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38 reviews
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5on Facebook, Mar 17, 2014
I met with Ronn today for the first time. I have never felt so comfortable in my life. He was most down to earth caring person. Thank you for your time and I look forward to our follow up on my case tomorrow. more »
5on Facebook, Oct 05, 2013
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5on Lawyers.com, Jun 22, 2013
Very professional, detailed and great follow-through. Consistently provided excellent service and expected result. more »
5on Merchant Circle, Sep 22, 2012
Elzinga more »
5on YellowBot, Sep 15, 2012
I am not usually one to write testimonials, but in the case of Elzinga & Associates I must make an exception. I was blown away by the friendly, courteous and professional treatment I received from Ronn and his team, from initial meeting to final settlement. It is rare to find a lawyer that you feel like you can really trust, and due to the sensitive nature of my bankruptcy case I was very... more »
5on YellowBot, Jul 19, 2012
I didn’t feel like I needed to worry about my will, I’m only in my mid 30’s after all. After a very close call however, I realized how frail my life was and worried about how my family would be provided for after my death. Elzinga & Associates helped me to prepare my estate and, while I hope to live a long and full life, it’s comforting to know that I’m prepared for the worst. more »
5on YellowBot, May 17, 2012
I was almost out of hope before I called Elzinga & Associates LLC. I was shocked when a Portland lawyer there told me that I had a case and he was willing to fight it. Just last month the case was resolved, and after years, I’m going to see restitution for my personal injury. more »
5on Insider Pages, Mar 12, 2012
Million Thanks!
I broke my arm and several ribs when one of the bolts on the bicycle I was riding suddenly snapped and sent me into a ravine. The manufacturer was clearly at fault for my injury,
but it took a personal injury lawyer from Elzinga & Associates LLC to finally get them to admit it and cover my hospital bills. more »
5on Insider Pages, Mar 07, 2012
Awesome, Thanks!
I was struck by a car while crossing a street in downtown Portland. The other driver was drunk and it nearly cost me my legs. I got a personal injury lawyer from Elzinga & Assoc
iates LLC to fight for me, and it was the best decision I??ve ever made. All of my medical bills were covered, and so was compensation for lost employment hours. more »
5on YellowBot, Feb 21, 2012
After my small business collapsed, I thought bankruptcy was the only option. I hired a bankruptcy attorney from Elzinga & Associates LLC to help guide me through the process, but in the
end he helped me pursue alternatives to bankruptcy that kept me solvent but still resolved my debt. more »
5on YellowBot, Feb 09, 2012
Great Help!
I never would have believed that I could be ready for a bankruptcy, but with the help of my attorney from Elzinga & Associates LLC, I saw everything coming from a mile away. I ended
up in a substantially better financial position because he was there to help me. more »
5on Insider Pages, Feb 09, 2012
Great Lawyers!
My lawyer from Elzinga & Associates LLC pulled me safely through a personal bankruptcy. Many times, they were able to offer me solutions to debt that saved me from some of the mos
t ruinous effects of declaring. more »
5on YellowBot, Feb 09, 2012
I made my first call to Elzinga & Associates LLC after I was injured by neglect on commercial property. It made me feel better to know I wasn’t alone, and my personal injury lawyer secured a settlement in no time flat. more »
5on Insider Pages, Feb 07, 2012
Perfect Lawyer
My insurance company couldn??t cover all of my medical bills after my car accident. It was obvious that I needed a personal injury lawyer in Portland if I didn??t want to be finan
cially ruined. I hired mine from Elzinga & Associates LLC, and he was perfect. It took only a couple weeks to before their lawyer recommended settling. more »
5on YellowBot, Jan 28, 2012
Best Lawyer in Portland!
My bankruptcy attorney from Elzinga & Associates LLC really knew his stuff. The entire process was a mystery to me, but he knew my options and the best ways to choose th
em from beginning to end. He made a very hard time much easier. more »
5on Insider Pages, Jan 21, 2012
Best Lawyers!
I was struck by a car while driving my motorcycle around Portland. My family immediately secured me a personal injury lawyer from Elzinga & Associates LLC. He made a horrible situa
tion much easier to deal with and helped me get compensation for my injuries. more »
5on Insider Pages, Dec 02, 2011
Highly Recommended!
My mother-in-law recommended to me attorneys from Elzinga & Associates. I am very grateful for her recommendation, because I got an amazing lawyer. He worked on my case so we
ll, he was a great listener and I am very happy with the results of it. Thank You so much. Highly recommended Personal Injury Attorneys. more »
5on YellowBot, Dec 02, 2011
I would like to highly recommend Elzinga & Associates LLC to anyone who is looking for great Personal Injury Lawyers. My case was handled in the best way possible, by the best layer. It is difficult to find an attorney this caliber; I have no words to explain how thankful I am. Thank You for all your help and hard work on my case. more »
5on YellowBot, Nov 28, 2011
Elzinga & Associates helped me with my personal injury case. I was injured in a car accident and didn't know what to do. A friend gave me Ronn's number and told me I had to call him right away. I did and to my surprise was put right through to Ronn. I told him what had happened. He listened intently and asked a lot of great questions. It was clear he had experience with these types of cases. It wasn't long before he had the other parties insurance company on the phone and had resolved the conflict. I am so thankful I found Ronn and will defiantly call him again whenever I have a legal question. more »
5on Yellow Pages, Nov 05, 2011
If you are looking for a lawyer Ronn is your guy. He clearly cares about his clients and wants what is best for them.A friend of mine was having some legal troubles and I told him he better talk to Ronn. Ronn met with my friend even though the issue was outside his are of practice. After listening to my friends problem he called up one of his attorney friends who was versed in that area of law. Not only did Ronn not charge my friend for his appointment but he offered to go with him to the other attorneys office. more »
5on Lawyers.com, Oct 14, 2011
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3.8on Lawyers.com, Sep 10, 2010
I feel that he gave up way too soon on his investigation with my medical doctors. I feel if he had just taken enough time to talk to a few more of my doctors we might have been able to have made a winnable case. more »
4.5on Lawyers.com, Jun 02, 2010
My attorney was friendly and helpful. I felt like he is a contributor to my company's growth. more »
3.4on Lawyers.com, Dec 10, 2009
I don't know him well, so you might want to discount my ratings more »
5on Merchant Circle, Apr 03, 2009
They are the best attorneys in Portland for a regular someone like me. They were excellent listeners, very friendly yet solid and stern in interactions with the people on the other side of my issue, and everything was resolved quickly. I was extremely happy with the results and would work with Elzinga & Associates lawyers again in a heartbeat. more »
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