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108 reviews
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4on Facebook, Apr 01, 2018
This program really works and fast if you stick with it. Claire is an exceptional coach. She has great tips and advice. She’s always positive when I fall off the wagon. The only complaint I have is that the food is expensive. more »
5on Facebook, Apr 01, 2018
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5on Facebook, Mar 08, 2018
I’m so happy I found NY Weight Loss. I feel healthier and so much happier losing the excess weight. Claire is a wonderful coach and keeps me motivated and accountable. She offers great advice as well. Though I’m still short of my goal I know I would never have gotten to where I am now without them!! more »
5on BirdEye, Jul 09, 2017
Love the results!!! more »
5on Facebook, Jun 26, 2017
I have thoroughly enjoyed this program and continue to see positive results more »
5on BirdEye, Jun 04, 2017
Love the results!! more »
5on Facebook, May 31, 2017
I am enjoying the streamlined program, support and seeing results!!! I am not suffocating in my clothes anymore!! more »
5on BirdEye, Apr 30, 2017
I feel this program makes it easy to follow. Results are great. I highly recommend it. more »
5on BirdEye, Apr 20, 2017
I'm real happy with the results of this program! more »
5on BirdEye, Apr 14, 2017
Love the results! more »
5on BirdEye, Apr 08, 2017
Great way to loose weight!! more »
5on Facebook, Mar 03, 2017
I am working with them and have enjoyed the service they provide. more »
5on Facebook, Feb 07, 2017
This program really works!! 19 lbs and 33". Love it 👍🏻👍🏻 more »
5on BirdEye, Dec 18, 2016
I lost 32 pounds on 16 weeks, and 34 inches, from a size 12 to a baggy size 4. I've been in maintenance since Thanksgiving Day and have only gained a bit more than a pound, while even back to having an occasional glass of wine, appetizers, and holiday sweets. I'm more than happy with the results! I love that I now yearn for vegetables, and know what to do after an "indulgence" day! more »
5on Facebook, Dec 12, 2016
This program is working better than any other diet I have tried. My first week I lost 9 pounds! What!! No really I lost 9 pounds and found it to be really easy. The diet is very strict but pretty cut and dry. No cheating and the results will be rewarded. My week two weigh in is this evening and I am excited for the results. My goal is 50 pounds so it could get pricey but hey, I'm worth it! Good luck to everyone who ventures on the journey! more »
5on Facebook, Dec 12, 2016
I've been doing this diet 4 2 weeks today and have lost 9 lbs Getting to know the right portions and when to eat is key 4 me. The food is very satisfying and I know I can follow this diet and reach my goal with the awesome help of my coach. more »
5on Facebook, Dec 12, 2016
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5on Facebook, Dec 12, 2016
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5on BirdEye, Oct 24, 2016
Amanda is a fantastic coach! Over 15 inches lost in 3 weeks! more »
5on Facebook, Oct 20, 2016
I've recommended the ideal protein program to many of my friends after seeing such great results. In less than 11 weeks, I've lost over 35 pounds and 25 inches! I feel better than I have in a long time and having the routine helps keep me on track when I work off shifts at night. more »
5on Facebook, Oct 13, 2016
Overall this program has made me feel so much better! It has helped with my chronic fatigue, bloating and muscle pains. This truly is a program you need to commit too. If you do, then you will see the results! The coaching is very helpful, the food is delicious and the staff is great! Give it a try! more »
5on Facebook, Oct 10, 2016
I'm more than happy with my results in 10 weeks! Food tastes great, and the support is amazing. I'd highly recommend the program! more »
5on Facebook, Oct 05, 2016
I started the program in early June with a big commitment to myself to see this diet through to my goal.. The first few days were a little rough as my system adjusted to the sudden withdrawal of carbs. By day 6 of the program I was getting in the groove and my day 7 weigh in at the clinic showed a loss of over 5 pounds for my efforts. It's been about 4 months...I'm down over 30 pounds and 30 inches. Sticking with the program is a breeze with no cravings. I'm still in phase 1 with about 13 pounds to go. The morning online videos with Dr Wilkinson are very informative and inspiring. Amanda has been extremely supportive and encouraging. NYWL and Ideal Protein have made a tough process simple. I'm thrilled that I can fit into my favorite Fall time clothes that have hung idle in my closet for over 4 years waiting for the real me to return. I strongly recommend committing to success and using this gold standard program. I know the hardest part is yet to come when I get into maintenance however I see a game plan for success difference that was always missing in my other numerous diets throughout the years. Thank you NYWL and IP!!! more »
5on Facebook, Oct 04, 2016
Week 2 and I already lost just under 19lbs. Staff and my coach Amanda are great to deal with. They take the time to answer questions and make sure that I understand how to make the diet work!
r />Looking forward to my goal and would recommend this diet plan. more »
5on BirdEye, Oct 03, 2016
Im very happy with my experience so far. Amanda has been great, the food is very good and the results are great! I'm down 6lbs and 5 inches in the first week!! Great Program!! more »
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311 W Main St, Victor, NY 14564
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New York Weight Loss was established to provide effective weight loss methods for individuals, unique from traditional exercise or dieting. People increasingly continue to struggle with their optimal shape, health, and overall look and feel of their bodies.

Our weight loss program is supported by many local physicians. OB/GYN’s, cardiologists, oncologists, endocrinologists, primary care medical doctors and many others have overwhelmingly approved our protocol as an evidence based weight loss method. This type of cooperation in co-treating dieters is a testament to the safety and effectiveness of the Ideal Protein method.

It's your weight, it's your choice!
Only you decide what your goals are, how you want to feel and what is beautiful for you. We'll simply help you get there. We provide the most innovative techniques, combined with a friendly, supportive atmosphere to help you reach your goals.
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