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5on Avvo, Jun 23, 2018
H1B Transfer (J1 waiver transfer)
May 23 - submitted application
May 31 - USCIS received application
June 10 - RFE requested
June 10 - RFE submitted
June 13 - Case approv
I hope this shows what its intended to show - efficiency. Before working with the Ranchod law group, I was told by a different lawyer that I had a 0-5% chance of getting my H1B transfer approved. My case was complicated and not your typical H1B transfer case. Mr. Ranchod was honest with me regarding the difficult nature of my case but gave me better odds. Although the process was daunting, working with Armando (paralegal) calmed my nerves. He was invested in my case. The day an RFE was requested, he worked on it IMMEDIATELY and submitted the evidence THAT SAME DAY! Thank you so so much for all you have done for my family. I would recommend the Ranchod law group 1 million times over!!
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5on Avvo, Jun 04, 2018
I highly recommend this office. They helped me with the fiance visa process. The attorneys and the Paralegal Brian Guzman are very helpful and kind. more »
5on Avvo, May 20, 2018
Dear Ranchod Law, we want to thank you for your hard work during these fifteen months. As a same-sex married couple, we had many doubts and were very apprehensive. But after contacting you, we were immediately put at ease due to your legal expertise in the area. It is needless to say that our case went through with no further complications which we are always going to be grateful for. Successfully receiving the J1 visa hardship waiver and the marriage-based green card will definitely help us to move on with our lives. Having a knowledgeable legal team by your side really makes all the difference between failure and success. We would recommend you to anyone in need of an immigration attorney.
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5on Avvo, Mar 21, 2018
Afortunadamente tuve una excelente experiencia con Ranchod Law Group son muy eficientes, todo mi proceso estuvieron en contacto conmigo, cualquier duda que tenia siempre me la resolvían. Desde el momento que tuve mi primera cita con el Abogado Kaushik Shakti Ranchod me dio la tranquilidad dejar mi caso en sus manos me dio la seguridad de que todo saldria bien y asi fue ahora estoy junto con mi esposo gracias también a su equipo de trabajo, Armando Campos y Brian Guzman por su excelente trabajo, su constante comunicación con nosotros su eficacia y atención realmente recomendio sus servicios vale la pena al final de nuevo Gracias.
Kaushik Shakti Ranchod, Armando Campos y Brian Guzman.
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5on Avvo, Mar 16, 2018
Excellent service. Explained everything to me .. I would defiantly recommend his services.. I am very happy and pleased with his service.. more »
5on Avvo, Feb 14, 2018
Ranchod Law group did a great job for my GC renewal. And Brain was always on top of it right from the day I contacted and was very helpful. It got filed on Dec 15th 2017, and got my new GC on Jan 29th. more »
5on Avvo, Dec 11, 2017
I was looking for a good lawyer in Sacramento. So I decided to read reviews here at avvo.com.
So, I decided calling Mr. Ranchod for an initial interview. He was very courteous and explained
>me all the choices I had in a clear manner. His level of expertise was really amazing. It was very comfortable for me using emails and secure online forms they provide, instead of having to make phone calls and sending many faxes/letters. His firm handle my citizenship case and the whole experience was outstanding! I rate him 10/10! Now, I am the one writing a review here at avvo.com. Good Luck! more »
5on Avvo, Sep 26, 2017
I'm extremely grateful for Mr. Kaushik Ranchod's office. Mr. Ranchod was very helpful, and I am very impressed by Ms. Melissa Oklan as she was just wonderful. They both had great experience in J1 waiver. They helped me file for J1 visa waiver under persecution and she was always attentive to details and responsive to my emails and questions. More importantly, she was always nice and professional and very supportive in this hard long process. She and Mr. Ranchod has done a great and wonderful job with my application. They have always been courteous and dealt with me in the uttermost professionalism. I am still working with them on the process and they have been on the top of their case. I really strongly recommend Mr. Ranchod and Ms. Oklan as immigration lawyers. more »
5on Avvo, Sep 19, 2017
Kaushik performed the initial intake of my J1 (two-year home residency requirement) waiver application based on hardship to my US citizen spouse, described the risks and the likelihood of success based on my initial verbal description, and performed final review of the application packet. My wife and I primarily worked with another lead attorney at Ranchod Law Group specializing in J1 waivers. My J1 waiver application received a favorable recommendation from the US DoS. I am very satisfied with the services provided my Ranchod Law Group. In addition to exceptional expertise of attorneys like Melissa Oklan on Kaushik's team I've enjoyed receiving newsletters from Ranchod Law Group and relevant updates about changes in immigration law or information about recent successes and failures in similar cases. more »
