Spa Services – 8 Tips from your Competitors’ Online Reputation

Frederik Hermann

6 min read Last Updated May 22, 2020

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Over the years, the wellness and hospitality industry has become very competitive. The spa services business is a leading example in this context as many new small businesses are springing up every year and making it a game of survival for all. But competition is not always detrimental to growth. Sometimes, it can even turn out to be a boon for your spa services.

By monitoring your competitors, you can learn from their mistakes and implement strategies that have worked really well for them. This can prove to be very advantageous for building the online reputation of your spa services business in more than one way.

Here are 8 tips on what spa services can learn from their competitors:

  • Evaluate your competitor’s website
  • Monitor their social media activities
  • Examine their online presence
  • Check their online reviews
  • Observe how your competitors respond to customers
  • Follow their branding game
  • Keep a tab on their marketing campaigns
  • Find out their influencers

1) Evaluate your competitor’s website

In the digital world, the website is a very important touchpoint for businesses. The way you’ve built your website says a lot about your spa services and influences your prospective clients. If your competitors are performing well, take a good look at their website and note how they’ve presented their services, packages, customer reviews, website content, design, blogs, etc. Navigate through each page and assess the overall user-experience of their website.  This will give you some good ideas to improve your own website.

2) Monitor their social media activities

Social media platforms can play a big role in building the online reputation of your Spa services. You can hike up your engagement on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. by monitoring the moves of your competitors.

Keep track of the following:

  • What kind of content are they posting on social media?
  • Which pages or profiles are they following?
  • How are their followers responding to their posts?
  • What type of posts has the highest engagement?
  • What kind of user comments are they receiving?

Monitoring these aspects can steer you in the right direction for creating your social media strategy and lead to a greater social media engagement.

For example, if you notice that their posts on Korean spa therapy are being well received by their followers, you can try to share similar content on your own social media pages.

3) Examine their online presence

If your competitors are consistently getting more clients, it may because of their strong online presence. Popular online listings like Google My Business are very important for getting your spa discovered in search results. 

Run an internet search with your competitor’s business name and look carefully at what comes up. You will get to learn about all the websites and online portals that have listed your competitors’ spa services. Make a list of those online portals and check if you have missed out on any of those for listing your spa services. This will help you make a big difference in growing the online presence of your spa business.

4) Check their online reviews

Local search engine optimization - more online reviews

If you want to learn about the current customer sentiment towards your competitor’s spa services, a good place to look at is their online reviews. With the help of online reviews, customers can express their experience with your competitor’s spa services and convey what they think about them. So, take a look at their reviews with five-star ratings to understand what customers like about your competitor’s spa. Also look at their negative reviews to find out the actual reason behind customer complaints.

This exercise is also a great way to get new customers for your spa services. For example, you can reach out to the unhappy customers of your competitors and inform them about your spa services. You can entice them with a special introductory package and invite them to give your spa services a shot.

5) Observe how your competitors respond to customers

Another plus point of keeping a track of your competitor’s online reviews is that you get to closely watch their responses to customers. Note their choice of words when they respond to a positive review and also check their approach in responding to negative reviews. If they’re efficiently handling their customer queries or reviews and quickly resolving issues, this could be a great learning lesson for you. On the contrary, if they made a mistake while responding to a customer review and things got heated after that, you can have the advantage of not repeating the same mistake with your customers.

6) Follow their branding game

It takes a lot of effort and thought in building a good brand name. That’s why it’s important to look at brand promotion strategies that actually work and help you establish a special bond with your customers. This is especially important when you intend to expand your services and open new outlets in other locations. When people know you by your credible brand name, they immediately trust your latest offering.

So, try to examine the kind of branding initiatives undertaken by your competitor’s and take inspiration from their good ideas. Be it initiatives like printing business cards, designing the brand logo, establishing the brand identity, promoting on social media or even participating in events, keep a watch on what your competitors are up to.

Everything counts in brand building and distinguishing your services from your competitors is definitely a vital factor.

7) Keep a tab on their marketing campaigns

Studying your competitor’s marketing strategy is another important area. Marketing your business in the right way can lead to direct sales for your spa services. But it’s not easy to get your marketing game right. It involves a lot of trials and wins to finally arrive at an effective marketing solution. A smart way to strengthen your own marketing is to take cues from your competitor’s marketing activities. You can implement their successful strategies and avoid making losses by ruling out their marketing failures. This will help you promote your spa services and get better results from your campaigns.

8) Find out their influencers

Your competitors must be partnering with social media influencers to promote their spa services to multiple audiences. These influencers work with various businesses and get rewarded by them. So, try to search for the social media influencers who frequently mention your competitors in their Facebook or Instagram posts. You can also make a business proposition and reach out to them for seeking similar opportunities to promote your spa services.

Don’t be threatened by your competitors. Take it as a great opportunity to learn something new and improve your own business.

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