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5on Angies List, Nov 10, 2017
Excellent service, reached out via email and had estimate the same day! Gutters installed within 2 weeks and they kept us informed as to estimated installation day the week before, the week of and the day before. Called prior to arriving and didn't need to be there which was very convenient. Did the job in a timely efficient manner and cleaned up.
Gutters were replaced
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5on, Nov 10, 2017
Outstanding service. I reached out for an estimate via email and it was accomplished that afternoon. Installation within two weeks and they kept us informed of installation date and arrival. Very convenient that we did not need to be there and all transactions could be done by phone. more »
5on Google, Sep 15, 2017
I was more than pleased with the product, installers and the company. There was an initial issue with downspouts, but the salesman and the company were quick to respond to my concerns (less than 2 weeks). I have had compliments on the appearance of the gutters and have seen their effectiveness during rain storms. I would highly recommend this company and the K Guard product. more »
5on Angies List, Sep 12, 2017
It went very well.
Replaced a few gutters.
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5on, Sep 10, 2017
They were so helpful and accommodating when I had to get my gutters removed for new siding. Megan was extremely helpful even when the siding contractors rescheduled on me at the last minute. When the siding was complete they came out and put my gutter system back up within a couple days. Great work and great customer service :) will definitely keep them in mind for any future projects. more »
4on Angies List, Jun 26, 2017
Good. They started early and stayed until job was finished.
Complete gutter system.
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5on Angies List, Jun 24, 2017
The installers were fantastic and it works really great.
They installed gutters.
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5on Angies List, Jun 06, 2017
It was fantastic. My intention is later on to call them back again and have them do the front of the house, but I don't know when yet. They were very attentive and they just did a great job. The only thing that they didn't do, but I guess they don't normally do that, is put the gutter extension on, so we had to go ahead and buy that.
They replaced the covers on the gutters and everything because we kept getting it clogged up, so they replaced that on the back of the house.
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4on Angies List, Jun 05, 2017
It turned out pretty good. Just a couple of times we have had to have somebody do our gutters, but most of the time it's pretty good. It was fine. They were very professional. I would tell friends or family that it was a good experience for us. We can't do it anymore so it was helpful.
They put in gutter guards on the entire house.
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5on Angies List, Jun 03, 2017
I am not sure what the price was but it was $15 a foot and our house is two sides of 80 feet each so it would be $15 times 80 feet. I don't know what their price is now. I would say the price was all right because it included installation and everything- removing the old gutter, putting in new hardware whatever and enlarging the downspouts because that included downspouts. They enlarged the holes where the water runs down because at 80 feet of length that's a lot of roof and so the water would spill over the old gutters because it couldn't take the flow. So they made 6" holes instead of the 4" downspouts. It was good quality. Responsiveness was right away. I want to have them put gutters on my barn next - it's a smaller building. The leaves don't get in no matter what happens. It doesn't get stuffed up with anything and nothing sticks to it. We examined all the gutters replacements and we found them not to be the cheapest but the one that works the best. One of their guarantees is that it will transfer over to the next person who buys the house. Another thing is if it ever does get clogged up, even if its midnight on the coldest night of the year, they will come out at midnight or whatever time it is to fix the problem at no charge. We recommend them to all our friends. We point out our new gutters since we are proud of them. The other ones weren't bad. They were white gutters but a little wobbly. These are nice and straight and flat and they give the house a nicer appearance on top of it all. They are totally maintenance free. In fact, if we want to they'll come and no matter how many years pass put some wire that's covered in rubber or something but heat gets thru. They put it in a zigzag fashion in the gutter because the hole is big enough and install a weather proof wire up and down up and down zigzag pattern so it would melt any ice that fell into it and stop any ice formations which can pull your gutters down. The icicles here can form 5 or 6 feet long and they could impale you if they fell on you. We always have to knock them down with a broom. My husband walks around knocking them down like a pinata. Once we get the money to do that we will so he doesn't have to do that.