5on Avvo, Aug 11, 2017
Kaushik and his team made my whole experience to become a dreamer so easy and worry free. I'm glad I chose him to represent me in my case. more »
5on Avvo, Aug 04, 2017
We interviewed several other firms before choosing Ranchod Law and our attorney Kaushik. We found Kaushik to be extremely knowledgeable about all of the current Immigration laws, statutes and required documentation. He provided kind and professional services and was available to answer questions whenever we needed him. He truly helped us through this arduous process in the most professional and kind manner. I would recommend this law firm to anyone seeking Immigration advice or assistance with filing their UCIS documentation ~ more »
5on Avvo, Aug 01, 2017
Thank you so much!!! My husband and I came to The Ranchod Law Group hoping my husband could adjust status and now he is a legal resident. We very much appreciate the service and time you dedicated to our case. You were all amazing!!! Attorney Yesenia Rosas prepared my husband and I for the interview and also attended the interview with us. My husband's case was approved the very next day. Thank you again!!! more »
5on Avvo, Jul 25, 2017
I called Rachod with some questions regarding my case (requesting evidence of my marriage ) and booked a consultation with Yesenia, I had the pleasure to talk to one of the sweetest and most understandable persons Dolores, she took care of me booked my appointment. We had some issues with my card when I was trying to do my payment and she called me multiple time to let me know what was going on , but assuring me to not worry that we where going to make it work, I ended up giving her another card information and it worked! She is the best! she was happy to help me and I appreciate the time she took to always take my calls or call me back. Dolores, you rock!! thank you! :) more »
5on Avvo, Jun 30, 2017
Thoughtful, organized and efficient. Loved working with Kaushik and Team. more »
5on Avvo, Jun 28, 2017
I'm thankful for Melissa Oklan and Kaushik Ranchod for their outstanding service in my J-1 exceptional hardship waiver. Their professional approach is superb and they helped me through every step in this long process. They have built a strong case, filed it in a timely manner, and followed up with me regularly. Actually, Melissa Oklan went further step and had direct communications with my employer regarding my J-1 waiver, which was very helpful to keep my job. I strongly recommend Melissa Oklan and Kaushik Ranchod for J-1 waiver giving their extensive experience more »
5on Avvo, Jun 21, 2017
I am extremely grateful for the assistance of the Ranchod law group in getting my US citizenship. They were very friendly and professional, promptly answered the various questions I had during the process and even reminded me of the various times I needed to go to the USCIS office for interviews etc. This was a very important step in my life and they made the whole process as simple as possible. I would not hesitate to recommend them. more »
5on Avvo, Jun 15, 2017
I received a great consultant from attorney Yesenia Rosas. In a short time I got all my answers and she clarified all my concerns regarding to my girlfriend's immigration process. She is fully confident and experienced. I would definitely recommend her. more »
5on Avvo, Apr 24, 2017
In January 2016, my wife was looking for an immigration lawyer who could help our son in filing his Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence, she searched in the internet and found the website of Ranchod Law Group.
Only a few weeks after Ranchod Law Group filed the petition, my son received a notice from USCIS that his conditional resident status was extended for 1 year with expiry on April 15, 2017. On December 28, 2016, my son received a notice of Request for Evidence (RFE) from USCIS with the deadline to submit all the requirements on March 1, 2017. He was overwhelmed by the number of documents that USCIS required him to submit plus the detailed explanation of each and so he found it too difficult
On January 5, 2017 my son contacted Ranchod Law Group and gave them all the available documents to respond to the RFE. On February 27, 2017, Atty. Yesenia filed the response to RFE and on March 15, 2017, my son received a notice from USCIS that his petition to remove the condition was approved! We were very happy and thanked God first and secondly Ranchod Law Group for the success! We are satisfied with the exceptional and outstanding services Ranchod Law Group had provided my son and highly recommend Ranchod Law Group. Thank you Atty. Ranchod and your team for a job well done.
