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5on Amazon, Sep 16, 2017
Worth every penny
This product t is absolutely bliss. My skin is more moisturizing now and my wrinkle is gone, that's why I love this product too much. My skin is way more better now. Love
it. more »
5on Amazon, Sep 15, 2017
Very nice serum for my sensitive skin , outstanding results in very less time . My face is glowing like a diamond now . I am loving it.
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5on Amazon, Sep 20, 2017
Beautiful result
Result are just outstanding must recommends to other. Few reviews r negative by work outstanding in my case.
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5on Amazon, Sep 18, 2017
best serum
i just love Secret Serums Instant Line Filler, this has been fabulous. I have gifted this to my aunt and this product is just worked as a miracle. it disappear all the fine lines from
her face in just a few days. more »
5on Amazon, Sep 16, 2017
It is the best really sode effect Immediately reduced the fine lines and wrinkles by up to 50%and increased moisture in skin.nice
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5on VisionWorx, Aug 15, 2017
I got this as a gift for my S/O, who has very fair skin and she couldn't stop raving about it. She says it's one of the few serums she's tried that doesn't dry her out or pill. I bought one item on Amazon, but she's since signed up for the monthly shipments so she never runs out of serum! more »
5on Facebook, May 10, 2017
My mom has been experimenting with new and expensive skin serums for years. I got her the Secret Serums package last year for her birthday and she is totally hooked! She doesn't use anything else, and has asked for more Secret Serums products for her birthday this year. more »
5on Facebook, May 04, 2017
I got this product for my Mom last year for mother's Day and she ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! She is requesting more this year and its a lot cheaper than all of the Chanel product she used to ask for. She claims that her skin feels renewed and youthful and for a woman that has just entered menopause this is a great feeling, thanks so much Secret Serums! more »
5on Facebook, May 04, 2017
my sister had told me about secret serums, so I started using the exfoliating clenser... and I LOVE IT! I love the light scent and how smooth my skin feels after I use it every night!! more »
5on Facebook, May 03, 2017
Considering I have red hair and fair skin I constantly worry about wrinkle lines from the sun so I decided to look into this product. I highly recommend it and can definitely see improvements already. more »
4on Facebook, May 03, 2017
I'm in my mid 30's and have been very happy with this product. It doesn't leave my skin feeling tacky or oily like others. more »
5on Facebook, May 03, 2017
I love it �. They send it every month with no issues or delays more »
5on Facebook, May 02, 2017
Although I'm only in my early 30's I started using the Secret Anti-Aging Treatment a couple months ago and my skin is already looking and feeling great! After applying the serum every morning, my face feels fresh and moisturized all day long! more »
5on Facebook, May 02, 2017
I'm 24 and I've been told to start using anti-aging products sooner than I think I need to due to living in Texas and having fair skin! this stuff is great. feels nice on my skin and I can tell it's making a difference! more »
5on Facebook, May 02, 2017
I'm in my 30s and very hesitant to try new skincare products bc I have really sensitive skin, but Secret Serums was recommended to me by a few friends so I gave it a shot and I'm glad I did.
My skin looks great and feels smooth - not dry and flaky like other products I've tried. The serum and the line filler both were easy to use and felt great on my face as they dried. I'm very happy I found Secret Serums!
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5on Facebook, May 02, 2017
Got this for my girlfriend because she is always complaining about having dry skin and the results were amazing. She said she's never had a product work this quickly and now I have an easy go-to gift for her birthday/Christmas/Valentine's Day more »
5on Facebook, May 02, 2017
I got the Anti-Aging serum for my girlfriend a couple months ago and she says it's on the best skin products she's used. She has pretty dry skin, but says that the product keeps her face moisturized all day and doesn't make her skin break out like some other products she's used. I've ever used it myself a couple times and I see what she's talking about, it makes my skin feel great all day! more »
4on Facebook, Apr 07, 2017
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4on Amazon, Aug 24, 2016
Great Product
I have been using this product for a week and everyday I see less and less fine lines on my forehead and around my eyes. And unlike other products there is no white residue left be
hind to worry about, just incredibly great looking skin. Thank you Secret Serums! more »
4on Amazon, Aug 12, 2016
It goes on smooth and I feel like I am really hydrating my skin
The serum arrived sooner than expected and was packaged perfectly. I am enjoying using it twice a day. It goes on smooth and I fee
l like I am really hydrating my skin. I have not noticed any difference in my skin or reduction of appearance of wrinkles. Still hoping for that. more »
5on Facebook, Aug 08, 2016
I have been using my Anti-Aging Treatment for about two months now and I've been loving the results! My skin feels much firmer and softer, I don't break out as much anymore. The treatment is also very hydrating and make my skin feel moisturizer all day. I would defenely purchase it again. more »
5on Facebook, Aug 08, 2016
Love Secret Serums! I've been using the exfoliating cleanser for about a month now and my skin looks amazing. The wash gets my face really clean and it smells good too. Definitely recommend! more »
Business Response:
Thank you Kim for your positive feedback! We are very happy you are enjoying out Cleanser!
5on Amazon, Jul 27, 2016
This is the best cream for undereye bags
This is the best cream for undereye bags! You put it on bags are gone leaves skin smooth and tight.You can feel it working I know for me all day. I have
given out so many packets for friends and family to try! Thank you so much and very important also is very affordable!! more »
5on Facebook, Jul 07, 2016
I love this product. I having been using it for a couple of months now and the results are amazing. I was a devoted La Prairie girl for decades and this product is soooo much more affordable and I like it better. The cleanser is fabulous also. I am a woman in my sixties so I need all the help that I can get and THIS is it. Could not recommend more highly and am eagerly anticipating any new products from this line. Try it .... You won't be sorry more »
Business Response:
Thank you Elena for your feedback! We are very happy you are enjoying our products!
5on Facebook, Jul 06, 2016
Been using this serum for a few weeks now and have gotten great results. more »
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Secret Serums was developed by women for women in order to deliver the very best, most advanced luxurious anti-aging products at an affordable price.more »

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