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1on Google, Jan 22, 2018
First of all, all the “positive” reviews posted on this is all LIES! Monarch 716 is really all a front. You guys really portrayed yourselves as a very well managed establishment, and all that was given to the residents was issue upon issue. For instance, why should i have to contact monarch staff to notify staff that the water isn’t working?, or why should i have to find out the shuttle isn’t working by contacting staff? Shouldn’t staff send out emails to notify their residents of issues AS SOON as they come up? Oh okay. The one thing staff never fails at is sending emails for rent! It is NOT recommend to lease here if you didn’t know! more »
5on Google, Jan 15, 2018
Monarch 716 is the best place to succeeds in our carrier and health. Best location to block everthing to focused on what we set our mind too to accomplish our progress life goals. Also too has a Fitness Center to improve our physical health...ect. No place for self doubt cause nothing will hold you back. God blessed to everyone who is sincere and has the opportunity to reside in Monarch 716 👍 more »
1on Google, Jan 22, 2018
DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT LIVE AT MONARCH 716. I have literally never been so appalled at an establishment that was meant to help students. Let's talk about how the employees are the only ones writing positive reviews. THAT IS RIDICULOUS & UNACCEPTABLE! Let's also talk about the insect and animal issues: the rats chasing you by the dumpster, the roaches that creep out from the cracks from time to time. The MAJOR safety issue: we were told that we would be given security upon arrival on August 1st, we weren't given security until a few people almost lost their lives. We were told we would be given access to all amenities but are actually limited to them: the pool is outdoors BUT we live in buffalo, The free printing station is NEVER working, The bowling alley is always being repaired. I think you guys are catching my drift about how we are paying sooooo much money to receive the bare minimum. I AM DISGUSTED WITH MONARCH 716. more »
1on Google, Jan 11, 2018
Any positive reviews came from current or previous employees. I would never recommend these apartments to the average person. It is not affordable and they will tell you anything to make you happy and to sign the lease even though it is not facts. Management and communication are so poor ! Don't get sucked in with the specials they mean nothing and always try to speak with a MANAGER so you get the real information. Its bad business when they rush you to sign, literally call you every 30 mins for a update but when the water was off it took them getting annoyed to send a proper email. They care about the money not about service. more »
1on Google, Mar 07, 2018
When I originally signed my lease I was told it was student housing and after living there they accommodate more people who are not students than who are students. The type of people who live in the complex are extremely dirty garbage in the hallways, stairways, and all over the complex. I was also told about security they were going to have which is important considering where the location is within my first few weeks of living there, there was a shooting in the apartments, fights and stabbings. Now they have security but there is no point because they do not do anything there are multiple ways to get into the complex they only guard the front entrance. In my building they always put things in the door to prevent it from closing security is aware of this and still nothing is done. I have been threatened by staff and denied entry into my building my first day there because my things were stolen and they never did anything to compensate me back or help when I told them my lock was broken to have prevented all of this. There is supposed to be a "guest limit" yet even the peopled that work there break the rules and have parties which in the lease it states how many guests you are allowed. Also when I signed my lease they said about how no one will be able to go into your room without your knowledge yet that is not true they come in the room and do not tell you when. I went away for thanksgiving break and I clean my apartment every week and when I came back there was a smell coming from my washer I put in a request they said its because i need to use the clean cycle on the washer so i bought pod things that are supposed to clean the washer i did that and said to use 3 if a smell is present so i did and it still is present i then used the other 2 totaling in 5 and it is still there i have even used bleach and it is still there you cant tell me that its because i need to clean it. Staff is very unprofessional i have to record when i go in there because they change the answers and give you different ones each time. When asking for something in writing from them they will not give it. Also for having a complex in BUFFALO NEW YORK it obviously snows, snow removal is a joke, they don't use real plows or salt the ground. For the whole month of December and January there was a thick layer of ice in the parking lot that was not taken care of. i went to pay my rent and they double charged me thus resulting in the second payment bouncing and they told me i have to pay the 35 dollar fee because THEY tried to charge me twice even though i only authorized one payment. You have no access to mailboxes i had a check sent here and ironically it was not delivered even though there was tracking number on it and it was sent out February 20th and it is not March 7th and it never arrived. So incase i did not make this clear enough DO NOT LIVE AT MONARCH 716 their live like royalty slogan is not accurate with the conditions of the complex. more »


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