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Making a zap with BirdEye

Connect apps with BirdEye to grow your customer database automatically, making it even easier to send review requests to all your customers!

1. Sign up for a Zapier account

Sign up for a free Zapier account on the Zapier website, or log into your account if you already have one.

2. Choose a trigger app

Choose an app you want to connect to BirdEye. You can connect multiple apps to BirdEye, but you need to create a separate zap for each.

Choose which action in this app you want to trigger a new customer in BirdEye.

3. Connect your app to BirdEye

Select BirdEye as your action app.

Click “Connect a New customer”
To connect your BirdEye account, you’ll need your API key. You can find this in the Account tab of your BirdEye dashboard under “Developers”.

Select “Create customer” as your action. This will create a contact in BirdEye using information from the trigger app you selected. Each new contact can be found in the Campaigns tab of your BirdEye dashboard.

4. Configure your BirdEye account

Now set up the template for creating a new customer. First you’ll need your BirdEye business ID. This is also in the Account tab of your BirdEye dashboard, under “Developers”.

If your business has multiple locations, you’ll need to enter an External Reference ID for each. This is found in the Setup tab of your BirdEye dashboard in the column labeled “Location ID”.

Test out this template to find any pieces you might have missed, then you’re all set!

5. Finish your zap

Name your zap. It’s helpful to choose a simple, straightforward name, such as the app you’re connecting and your business location.

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