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5on Avvo, Apr 18, 2017
I would like to thank attorney Yesenia and The Ranchod Law Group for helping me obtain my legal permanent residency. Yesenia assisted my fiancé and I in applying for my K1 Fiancé Visa. This allowed me and my children to be reunited in the U.S. with my fiancé. After I entered the U.S. with my K1 and I married my fiancé, attorney Yesenia, helped me file for my adjustment of status. She was very helpful and the filing process was very fast. She filed everything promptly and did an amazing job. Our experience with her was very pleasant and we recommend her 100%. Thank you again!
Me gustaría darle las gracias al Ranchod Law Group y a mi abogada Yesenia y por haber sido nuestro pilar en obtener mi residencia permanente. La abogada nos tramito una Visa K de prometida, y esto permitió que yo y mis hijos nos reuniéramos con mi prometido. Ya que entramos a los Estados Unidos, y nos casamos, la abogada Yesenia, nos ayudó a ajustar mi estado legal a residente permanente. Ella fue una gran ayuda ya que sus trámites fueron muy cortos y rápidos. Ella hiso un buen trabajo y con mucha agilidad. La experiencia que tuvimos con ella fue muy agradable y en verdad la recomendamos al 100%. Muchas gracias!
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5on Avvo, Mar 11, 2017
He was responsive; replied to my query in less than 48 hours and connected me to a colleague who provided me with the information I needed more »
5on Avvo, Jan 13, 2017
Thank you Kaushik and Ranchod Team. I've been truly benefited from your firm's accomplishments, and went through the process as nicely, smoothly and seemelessly as it could have been, all the way to become a Citizen. Not only I'm proudly an American Citizen now, yet again last year, once again your firm was able to initiate the process for my mother and now she's a permanent resident. Clearly, I couldn't be more grateful of your professionalism and effectiveness handling my case and my family's case as well.
Once again, I appreciate your time and pleased to have worked and keep working with you.
Happy New Year.
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5on Avvo, Oct 05, 2016
I just can't thank Melissa Oklan and Mr. Ranchod enough for their help in securing a J-1 exceptional hardship waiver for me. The revenues of this success are immense and without their support, my family and I could have been separated for two years.
I'm aware that a J-1 waiver based on exceptional hardship to US citizen is extremely rare and difficult to handle. It requires extensive experience and diligence. Majority of immigration lawyers refuse to handle a J-1 waiver case because of the complexities involved. Ranchod Law Group​ has been very successful handling such waivers and I am very happy that I decided to work with them in preparing and arguing my case.
Mr. Ranchod ​is a really experienced immigration lawyer and very patient as well. Melissa was very dedicated in preparing my case and handling every question I had very efficiently. She was very knowledgeable about what we should do to present the case in its best shape.​​ Melissa did a very terrific job filing my case in a very short time (2-3 weeks), she is a very professional attorney.
I'm incredibly grateful to the Ranchod Law Group for all their help and quality service, and will definitely recommend them to anyone seeking a J-1 waiver.​
It has been a privilege and honor to work with Ranchod Law Group​.
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5on Avvo, Sep 22, 2016
When my father in law received a notice to appear at his removal of conditions interview, we had many questions and concerns about the process. We were in desperate need of guidance. When looking for an attorney online we found the Ranchod Law Group and went in for a consult with attorney Yesenia Rosas. Ms. Rosas is very knowledgeable and has been a great deal of help to our family. She promptly calls me and emails me with answers to my questions. I definitely recommend her and the Ranchod Law Group to anyone who needs an immigration attorney. more »
5on Yellow Pages, Apr 05, 2016
For anyone who has ever needed a bankruptcy attorney or needs immigration advice. They helped a friend in need of council. more »
5on Yellow Pages, Apr 05, 2016
For anyone who has ever needed a bankruptcy attorney or needs immigration advice. They helped a friend in need of council. more »
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