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The most powerful software for your team to deliver smart interactions
across every touchpoint.

Webchat Icon


Put Webchat on your website in a breeze and get fresh leads with your morning coffee.More on Webchat

Lead management

Every conversation starts with a name and a phone number, so you can focus on closing deals instead of finding contact details.


Engage your website visitors right when they come in. Livechat makes the conversation real-time.

Business texting

Text your leads even when they leave your website. We route messages to their mobile phone so you don't lose them.


Robin, our chatbot, answers questions, schedules appointments, and closes deals automatically.

Chatbot FAQs

Robin learns business specific questions, and delivers answers automatically.


Let visitors know who they'll be chatting with by adding customized chat icons, colors, and greetings to your chat window.

Multi-location webchat

Need a webchat widget for each of your locations? We've got your back.
Inbox Icon

Unified Inbox

Bring all conversations together to manage and respond to messages from multiple channels.More on unified inbox

Unified inbox

Respond to messages from Facebook Messenger, Webchat, texts, and emails from one text messaging app.

Custom templates

Customize personalized text templates to scale your messaging. When words don't cut it, add a picture, gif, pdf, or even a 😄.

Emails via Inbox

Seamlessly transition from text to email while interacting with your leads & customers - Attach documents, invoices and images.


Assign conversations to different teams, filter conversations and manage permissions, all in a few clicks.

Mobile app

Communicate with all leads, customers and employees using the Birdeye Mobile app, even after business hours.

Landline texting

Send and receive text messages using your existing business landline number.


Each time a customer sends you a message get a desktop chime, Google Chrome and Birdeye mobile app notification.
Video Chat

Video Chat

Start video calls instantly on any device, from one centralized inbox.More on Video Chat


Start a video call in just one click.

Zero downloads

No dialing-in. No pins. No downloads - make joining meetings frictionless for your customers.

Call recording

Easily record your meetings on your device or to the cloud.


Get everyone on the same page by sharing your screen - show documents, applications or play videos directly from your screen.


Bring employees and customers together, no matter how or from where they’re connecting.


See what video calls are in progress from your centralized inbox.

HD Quality

HD quality meetings provide crystal-clear audio & video; even on low bandwidth networks.


Host video meetings anytime, anywhere, using the Birdeye mobile app.


HIPAA compliant, end-to-end encryption and enterprise-grade video calls.


Answer calls without picking up the phone.More on receptionist

Never miss a call

Receptionist answers calls when you can’t. All missed calls and voicemail transcriptions are delivered to you in a centralized inbox.

Respond with text

Read the voicemail transcript or listen to the audio, then continue the conversation through text.

Auto-answer questions

Robin, our chatbot, engages callers immediately by sending answers to frequently asked questions in their voicemails.

Know who called you

See every caller’s conversation history before responding.

Book appointments

Robin, our chatbot, checks your CRM and books appointments automatically based on the caller's preferred time.

Professional greeting

Customize greetings for a consistent experience across all your locations.

Anytime, anywhere

Get mobile notifications for every call and text back quickly through the mobile app.


Group messages, reduce response times, improve collaboration and keep everybody on the same page.More on Teams

Manage teams

Organize your employees into teams based on skills or department.

Message routing

Let your website visitors ask questions to the department or team they want to chat with.

Assign conversations

Assign incoming messages to the right team or person to get the response to the customer quickly.

Real-time collaboration

Know when a co-worker has read a message, or is typing a response.

Internal notes

Use internal notes in a chat to keep everyone on the same page and solve customer queries quicker.

Custom notifications

Receive updates on conversations that matter to you.
Mass Text Messaging

Mass Text Messaging

Easily send text messages to a large number of contacts in one click.More on mass text messaging

Text everyone

Whether its 100 or 100,000 customers, text them. That’s the way they prefer.

2-way texting

Turn mass messaging into one-to-one chats with customers.

Customize templates

Send texts to multiple customers in one go using and personalized text messages for all locations.

Send photos or PDFs

Enrich your messages with photos, or PDF attachments.

Schedule texts

Schedule texts to be delivered on a set date and time, or over a period of time.

Import contacts

Easily upload your contacts in bulk or integrate with your CRMs to pull in contacts automatically.


Get real-time data on all your text messaging with advanced analytics.
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