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5on Google, Feb 24, 2017
I had a FUE hair transplant done approx. 10 months ago by Dr. Gupta and his staff with great results so far, my friends and family who I had told I was getting the surgery are impressed by my new head of hair and how 100% natural my hairline looks! This physician is a real professional in this restorative speciality and I would not actually consider visiting anybody else should I ever elect to have a second. more »
Business Response:
Thank you so much for your review James, please be sure to give us a call if you should have any questions or concerns.
5on BirdEye, Feb 12, 2017
The staff and Doctor have made the experience pleasnt and pain less . I strongly recommend their work more »
5on BirdEye, Feb 12, 2017
I had my hair transplant at Sure Hair. It was a great experience. The staff was professional, very knowledgeable and treated me very well throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Dr. Gupta at Sure Hair and his team. more »
4.8on RateMDs, Feb 08, 2017
My husband and I travel 2 hours to see Dr. Gupta. Over the years we have found him to be competent, thorough and knowledgeable. Pays attention to detail;. Staff are very helpful. Now our neighbours see him too! more »
5on BirdEye, Feb 05, 2017
I am so pleased of the results. Dr. Gupta and his staff was sich great people. They made me feel so comfortable and calm during the whole procedure. I would strongly recommend Sure Hair Inernational :) Such an amazing and life changing experience. Now I dont have to hide by wearing caps and head pieces. I have my crowning glory which is my hair from Sure Hair International. more »
5on BirdEye, Feb 05, 2017
It has been 17 days since my procedure. I am exceptionally happy with the results so far and everything about the experiecne was positive for me. The recovery went very well and I had minimal swelling. Dr. Gupta and his team made me feel very comfortable during the procedure. They were exceptional at taking care of me and I felt like they were genuinely concerned about my comfort and well being. I would highly recommend Dr. Gupta. In fact, I have convinced a relative to come do his hair transplant with Dr. Gupta. more »
5on BirdEye, Feb 05, 2017
My experience here at Sure Hair was incredible. Dr. Gupta and his team made sure my session was comfotrable and met all my needs. I believe going to a dentist is more uncomfortable. They restored my hair line and it looks so natural that no one will ever know that I had a Hair Transplant. I recommended Sure Hair to many of my friends and my colleagues and will continue to do so. If you are thinking to do hair transplantation you must consider Sure Hair!! Anthony more »
5on RateMDs, Feb 03, 2017
Over the last 10 years the doctor has been excellent service. Detail oreintated. Will biopsy or refer out as appropriate. Now my whole family sees him! Takes the time to talk to me. Great memory. Wonderful staff. more »
5on BirdEye, Feb 03, 2017
After numerous years of continued hair loss. I decided that I wanted to fix the problem. I spent hours on the internet and visting different clinics meeting with different doctors. I came across doctor Gupta at Sure Hair International. Dr Gupta and I met a couple times before I made my decision. I liked Dr. Gupta because he was honest. He didn't butter me up and make me believe he could create wonders. After doing the FUE hair transplant. I can say my experience here with the staff and technicians was excellent. Please do your research and find the place the best suits you. I know I did. Thank you for a great experience Dr Gupta. Oh ya, and restoring my hair. ***** more »
5on BirdEye, Feb 03, 2017
The staff and overall experience at Sure Hair was simply excellent. My needs and concerns were addressed in a friendly personal manner. All my concerns and questions were answered.
the process, the staff at Sure Hair were attentive to my needs. After the procedure the medical staff at Sure hair called me at home to follow up on my recovery to ensure my post procedure recovery was healig as it should.
If anyone has a issue facing them with respect to their hair loss. The Sure Hair staff can address your needs.
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4.5on RateMDs, Jan 27, 2017
Have been a patient since 2002. In the early days the wait was very long. Sometimes 2 hours. However, in the past several years it has been great. Yes at times there is a small wait time but nothing out of the ordinary when compared to family doctor, dentist or optician. Certainly reasonable. Dr Gupta always asks about our children particularly our daughter, always remembers. He has been treating me for sun damage which is very common now at my age (70). He never seems rushed with me, takes his time and listens. He must be doing something right since it has been almost 14 years that I have been seeing him. I did have two surgeries in his office and both times I felt comfortable and safe. more »
5on BirdEye, Jan 26, 2017
Got my Hair Transplant done in October 2016 at Sure Hair International under the wing of Dr Gupta and his team. It took me about a year to research the best place for this procedure just because i want 110% satisfaction in the workmanshift which Dr Gupta and his team supported to the core. They were patient and made sure that its done right. I am already seeing the results which are excellent. Thanks Dr Gupta and the team. more »
5on RateMDs, Jan 25, 2017
Competent dermatologist. Pays attention to detail. Great memory. Remembers small details. He is a treasure. Very friendly staff. more »
5on RateMDs, Jan 22, 2017
I am beyond grateful to have Dr Gupta as my Dr. I have been a patient for over 7 years now . I have had nothing but the best care. The staff is knowledgeable , efficient, friendly and Dr Gupta is exceptional! I can never thank you enough more »
5on RateMDs, Jan 21, 2017
Wait times have decreased. On my last visit I only waited 5-10 minutes which was great. Dr. Gupta and staff do an excellent job! more »
5on RateMDs, Jan 18, 2017
Excellent physician. Been going to see Dr. Gupta for years. Sharp, intelligent and knowledgeable. Sometimes tries to do too much. Surgical procedures performed on patients the same day as the visit help those of us who are from out of town; this can slow his patient flow. We understand and appreciate his willingness to accommodate. His absence is definitely missed in Sarnia. more »
4.8on RateMDs, Jan 16, 2017
Dr Gupta by far has been one of the top physician that I have experienced in our health care system . I have found his expertise in his field of dermatology second to none . My husband drives over 2 hours every three days for treatment with Dr Gupta. Aside from his expertise his interpersonal skills are incredible . What I have found is he truly cares about his patience and there well being .
His staff exudes the same type of professionalism as Dr Gupta!
I would most highly recommend him and his practice to anyone !
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4.5on RateMDs, Jan 11, 2017
I have been going to Dr Gupta for about 10 years to treat sun damaged skin. An open sore appeared on my upper ear and he did a biopsy and shaved off the bad cells. He said I hit a 'home run'. He proactively got me into see a specialist to see if any further work was required. The specialist looked at how the area had healed and said Dr Gupta had done an excellent job at removing the bad cells and no further work was required. I'm lucky to have him as a doctor. more »
5on RateMDs, Jan 09, 2017
Absolutely incredible service and friendly staff , Dr. Gupta is fantastic doctor who is always friendly, and sorted out my problem I would recommend him to everyone!! more »
5on RateMDs, Jan 06, 2017
The doctor has been able to diagnose and treat my sun damage and skin cancers for several years. He is very sharp and is able to pick up lesions when they are small. He is intelligent, knowledgeable and witty. Good sense of humor. His staff like him and the office has a good atmosphere. I am glad that he is available to see me and my family. more »
4.5on RateMDs, Jan 06, 2017
My first encounter with Dr Gupta was in 1990 to have my son assessed and treated for worsening acne. My son and I found he was a caring physician and very informative before any treatment was done. He prescribed Accutane and monitored my son's progress carefully. He also referred my son to a physcologist to monitor his behaviour as depression was a side effect for people who had severe acne and were on Accutane. Everything went well for my son and his skin cleared without any side affect identified. He was a busy person but when asked for more information, he took more time to provide even more details of his assessment and recommendation.

