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5on RateMDs, Sep 08, 2016
Dr Gupta has been and is a great help with my skin care, it`s a problem that few men seem to be concerned about, until older, especially me, but with age I am so fortunate to find help. Patience and knowledge are his trademarks, I recommend him to anyone in search of answers with skin care, David more »
4.3on RateMDs, Sep 06, 2016
I have bee seeing Dr. Gupta for over 10 years, and he always is careful with his evaluation around skin problems. He carries around his freezer can and gives a zap whenever he feels it is necessary. I like him, he always gives good advice about wearing a covering hat and using highly rated sun screen. I see him twice a year and he keeps any skin issues under control. I recommend him, he is careful about his administration of care for my skin. more »
4.8on RateMDs, Sep 05, 2016
I have been seeing Dr. Gupta for some time now for sun damage. He has always treated me with respect and I know he truly cares for my well being and health. His expertise and dedication to his patients is second to none. I very much appreciate his straight forward approach, and I would recommend Dr. Gupta in a heart beat.

I have heard others voice concern over wait times, however, 1) who isn't overworked these days; 2) there is no substitute for his expertise; 3) he has made changes recently to his scheduling which have been very positive.

I fully credit Dr. Gupta with taking care of my sun damage thus preventing it from becoming a potential life threatening situation.

