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Social listening sources

BirdEye supports social listening not only from social channels, but also from 300 million other sites including news sources, blogs, forums, and more. Know who is talking about your brand and where across the web in real-time.

In your Social tab, you can monitor your social channels (Facebook, Google, Twitter, Flickr), as well as more than 300 million blogs, discussions, and news sources.

Blogs = blog posts and comments
News = news articles and posts
Discussions = conversations in public forums

How it works

Select the keywords most relevant to your brand. BirdEye then runs an analysis on those keywords across social channels, news articles, blog posts and discussion forums and delivers them to you in a real-time feed.

Filter your social feed by keyword, time period and source, or create advanced queries (link to Advanced Queries in Knowledge Base).

Click on where it says “News”, “Blog” or “Discussion” above a post to be routed to the site where it was originally posted.

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