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5on Facebook, May 25, 2018
I started training my pup, Mali, at 10 months. She's a rescue, a street dog from Azerbaijan, and we didn't know her history at all. She had no formal training at all. However, her temperament seemed to be nearly perfect for the sort of training I had planned - specifically to be a service dog.
We took her in for a consultation and then had her board for two weeks, and by the time we got her back it was determined by our wonderful trainer Sarah Dixon that she did indeed have a temperament suited for service work.
I had a complicated set of ideas that I was ready to dive into - and Sarah did not in the least say that any of it was impossible. I had to have Mali trained to go to college - five hours away - and shortly. With intense work, Mali was CGC certified (after not even a year), and passed a public access test Sarah compiled. While still nervous around other dogs and prone to reactivity, Mali has advanced enough in her public access to be considered (after only a year!) a service dog, at least in terms of public access. Her task work needs a bit of training still, but that will come with more training and time!
When some exercises didn't work well for Mali, Sarah came up with new ones. It seemed as though she had an almost endless well of knowledge, and no matter what hardships Mali and I were facing, Sarah knew exactly how to train around it.
Overall I am more than pleased with the training Instinct offered, especially considering the fact that they claimed they didn't have too much of a knowledge in training service dogs.
I recommend them to everyone who needs a dog trained!
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5on Facebook, Apr 24, 2018
With a baby on the way, we sent our Harvey to Instinct for some intensive training/boarding. I wish everyone could have met Harvey before and now after his (over a month) stay with the amazing team at Instinct. With the guidance of his trainer Suze, Harvey has truly become a happier and more confident dog.
Harvey has a bite history, anxiety, guarding issues.... among others. We just had our first at home follow up training session and I feel like crying with joy.
We still have work to do and will do for the rest of his life, but Instinct has truly helped Harvey become not just a good dog, but an AMAZING dog! They sent us updates regularly along with training videos of his work with Suze and then helped train us to better help Harvey. I can’t recommend them enough!
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5on Facebook, Apr 16, 2018
Instinct is the place to train or board your dog. Positive reinforcement and skilled personnel is the perfect combination. My blue nosed pit, now called the best behaved dog in my neighborhood, only loses this title as he ENTHUSIASTICALLY approaches Instinct, as he can’t wait for the fun activities that await. more »
5on Facebook, Apr 10, 2018
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5on Facebook, Apr 07, 2018
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5on Facebook, Mar 20, 2018
Our dog Chance did not have any agression issues, but he was a 9 month old 60lb pittie mix with 2 owners that had never owned a big dog before we adopted him. Needless to say it was a bit of a perfect storm and at one point we had to really consider whether we could keep him with us or whether he was just too much dog for us to handle. I found Instinct by googling and went and had an introductory chat with Trina, but decided not to take him and try out group classes at another establishment, as we were still bonding with him and didn't want to send him away too soon, I was also a little skeptical that it was the right way to approach training.
After trying group lessons and bad manners starting to escalate at home, I was getting pretty desperate and called a few solo trainors that were recommended to me by people and some rescue organizations, those trainors we're not available to me for one reason or another but their alternative recommendation was always Instinct.
So after a couple of months we gave in and asked Instinct to help us. They took Chance the very next day for 3 weeks. I have never been so relieved! Maggie his main trainor was absolutely wonderful, she spent a lot of time on the phone and emails back and forth with us, trying to understand what we wanted, our concerns and relaying what was going on with Chance. In addition we got regular more formal updates with training videos and the fun ones twice a week from the Canine care team.
Chance absolutely LOVED his time at Instinct, Maggie was able to really teach him some skills that have helped us to manage him at home and we are much more confident in our handling of Chance. Maggie has taken time to train us as well, above and beyond what she is 'contracted' to do. It is very evident to me that the whole Team at Instinct care about the dogs and want to set you up for success.
Chance is a work in progress, he did not come home 'fixed', but he came home with a great foundation of skills that we are still practicing with him and on us, it's going to take time and patience, I just wish we could send him back to instinct every few months for a brush up! I am still working with Maggie now from time to time, as she guides us through hiccups in his journey, she hasn't handed over the leash and disappeared.
I am so grateful to Instinct, they have opened my eyes to so many things about training and about Chance in particular, his quirks and triggers that help us to understand what is going on with him.
Most of all, Maggie and the Team enabled us to have the confidence to keep Chance and see that he was a trainable, smart, loving dog with a goofy personality.
Trish and Rob
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5on Facebook, Mar 05, 2018
Im so glad I took the recommendation to try out Instinct for my dog reactive pit bull.
I met with Suze for an hour assessment in studio and started our training right away with a helper dog. She
clearly explained everything to me and made sure I understood what we were going to do. Everyone is so accommodating and super friendly.
Coming here gave me a much needed breath of hope and positive outlook for my girl and I have no doubt we will make great progress.
Only positive reinforcement which was a requirement for me.
Worth every penny.