S. Smith, London
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4.3on RateMDs, Sep 01, 2016
A patient for over 20 years, I can thank Dr. Gupta for diagnosing a melanoma and probably saving my life.
He is thorough, efficient and expert in his patient care.
His staff is courteous a
nd helpful.
I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Gupta.
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4.8on RateMDs, Aug 31, 2016
i have been a patient for several years----you always get full attention to your concerns,sometimes the extra time im using holds up the patients after me. but i know the dr.will treat them with the same diligece,-----c ron laskey more »
5on RateMDs, Aug 31, 2016
I and my mother have been patients for over 20 years. I find him to be excellent practitioner, knowledgeable, efficient, hard working and funny. We just respect and adore Dr. Gupta. more »
4.3on RateMDs, Aug 29, 2016
I have been a patient for over three years with visits on a almost quarterly basis. He has been treating me for a sun damaged scalp condition. I find him to be a knowledgeable practitioner who is quick to notice changes and apply necessary treatment and/or referral when required. I live in a different city than his practice and will continue the hour plus commute to ensure the consistent care he maintains. more »
4.8on RateMDs, Aug 26, 2016
I have been a patient of Dr. Gupta for many years. Always had very good service from the staff and Dr. Gupta. Wait time has improved greatly over the past couple of years! Dr. Gupta has helped keep my psoriasis in check for many years. Thank you! more »
4.5on RateMDs, Aug 24, 2016
Dr. Gupta always takes the time to ask how everything is, and I appreciate his reminders to use sunscreen and wear a hat when outdoors! more »
5on RateMDs, Aug 23, 2016
I suffered from eczema all over my body for months. Nothing helped and my family and walk in clinic doctors were at a loss.... Finally I was referred to Dr. Gupta and it is under control with light therapy. What a difference it has made to my quality of life! He is professional, knowledgeable, polite, kind and caring. My wait time is efficient and fine. The staff are professional, polite and very kind. I am very pleased and I would definitely recommend him. Thank you! more »
4.3on RateMDs, Aug 23, 2016
I have been a patient of Dr. Gupta for seven years. He has virtually saved my life with his early detection and removal of skin melanoma and he was the first to recognize a very rare blood disorder that has resulted in a stem cell transplant which has been most successful to date. Dr. Gupta is one who works tirelessly for his patients. I am most grateful for your efforts. more »
5on RateMDs, Aug 22, 2016
Very good really cares about his patients. Tries very hard to keep patients happy more »
4.3on RateMDs, Aug 22, 2016
Dr. Gupta has made a remarkable improvement in a scalp condition I have had for many years. Finally the problem has all but disappeared and continues to improve with just a mild treatment I can do at home with occasional followups to make sure it is still totally under control. I had tried many different things before finding Dr. Gupta and am so happy with the outcome of the treatmnt more »
4.3on RateMDs, Aug 17, 2016
I've been seeing Dr. Gupta for years for melanoma issues. Though wait times can be a little excessive sometimes, he is an excellent doctor and I feel very confident in his care for me. The staff is always very friendly, as is Dr. Gupta. He remembers EVERYTHING and is very thorough. more »
4.5on RateMDs, Aug 16, 2016
I was sent to Dr. Gupta because of my history with multiple skin cancers. He has been very helpful , courteous and friendly. He takes the time to ask about your history and will refer you to another specialist if you need one. more »
3.8on RateMDs, Aug 15, 2016
My husband has been going to him for 5 years with good results! Thank u dr.gupta! more »
5on RateMDs, Aug 15, 2016
Very caring, thoughtful and doing an amazing recovery process for myself.
Very grateful I have his experience to help me
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4.5on RateMDs, Aug 11, 2016
Dr Gupta is professional and polite. I unfortunately have to undergo light therapy to treat my psoriosis In the past I attended a different dermatologist for light therapy and at times waited close to an hr to receive a 3 min therapy The staff who work with Dr Gupta are thoughtful and prompt I am in and out very quickly. more »
3.8on RateMDs, Aug 10, 2016
I have been seeing Dr. Gupta for over 20 years, He has removed several pre cancerous spots
He now does a full body examination every 4-6 months Hi staff have been helpful and kind.
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4.8on RateMDs, Aug 09, 2016
I'm incredibly grateful to Dr. Gupta and his team. I've been chasing some relief for my severe eczema for 40 years and finally am getting results and am enjoying an exponential improvement in my quality of life. The staff are always pleasant and helpful and it's clear Dr. Gupta takes my well being seriously, for which I am obviously grateful. more »
3.8on RateMDs, Aug 09, 2016
Dr Gupta has been diligently following a regime of removal of precancerous spots on me. My complexion has improved immensely. He has also biopsec completed several biopsies. I feel totally comfortable that he has attended to my dermatologic needs more »
4.3on RateMDs, Aug 09, 2016
Dr Gupta is the first doctor I've had that is helping me. The previous doctors I saw didn't know what to do and one previous doctor made my condition worse. I have no complaints with Dr Gupta or his staff. more »
4.5on RateMDs, Aug 08, 2016
Dr. Gupta is always there for me when I have a skin problem and his referrals are to capable/good doctors when needed. more »
4.5on RateMDs, Aug 08, 2016
Always a pleasure to see Dr. G and his staff, I am always welcomed with a smile more »
4.5on RateMDs, Aug 08, 2016
When I first started going to this office several years ago the wait time was hours. Things have change a lot. Now you will likely be in and out in an hour. I know that sometimes there are delays as he will take the time do do a biopsy at your appointment rather than making you return like some do. Now isn't that great! Dr Gupta has always been very professional and friendly to me. Staff are always friendly. more »
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2115 Finch Ave West, Suite #401, North York, ON M3N 2V6
Hair Salons
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World Class FUE Hair Transplantation in Toronto, Canada.

Welcome to Sure Hair International, a leading Canadian hair restoration company for over 25 years. Located in Toronto, Canada with 7 locations in Southern Ontario to serve you.

Over the years we have helped thousands of people just like you recover a natural looking, full head of hair again. Our Team has performed over 16,000 hair transplant procedures at our surgical offices in Toronto, Ontario.

Some of our hair loss solutions have even been featured in Maxim Magazine, The Doctors, CBS News, Bloomberg News and many other well known publications & Media outlets

Seal 25 years of Outstanding Service and Excellence in Hair Restoration

We offer an entire range of hair loss treatments designed to meet your budget and surpass your expectations.

You now have all the latest hair loss treatments available to you. Maybe you're a great candidate for our Uni-Strand® Robotic FUE Hair Transplant? Or Perhaps one of our FDA approved clinical Laser Light Hair Restoration Regrowth Treatments, is right for you? Or, If you prefer a quicker and completely natural non-surgical solution, then our NT Graft Hair Replacement Systems are among the most advanced hair replacement systems available anywhere.
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