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 301 E Pine St #150, Orlando, FL 32801US

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1 review
1on Google, Apr 24, 2017
They pay overtime under the table. A lot of officers have criminal backgrounds. Worst company ever. They do a lot of illegal activities. im supised they did not end up in the news yet? And if this company gets a good review. It's because one of the officers is getting paid to do it. Don't hire this company. more »
5on Google, Apr 11, 2017
Wonderful Security Company. I always feel safe when they are around. Very friendly and always look very professional. more »
1on Google, Sep 28, 2016
Think twice before you even apply to this company. The first red flag is wanting to hire me over the phone. I spoke to Darren Freeman and went to his Orlando office. Here are just a few things he forgets to tell you on the phone. You walk in for your interview and first you have to fill out and sign an inch of documents. You have to rent your uniforms from him. You have to rent any equipment you don't have from him. If you are working armed you need a vest that he can't even rent to you so you get to buy your own to the tune of $300.00 to $400.00! He has some illegal deduction that you have to kick back to him every week depending on how many hours you work. Then you have to sign a rental car agreement that he states is in case you need a car to get to work.You are a sub contractor and get a 1099 at the end of the year. So YOU get to pay and accountant instead of him. Now, unless you know how to calculate your taxes and all your deductions and if you don't do it correctly you can end up owing the state and the feds thousands.
If you are injured you are probably not covered by workers compensation. If you injure someone and are sued are you covered?
Former police lieutenant or not, he is a con artist that gets contracts and has you do ever thing else for $11.00 an hour. You can work un armed for that at one of the theme parks. Do your selves a favor and stay away from Freeman Security. He actually has the nerve to call all the other security companies MORONS. Now all the other reviews make absolute sense.
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5on Google, Dec 25, 2016
We have a great company. The both negative reviews are by an ex employee who was let go for lying about his past personal history. He became VERY disgruntled. He is a person who was let go several years ago, but just can't move on, because we were the best employer he could have had. He is a liar and lied to us, that is why he no longer works in this field and no longer works for us. Mr. Dolan appears to have serious psych issues. We hope he gets help. more »
1on Google, Mar 14, 2017
My apartment complex hired this company the worst company ever.
If this company is the next best thing then having the police GOD help us all.
I was attacked by 4 teenager's under h
is watch, Orlando police officers was here before him who was on property he sits in the back watches movies eats sunflower seeds. Residents has said he smokes blunts.
I suffered a concussion and open head wound got 5 stapels in my head and a sprain neck. When he arrived even the manager wanted to know we're he was. Don't feel any safer under this company. I'm not a x employee im hust a florida resident who wants to let you know if you are thinking of hiring this company DON'T WAST YOUR MONEY.
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301 E Pine St #150, Orlando, FL 32801

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