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Custom email and SMS templates

Create custom templates to run more targeted campaigns.

From “Setup Communication”, you can go to either“Manage Templates” or “Email & SMS Settings”.

From “Setup Communication”, click on “Manage templates”. You’ll see a list of all the default templates already available to you.

To create a new template, click on the “New template” button located above all the default options and select which kind of communication you want to send using the drop-down menu.

In the template builder, you can customize the subject, heading, body message and button text for survey and review request email and SMS templates. Any template you create can be edited, cloned or deleted at any time.

Survey request templates let you customize the subject line, heading, body message and button text for both email and SMS. You can also choose whether or not to send reminder emails for survey requests.
You can edit, clone, or delete any of the templates you create — default templates cannot be deleted.

Next, head over to Email & SMS settings.

In “Email & SMS Settings” you can now select the type of communication you want to be sent after customer check-in, choose which templates to use for each type of message, and configure message scheduling.

Next, go to your Campaigns tab to put your template in action.

After you’ve chosen which customers to send this template to, you can choose the type of email or SMS campaign to run. After you select a campaign type, you can choose from the templates available for that type, as well as choose if you want to run it as an instant or drip campaign.

Then you’re all set! Go ahead and launch your new tailored campaign, and create as many additional templates as you want!

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