I became a patient in later years (he was on Wonderland then) and he treated me for sun damage. He continues to periodically monitor my situation and , as needed, treats areas of damage, including the occasional removal of areas for biopsy.

His staff have always treated us well. Yes, in past years there were long waits at his office but I accepted the situation as he does not decline a referral. He was always polite and explained any extreme delay that day (e.g: If patients situations unexpectedly required a biopsy, the removal was not rescheduled to another day unless the patient requested). The removal of spots for biopsy extended a patient's visit time and delayed other patients scheduled for assessment or treatment on the same day.

Of late, the wait times at appointments are much shorter. Mind you, I am retired now and wait times are the least of my concern. Being able to see a specialist is horer on my list. Hard to argue with him working hard to respond to a patient in need of a specialist's assessment.
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5on RateMDs, Jan 04, 2017
I have been seeing Dr. Gupta for 6+ years for a variety of issues and I find him very knowledgeable and helpful. I would recommend him to any of my friends or family. more »
5on RateMDs, Dec 21, 2016
Dr.Gupta is very knowledgeable in his field. I went to him in extreme pain and discomfort with sores weeping and bleeding on my hands. His professional manner was quick and a diagnosis was made upon his examination of the area. Prescription were given with both Dr.Gupta and his office staff going over the instructions with. Any questions or concerns of mine were addressed before I left the office with assurance if any questions or problems arose to not hesitate to phone the office. I'm pleased to report after 3 weeks my hands are clear. Many thanks to Dr. Gupta and his staff. more »
4.5on RateMDs, Dec 13, 2016
We have been patients of Dr. Gupta and his staff for 25 years and have had nothing but the best dermatological care. He and his staff have always provided knowledge, skill and advice in clear, concise and respectful manner. Sun damaged has been treated. Biopsies, when required, have been excised efficiently with care. Referrals are usually within weeks dependent on the availability of surgical space. Dr. Gupta's offices provide a wide range of services and the doctor moves quickly and efficiently between patients and genuinely tries to meet the appointment times of his patients. This is sometimes difficult given the volume of patients seeking his services. Dr. Gupta is an excellent physician, worthy of respect and consideration. more »
3.8on RateMDs, Dec 13, 2016
Dr.Gupta is a very knowledgeable, kind medical professional with very nice, hard working office staff. They provide excellent service in the clinic. more »
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World Class FUE Hair Transplantation in Toronto, Canada.

Welcome to Sure Hair International, a leading Canadian hair restoration company for over 25 years. Located in Toronto, Canada with 7 locations in Southern Ontario to serve you.

Over the years we have helped thousands of people just like you recover a natural looking, full head of hair again. Our Team has performed over 16,000 hair transplant procedures at our surgical offices in Toronto, Ontario.

Some of our hair loss solutions have even been featured in Maxim Magazine, The Doctors, CBS News, Bloomberg News and many other well known publications & Media outlets

Seal 25 years of Outstanding Service and Excellence in Hair Restoration

We offer an entire range of hair loss treatments designed to meet your budget and surpass your expectations.

You now have all the latest hair loss treatments available to you. Maybe you're a great candidate for our Uni-Strand® Robotic FUE Hair Transplant? Or Perhaps one of our FDA approved clinical Laser Light Hair Restoration Regrowth Treatments, is right for you? Or, If you prefer a quicker and completely natural non-surgical solution, then our NT Graft Hair Replacement Systems are among the most advanced hair replacement systems available anywhere.
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