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5on Facebook, Jul 06, 2016
Been using this serum for a few weeks now and have gotten great results. more »
5on Facebook, Jul 02, 2016
I can definitely recommend this product. I've been using it for a little over a week now and my skin feels great! I have fairly sensitive skin and haven't had a single issue like I do with most facial cleansers. Bought mine from Amazon and it came within just a couple days. Try it already! more »
4on Facebook, Jun 21, 2016
My wife signed up for the free trial in March and has continued to receive new bottles of the line filler and anti-aging serum every month. She's very picky about what products she uses on her face, and absolutely loves how Secret Serums makes her feel. Why only 4 stars? Because I bought her a $300 anti-aging cream from La Mer for her birthday in February and she hasn't used it since trying Secret Serums! more »
5on Facebook, Jun 18, 2016
I loved this product!! Loved the exfoliation perk of the face wash. Made my skin silky smooth ! Can't wait to buy the serum. Thanks secret serum! more »
Business Response:
Thank you so much Ferne for your positive feedback! We are so happy you are enjoying our Cleanser.
5on Facebook, Jun 17, 2016
more »
5on Facebook, Jun 10, 2016
Can’t get enough Secret Serum! Entering my late 20’s, I’ve been looking for a product that takes care of my skin and Secret Serum truly does! It was recommended to me by a friends mom and she said it’s better than any $400+ product she’s used. I’m so thrilled I found this product - my skin feels and looks AMAZING. more »
5on Facebook, Jun 08, 2016
I purchased the my secret anti-aging treatment on amazon and love using it. I have a hard time buying skin care products because I break out easily and am afraid of getting wrinkles. Not only have I not broken out but my skin feels super soft and is not dried out from the acne medications I have been using. I also love the cleanser! I have been trying different cleansers for so long looking for one that doesn’t make me break out or dry out my skin and I have finally found it. The secret serums cleanser is soft on my face and leaves my face feeling clean. more »
Business Response:
Thank you so much for your kind review! We are so glad you like My Anti-Aging Treatment and the Cleanser.
5on Facebook, Jun 08, 2016
I came across the secret serum website and bought two of their products for my wife to try out for a couple weeks to see if they worked for her since she has very sensitive skin. We only had to pay for shipping and handling and if my wife didn't like the products we could cancel at anytime to avoid getting charged again. My wife loves the products based on her results and now gets a supply in the mail every month so she never runs out. Thanks for making a quality product and allowing customers to try it out before actually buying. more »
5on Amazon, Jun 08, 2016
Very Very Happy
I bought this for my wife because she's been wanting it for a little while now. She's used it a religiously since we've received it and is absolutely loving it. Th
e first time she used it, she made me feel her face because she couldn't believe how soft it made her skin feel. She could see the difference in just the first couple of uses. Looks like we'll be repeat customers! You know what they say "Happy Wife - Happy Life" more »
5on Facebook, Jun 08, 2016
I've purchased My Instant Line Filler for my mom for Mother's Day and she loved it! She likes the texture of it as it is very light weight and hydrating. more »
Business Response:
We are so happy your mom loves My Instant Line Filler!
5on Facebook, Jun 07, 2016
I have been using Secret Serums for about 6 months and I absolutely love the products. I am amazing how my skin has completely changed. I fine lines and wrinkles have virtually disappeared and my skin tone has brightening and evened out. I love the Instant Line Filler. It is my favorite product and I love the way it works under my foundation. My skin is silky smooth. I have shopped for a good serum for many months and these Secret Serums is really worth every penny! I recommend Secret Serums to anyone who wants to take years off their appearance. more »
5on Amazon, Jun 07, 2016
Must try! You'll love it!
Product arrived as stated. I started using it that day. It leaves your skin feeling so soft and smooth! It really does! I would consider trying other product lines
by Secret Serums based on my experience with this one. I will definitely be recommending this to my family and friends! more »
5on Facebook, Jun 07, 2016
My aunt is a lifelong fan of trying every anti-wrinkle cream to hit the market to see which works best for her. Although she says that the has had some hits and misses, she has never found one that actually works. That is, until now!...I sent SecretSerums to her for her birthday a couple of months ago, and now I have become her favorite nephew. She told me that I discovered the fountain of youth for her!!.....I'm back in her will... more »
5on Facebook, Jun 07, 2016
My girlfriend started using the Secret Serums product line about 2 months ago. Shortly after I noticed the cleanser bottle in the shower and decided to try it. Generally, I tend to shy away from putting product on my face but this cleanser is really amazing! After using it, I feel that all the dirt, grime, and oil from the day is removed, my skin feels fresh and breathable, and the best part is that the product does not use those micro beads! I was reading up on the product and it uses micro-powder which does not have the same environmental issues. Out of all the face washing products that I have ever used, this one actually got me hooked and I use it daily. more »
Business Response:
Thank you James for your kind words! We are very happy to hear that you are enjoying our Cleanser!