They replaced the gutters on our home.
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5on Angies List, Apr 13, 2017
Salesperson very responsive. Work crew arrived as promised, cleaned up. They had to come back to do an extra item that had not been completed, and they took care of that as the weather allowed.
Clog proof gutters installed. more »
5on Superpages, Mar 31, 2017
Had a tree hit my house, destroying the KGuard gutter on that side of the house. The KGuard crew showed up as scheduled, even though it had been raining for two days prior. Russ & Gene worked thru the rain to replace my gutter and it looks good as new. I continue to be impressed with this company. more »
5on Angies List, Mar 23, 2017
Very well! The workers, Gene and Russ, worked very efficiently together. They also alerted us to a problem on the roof of a dormer. They completely cleaned up afterwords and took away all trash.
New gutters more »
5on Angies List, Mar 01, 2017
Great! They were professional & very fast. They also cleaned up everything after they were done with the installation.
Whole House Gutters
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5on Angies List, Feb 14, 2017
I thought the representative was good. There were some problems solving with an issue with the ventilation but he seemed pretty knowledgeable. It was comparable.
They did an estimate. They did a
roofing inspection. more »
5on Angies List, Jan 23, 2017
Excellent. We had constant gutter blockage problems even with screens after meeting with 3 other companies. We chose K-Guard and are very happy. No more over flowing gutters and ice problems.
ole house gutter system including heat cables. more »
5on Angies List, Jan 20, 2017
They let me use a coupon I had in my book from Angie's List. I'm very happy with the work they did. They did a good job. He didn't even measure the roof. He just looked at it from down below. I asked him how did the roof look. He said, "Not to bad. You can probably get another 5 years on that roof." I said, "Oh good." Then when the guys were here to put the gutters on, I now have to pay to have them take their gutters off because that voids their warranty. So now I have to pay this place extras, to come over and take the things off the gutters. And I probably have to get a new roof. They guy tried to save me money. They did excellent work. Very good, very good quality. I didn't do much shopping, but it was suppose to be about $100 per linear foot. But it was important for me to get it and I didn't want to pay someone to come clean the leaves out of my gutter. But it was worth it. The whole overall experience was pretty good, actually. They cleaned up real well. They did a good job. He was here when they told me they'd be here. It was a very good experience. They picked up everything. They asked me if I wanted anything or if I wanted anything leftover. Very good. I may use them for the roof.
They put new gutters in with the covers.
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5on Angies List, Jan 19, 2017
Sales no pressure professional, courteous! Installation team-professional, efficient. Nke answered all my questions. When job was finished they cleaned up all scrap, great job from start to finish. />Remove old gutters and replace with K-Gguard. more »
5on Angies List, Jan 18, 2017
Went well, clean up was done, and walked around house to show work and explain old gutters were install incorrectly which explained wood rot on picture window.
Gutters and down spouts
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5on Angies List, Jan 16, 2017
The install went great. The employees were professional and did a great job with the install.
We needed new gutters and down spouts. We visited the showroom and set up an appointment after viewi
ng the gutters and asking questions. A salesman came out to give us a quote and answered our additional questions. more »
5on Angies List, Jan 12, 2017
Well done job
new gutters
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5on Angies List, Jan 05, 2017
From setting the first appt through install was seamless.
New gutters.
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5on Angies List, Dec 27, 2016
Had hired them in past to put gutters on house.
Heat cables for gutters
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5on Angies List, Dec 20, 2016
Did a great job.
New gutters
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5on Angies List, Dec 19, 2016
Gutters oldest to new out building.
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K-Guard installed by Clog Free Gutters use a specially designed, protective hood that prevents leaves and other debris from entering the gutters. And their larger-than-average size allows smaller elements, such as seeds or pine needles, to be easily flushed though the system. For this reason, we are able to offer you a LIFETIME WARRANTY against clogging!more »

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