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 6000 E Evans Ave STE 1-110, Ste 1-110, Denver, CO 80222US

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4 reviews
1on Google, Jun 21, 2018
Truthfully if I could leave zero stars I would. The first few months this place was great to live. And then things started to fall apart. The front of drawers were falling off and I put a maintenance request in and waited literally 'months' before anyone came to look at or fix anything. When they did come to fix things, I'd already done it myself. But they 'redid' it. They tell you the countertops are 'granite' but they're not. The unit, before I moved in, was supposed to have been cleaned and when I went through and cleaned before unpacking, it was pure filth. The oven/stove was the only thing that was really cleaned 'spotless'. Even the last tenants' dogs' fur was still on the floors and so was its kibble.

Jump to about 7 months into my lease. Bed bugs. Bed. Bugs. The landlord decided she was only going to spray the lower two floors (and not even every unit on the 1st and 2nd floors) and skip the third floor completely. I guess this was back in 'NOVEMBER'. From what a few other tenants have told me, this all started in November of 2017. Then a few more 'outbreaks' happen and she, once again, skips the third floor completely. This was in March. I've been living with bites and bed bugs since 'MARCH'. I now have to throw all of the following away: most of my blankets, all of my pillows, my entire bed (brand new not even 2 years old and $800), sheets, an $80 rug, some other furniture, and I'm really hoping none of my clothes but I'm not even sure there. I then find out just today that they're spraying the, oh you guessed it, FIRST AND SECOND FLOORS AGAIN, but not the third. I'm 'still' getting bites. And they're not going to spray the third floor? I guess now I have to complain about it even though I had captured a bed bug and kept it in an airtight container for when the 'exterminators' came through (if they even hire real exterminators).

Then I find out because there was a leak beneath my sink that they knew about that didn't get fixed, there's now black mold growing. I have a new place all lined up but am now terrified of moving in there since I can't get rid of the bed bugs Metrex decided to ignore. Bed bugs are a nightmare and I wouldn't wish them on even my worst enemy. I barely sleep at night and I've honestly contemplated taking all of my belongings out to the dumpster.

Find somewhere else. You'd get more for your money. If I ever get this issue under control, I'll be moving into a place with over TWICE the square footage, w/d in-unit, and maintained in a much, much better way for about the same price and half the deposit. And the reviews were outstanding. Please do your research. Don't move into a property this company owns. I'm distraught about having to pitch over half my belongings all because they didn't properly take care of all units that could have been impacted at the same time. The last 3-5 months in these apartments has been a nightmare. I'm honestly not sure if I'll ever be the same after this bed bug fiasco. Please save yourselves the trouble and go elsewhere.

I feel absolutely appalled that a company I pay good money to cares so little about their tenants. I never had issues with my rental until this happened and now I've been paying about $1000/month since March to live in an infested apartment. It makes me feel absolutely hopeless. Metrex has my money, they wash their hands of me after that. The only reason people even still live here is because they're 'affordable'. But my sanity alone can't afford it. Not to mention the $1600+ that's going to end up in the trash. Another $3k ish into rent for an infested apartment. This place isn't affordable. Please rethink your decision.
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1on Google, Feb 28, 2018
The apartments have roaches, inoperative appliances, unresponsive managers that will send you through a pointless loop. Currently stuck in a lease with them because they won't break my lease without a huge payment even though they rent out deplorable living units. They offered to move me buildings but failed to actually follow through. My fridge and about every appliance here does not work.have requested maintenance as far back as November. (3months later and the tub is still Fu#@king leaking) They will f#@k you over and take your money while You live in squaller. Oh, and if You're 3 days late on rent you're evicted automatically.....some Fun small print.

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1on Google, Mar 21, 2018
Took my 60$ ran all the checks they had to. I spoke with the company that gives the recommendation that's the key work they don't approve or deny they recommended. Tried to get any responce from Kathy hedglin the woman that showed me the apartment. And all I get back is that she's waiting for the corporate office to get back to her with an answer. Said on multiple occasions I'll get back to you in the next hour. Its been 4 days since the last hour. They leave that apartment open so they can just make money off the 60$ app fee. Crooked company I wouldn't risk it. I read bad things on a scam website about this company and I should have not gone any further. Now I'm out 60$ plus the almost 2 weeks waiting on an answer on a place to move 5 days ago. My pocket is feeling the hit... Completely disappointed. Smh no morals needs to get it together. more »
1on Google, Feb 08, 2018
Honestly this place is a JOKE they don't care about their employees that work hard for them. They don't care that the ppl r living in roach infested places. They don't care that the floors and wall are nasty. They have so called supervisor that drink and do coke on the job. Honestly I don't understand how a company can think it's ok to treat ppl this way I hope they get shut down!!!! more »
1on Google, Sep 12, 2017
I've been waiting over 3 weeks to get my oven repaired. It took a full week of hassling them before they did anything about it. The manager never gets back to me, even when she says she will. A light is broken in my kitchen which has not been fixed as well. You don't know if the maintenance guys even come here or not because they don't leave any notes or follow up. And the dryers here don't work.

I love that Metrex keeps telling those with negative reviews to call them. I called them. No answer, no return call.

Don't make same mistake I did.
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6000 E Evans Ave STE 1-110, Ste 1-110, Denver, CO 80222
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Apartment management company, managing properties throughout the Denver metro area. Our application standards are for all of our properties. Must make 2.5 times the rent We do not accept; Section 8, or evictions or money owed to another property We run a credit and criminal background check. Application is $60 Admin fee is $100 (excludes our student housing locations) Deposit $500 - $800 We allow up to two pets under 35 lbs each Pet rent and pet deposit apply Apply at www.rentmetrex.commore »

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