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5on Website, Jan 09, 2018
Dealing with the personal injury team and other members of the firm, has proven to be a great experience. You receive a mixture of experience and professionalism, but most importantly a team that is comfortable to talk with and truly cares. more »
5on Website, Apr 04, 2018
Wonderful Job! Brian Longenbaugh advocated to make the Court decision better than anticipated. Many thanks, Brian! more »
5on Website, Mar 13, 2018
Always outstanding work. more »
5on Website, Mar 06, 2018
Mr. West- Thank you so much for your helpful reply! I cannot adequately express my appreciation for your counsel in times of need. It has been a bit daunting, sorting through the formalities and responsibilities of being a Trustee. You have been a pleasure to work with. You helped me tremendously! more »
5on Website, Feb 28, 2018
We have used West, Longenbaugh & Zickerman, PLLC for 20+ years for both personal and business use.

I would highly recommend them if you are in need of any legal advice. Gib Zickerman i
s extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of Construction Law and always a pleasure to work with. more »
5on Website, Feb 25, 2018
Easy going, smart, very sharp and knows what you need and delivers. more »
5on Website, Feb 24, 2018
I've hired this law firm for many different reasons over the years. From establishing my Will/Trust. Handling my mothers will, to helping friends and family that have been stopped while driving drunk, looking at multiple charges. Though I have worked with mostly all lawyers in this firm. I would say Gib Zickerman is the only one to fire me as a client. Though I still call him every few weeks to ask how he's doing and maybe a legal question or two. He gets a little upset, saying he doesn't give free legal advice... So, I just call him on his personal cell after hours to avoid this technicality? Despite all the electrical work he says I owe him for legal advice. I have to remind Gib there was no verbal agreement, nor contact stating friendship for electrical work? I highly recommend Gib as a lawyer! The friend part? Not so much.... more »
5on Website, Feb 23, 2018
Part 2

Review by Rene A Dominguez, M.D.

Let's face it, the legal profession has a bad reputation. It has been said that 60% of the public believes that attorneys are �
39;greedy'. I won't even begin to start telling all the jokes that illustrate this belief. And when you ask the attorneys where does all this bad reputation come from, they all answer, "the public". That's right, the overall general public's experience with attorneys. I don't believe you could get a more reliable source, for a view of what the legal profession has evolved into. I make this statement in an evolutionary sense, because the profession was once amongst one the most reputable of all professions. Just take into consideration, what the true role of the lawyer once was. A spokesperson hired to, in good faith, speak on behalf of a client. In this position of legal representation, the attorney makes certain, that the law is properly interpreted to provide a just resolution of a legal conflict. When the legal profession, is practiced in this manner, it is one of the noblest of all professions. It allows mankind to truly live in a civilized manner, to the benefit of all. Abraham Lincoln had this type of reverence for the law, rationality combined with a strong sense of sound morality and justice. Of all my legal dealings throughout my life, within and outside of the medical profession, no one has ever had the courage to embody all that is noble, honorable about the legal profession amidst those that fall short of the mark. The exception to all this, is Herman Zickerman. If you want someone to lie for you, create an unscrupulous loop hole, or maliciously destroy someone's credibility in a case to exonerate you from an intentional wrong doing, in an effort to escape justice, don't waste your time or Gib's. He simply will not do it. Ask around, search the attorney advertisements, you'll find someone to partake in your unethical undertakings. But don't approach Gib about it. He will not do it, he simply cannot do it, not even for all the wheelbarrows of money that you might have. Why? Because of that long forgotten concept of 'personal integrity'. Gib is an individual who exemplifies personal integrity.

Now, if you made an innocent mistake, he will help put you back on track. If there is a legal situation that you don't quite understand, he will explain it to you. If you have fallen victim to a misinterpretation of the law, Gib will right it for you. Gib will do this and much more for you if you are on the 'up and up'. How do I know ? This has been my experience with having Herman 'Gib' Zickerman as my legal counsel. Again, I didn't tell anyone about Gib, because I thought everyone already knew. In Arizona, "How could you possibly miss the nugget when you're sifting ?"

When all of you start going to Gib with your legal issues, because you read this, and your legal issues are all handled well with a just outcome, all this in addition to a reasonable legal fee, please don't thank me. Thank God for your good fortune, and let others know about 'Gib' the honest lawyer. It has suddenly become apparent to me, that word about Gib hasn't been spread well enough.

OK, so I used more than a few words to share my experience. I still think it's too short. Especially, for someone who hasn't shared his legal experience with Gib, in a review, for over twenty years.

Sincerely, Rene A Dominguez, M.D
more »
5on Website, Feb 23, 2018
I am Dr. Rene A Dominguez, a retired pediatrician who once practiced in Tucson. Many years ago, Herman Zickerman, helped create my private practice entity. 'Gib' was there for me, for all the various legal needs of my thriving practice, right up until my retirement. And subsequently, he brilliantly oversaw all the legal aspects regarding the successful sale of my medical building.

Today, I have been given this wonderful opportunity to share with you, decades of my experience of having Herman 'Gib' Zickerman as my legal counsel. However, before I do, I would like everyone to become familiar with the ancient Greek word 'oxumoron'. It is a combination of two words, 'oxus' (sharp, swift or keen) and 'moron' ( dull or stupid). Therefore, the best translation of the word is a 'wise foolishness'. In English we call it an oxymoron. It is when two contradictory concepts are put side to side (adjacent, juxtaposition) to express a meaning or to formulate a description.
Even if the terms themselves are contradictory, together they provide a true meaning that can be understood (although you may not agree to it). Examples are, an "original copy", an "open secret" a "genuine imitation". Or as Donald Trump once said, " Nothing was stolen. I had an honest thief". You must grasp this oxymoron concept, in order to better understand my experience with 'Gib" as my legal counsel. First of all, Herman Zickerman does nothing even remotely foolish. He is an intelligent, wise, responsible and caring individual in both his personal life and in his profession. Now here's the oxymoron, Gib is an 'honest attorney'.

Now go look for Part Two of this review
more »
5on Website, Feb 22, 2018
During a very stressful and difficult time, Mr. Zickerman earned my trust and admiration with his professionalism, thorough communication, preparation, comfort and end results. I keep his card with me in case he can help any friend who needs legal representation. He's a good man and a great lawyer. more »
5on Website, Feb 15, 2018
Bobbi Berry has helped me with my case for over a year and a half now. She has been very attentive and has helped me through every step during the worst event in my life. Her previous experience as a prosecutor gives her unique insight as a defense attorney. I have grown to trust her. Her advice has been invaluable as I await the outcome. Bobbi and her law firm are very professional. You will be in good hands. more »
5on Facebook, Oct 12, 2017
Bobbi Berry is a true asset to this law firm. She is a top a professional with traditional values, morals and ethics and most importantly integrity! Bobbi helped us through a very difficult time was encouraging and delightful to work with. more »
5on Facebook, Nov 02, 2015
I have had the opportunity to Workwith Mr. Zickerman for 5 years and I am so very thankful! Gib is so much more than a lawyer, right away you know your working with a high level of integrity combined with a strong passion for helping people!
Thank you Mr. Zickerman!
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5on Facebook, Dec 18, 2013
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