Missed your quota? Blaming marketing or sales ops doesn’t change that. If another department is standing in your way, your goal doesn’t cease to exist. It’s your responsibility to be proactive and work around obstacles.

Success is not just about having great salespeople. It’s about building a winning sales culture. In a winning sales culture, you don’t simply try your hardest and hope for the best — you do whatever it takes to succeed. When your goal is rapid growth, you can’t afford complacency.

This means be proud of great work, but don’t ever accept it as your best work. Become your own top competitor, and be relentless. At BirdEye we all look out for each other, but we also know that at the end of the day we’re each responsible for our individual performance, and we don’t believe in the word “almost”. You either got there or you didn’t.

As a leader, if you want a productivity-driven, high-performance sales force, you need to set standards and demonstrate accountability to those standards. My team is great, but I challenged them to be better. I made a bet with them that for every deal they sold above average selling price, they could throw one pie at my face.

Guess what: I lost that bet because my team sold many deals above average selling price. They got to throw their sweet, sweet victory in my face. And they obviously wanted to get it all on video. Check it out if you haven’t seen it yet.

In this video we aren’t celebrating one great month, we’re celebrating a new standard of success. I expect even more pies next month — figuratively, of course. Want to be part of the winning, pie-throwing team in a hypergrowth company? Take a look here.


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