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5on Facebook, Feb 27, 2018
Instinct is an amazing facility. My dog, Archer, wasn't a crazy, misbehaving dog by any means, but he definitely could've had some improvements. When we went on walks, he got very leash aggressive and barked and lunged towards several dogs. It made walking very frustrating. After a great evaluation, I was proposed with a 2 week camp, which I happily accepted. Sarah Dixon, his trainer, is a dream to work with. She asked questions to understand Archer fully. She sent update emails and videos to show his progress. When I picked Archer up, we had our 1 hour lesson, but it was really cold and rainy, so Sarah was kind enough to move it to a different time. After following the steps that Sarah provided, Archer and I can go on walks happily. The methods that she taught were not negative reinforcement at all. I'd also like to point out that Sarah will reach out periodically even after she has completed her sessions with me. It's very clear, both in her actions and Archer's reaction when seeing her, that she cares about the outcome of your dog. Everyone I interacted with was professional, happy, and helpful. If you do choose Instinct, I highly recommend Sarah Dixon, and Archer does too. more »
5on Facebook, Feb 24, 2018
Our rescue dog became quite reactive on leash a few weeks into adoption. Kate did a wonderful job training her - and maybe more importantly- training me to handle walks and encounters with other pups on the street with confidence. We saw great improvement after the 2-week boarding camp. My dog’s leash manners are still in progress but Instinct gave us a great foundation to build on. And the care team took a terrific care and kept me updated on our “happy camper.” more »
5on Facebook, Feb 12, 2018
I love love love the folks at Instinct! They take the time to understand your dog and give him what he needs to be happy. Our dog loves Instinct and so do we! more »
5on Facebook, Jan 24, 2018
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5on Facebook, Dec 29, 2017
Our dog could not really be trained to stop attacking other dogs - that was a major disappointment for us, but Instinct and our trainer told us the difficult and honest truth after only one week. They offered to curtail our original contract and let her go home early. They also helped us deal and work through other difficult options in a calm and respectful way. In the end, we kept her there for 3/4 of the planned time and they provided excellent coping strategies that have been very useful for us, even if our original goal could not be realized. We continue to be grateful for that. more »
5on Facebook, Dec 23, 2017
Dae is Amazing and taught me how to teach him too and went above and beyond giving me videos afterwards and handouts that are very very good. more »
5on Facebook, Dec 19, 2017
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5on Facebook, Nov 09, 2017
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5on Facebook, Oct 11, 2017
Our dog, Penny, has stayed with Instinct a few times, for board/train work and just boarding. The staff are tremendous, and Penny always comes back doing better, and having had a good visit. We trust Instinct with Penny's well-being and happiness. more »
5on Facebook, Oct 09, 2017
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5on Facebook, Sep 24, 2017
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5on Facebook, Sep 21, 2017
They are great trainers and boarders! Our dog is happy to go there and enjoys his stay! more »
5on Facebook, Aug 24, 2017
My dog Lyla and I love the crew at Instinct. They provide a rare and valuable service of positive and effective training with a genuine affection for their dog clients. For dogs that struggle with fear they take the time to understand the dog and have the experience to get to the root of the fear and subsequent behavior. We've made significant progress with their guidance. The Canine Care team (boarding) always makes us feel special and I can leave Lyla at their clean and comfortable facility with confidence. Highly recommend. more »
5on Facebook, Aug 24, 2017
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5on Facebook, Aug 22, 2017
When I adopted my rescued cattle dog, Vinnie, he was a loveable gentleman at home, but was very reactive when we walked on busy streets. He became wary and tried to herd people by bumping with his nose, even nipping at some people. (He once actually took the glove off of a lady's hand when she walked too close and touched his head. OMG!! Lucky for us she's a dog lover.) Worse, Vinnie was aggressive with other dogs, would fixate on them, even from quite a distance, and would lunge and growl at them. To avoid these confrontations I would get up really early and stay up really late so we could go for long walks when the streets were quiet. I studied all the streets in my area to find the least busy ones to walk during the day. Exhausting!
I had to find a solution. A trainer/walker who volunteers with the rescue group, Mighty Mutts, recommended the board and train program at Instinct. Seeing the spacious and clean facility, and meeting their professional trainers gave me hope. Vinnie spent 4 weeks living at Instinct, with Trina as his trainer. He formed a great bond with her, and she has helped him to develop much calmer behavior on the street. Trina also gave me some personal training in how to help him to relax on the leash and form positive associations with going out for walks. She is patient and devoted to our success, and has even brought her own dog down to my neighborhood so that Vinnie could practice walking next to another male without becoming aggressive. I've seen great improvement in his behavior, and I've learned a lot too. I'll continue to work with Trina to develop Vinnie's social skills. I have also used Instinct for boarding Vinnie when I went out of town. He really loves the canine care staff, and has fun playing in the nice big yard there. Overall, Instinct is a great resource for training and boarding dogs. I'm very glad they're in New York City.
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5on Facebook, Jul 30, 2017
I'm the foster mother to a kind, lovely, pit/lab mix who was found in a building in NYC a few months ago. She went to ACC in NYC where she was a favorite and the staff recommended that she be "pulled". Sadly, after being "rescued" from ACC and surving in a condemned building, Agatha was diagnosed with lung cancer. Thankfully, her wonderful rescue organization, Ready for Rescue, and Aggie's personal savior, Doug, R4R's president, got her the medical care she urgently needed and she is more than healthy now. To work on her dog manners and social skills and to improve her chances for adoption, Ready for Rescue signed her up for the training program at Instinct. We, Aggie's foster family, couldn't be more pleased with the caring that Instinct has shown toward Aggie and can't wait to see what this wonderful dog will be like when she completes her training at Instinct. more »
5on Facebook, Jul 09, 2017
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5on Facebook, Jun 11, 2017
Very informative, relaxed, fun and valuable. I highly recommend this seminar to anyone interested in taking hard cases! Stay safe everyone! more »
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