5on Amazon, Jun 06, 2016
You Have To Try Secret Serums!!!!
I recently purchased the Secret Serums Power Duo and received the Exfoliating Cleanser with my order. First, I absolutely love this Cleanser. After I used the C
leanser my skin felt soft and supple, not dry and tight like other cleansers. And the scent was really refreshing -- not too heavy and fragrant. Fresh and clean. I then used the My Secret Anti-Aging Treatment and loved it too. It absorbed quickly into my skin immediately and my skin felt soft and hydrated. Again the scent was fresh and clean. Nothing strong and fragrant. Finally I used the Instant Line Filler and the little lines around my eyes have virtually disappeared. I am going to keep using Secret Serums. You are getting so much product for your money. more »
5on Amazon, Jun 05, 2016
Finally found a face wrinkle problem that works!
A friend raved about My Instant Line Filler so I wanted to see if it really works. IT REALLY WORKS! I am absolutely amazed by the rapid results.
It's a real find and is no longer a secret. I will definitely purchase the cleanser and Anti Age Serum. I'm sure I'll love them, too. more »
5on Amazon, Jun 02, 2016
Great Product!
I bought this for my wife because she started talking about her wrinkles and she felt like aging was inevitable. She was pretty skeptical at first, but after just a few days usage
she now loves what this is doing for her. Her lines have softened and her face is more supple and she says it feels more hydrated. Her friends have also noticed her new glow. I'm really happy I got this for her. more »
5on Amazon, Jun 02, 2016
A friend of mine recommended SecretSerums, Instant Line Filler to me when she ...
A friend of mine recommended SecretSerums, Instant Line Filler to me when she heard me complaining about my wrin
kles. It tried it and continue to use it daily!! more »
5on Amazon, May 30, 2016
I love this serum
I love this serum, it's the best thing I have ever done for my skin. I noticed positive changes right away: my skin not only feels good, but looks so much smoother and mor
e radiant. I am 57 years old and my skin is supple and evenly toned since I started using Secret Serums. All my friends have asked what I have been doing to my skin. My fine lines have disappeared and my "laugh lines" and the lines around my lips have smoothed so dramatically, I can hardly believe it! I had been so self-conscious about the lines around my lips, and now they are barely even visible, most have entirely disappeared. My skin feels dewy all day long, but never slick or greasy. I use it in the morning and before bed on my face and neck, even on the back of my hands - I've told all of my friends about this magical product, I cannot recommend this product more highly. more »
5on Amazon, May 24, 2016
Love it!
My mom started using this and her skin looked amazing so I ordered one for myself. My skin is normally super dry and hasn't been looking great lately. Well I've been using it
for a week and notice a nice difference! My skin feels younger and my fine lines have disappeared, a good product! more »
5on Amazon, May 24, 2016
I love, love love this product
I love, love love this product. You can feel the difference on the first day and it just keeps getting better I am a woman in my sixties and have used La Prairie f
or years. The difference in the price is amazing. I am a convert and recommend to all my friends. I am so thrilled to have made this discovery. more »
5on Amazon, May 23, 2016
Love Secret Serums
I'm in love! Secret Serums Instant Line Filler is everything I was looking for and more. I have rosacea and have a terrible time finding any product that I can use, fortu
nately this has been fabulous. My daughter kept at me to order, and well I did and my lines are disappearing in just a few days and my skin feels so soft. Imagine being 80 and finding something that works this well right away. Can't wait to try their full line. more »
5on Amazon, May 20, 2016
I purchased for my wife who is always complaining about not looking younger. Three days later she's already saying how terrific the serum feels, that she thinks she's already
looking better, and telling her friends. So far, I give it TEN stars! more »
5on Amazon, May 20, 2016
My mom told me to try this new product she heard about called Secret Serums and I’m surprised that not only have I not broken ou
I have such a hard time buying the right skin care products bec
ause I break out and am afraid of getting wrinkles. My mom told me to try this new product she heard about called Secret Serums and I’m surprised that not only have I not broken out but my skin feels super soft and is not dried out from the acne medications I have been using. I can’t wait to try the other products in this line. more »
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Secret Serums was developed by women for women in order to deliver the very best, most advanced luxurious anti-aging products at an affordable price.more »

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