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5on BirdEye, Sep 19, 2019
I thought that particularly the laser and the decompression helped a lot! The doctors and all the staff were very caring people! more »
5on BirdEye, Sep 18, 2019
very friendly more »
5on BirdEye, Sep 18, 2019
it was a positive experience for me and I always looked forward to coming here. more »
5on BirdEye, Sep 18, 2019
They did a great job. I found the staff to be very courteous and supportive.

Feeling pretty good!!
more »
5on BirdEye, Sep 11, 2019
I'm feeling great! This has done wonders for me. more »
5on BirdEye, Sep 04, 2019
My social experience may not feel positive but I am very please with the service. I recommend chiropractic care to anyone. more »
5on BirdEye, Sep 04, 2019
Interesting and informative. Helpful but I still have a ways to go. Will continue with care. more »
5on BirdEye, Aug 29, 2019
Well I just love Jill and Abby as well as the team. They are all great!!! more »
5on BirdEye, Aug 29, 2019
I just love the staff!! Everyone did their job very well! more »
5on BirdEye, Aug 29, 2019
They are very professional and answered all questions. I didnt expect such great results. more »
5on BirdEye, Aug 28, 2019
very good everybody was nice and really cared and knew what they were doing more »
5on BirdEye, Aug 27, 2019
excellent service!!! more »
5on BirdEye, Jun 18, 2019
So very thorough, from head to toe, you have a very complete plan. When I tell others they are impressed. The home kit is made with durable materials as well as attractive.

*You might w
ant to caution dummies like me not to clench their teeth when they do the neck traction exercise. I had a painful trip to the dentist before I figured out I was doing that! LOL more »
4on BirdEye, Jun 10, 2019
great. I feel much better more »
5on BirdEye, Jun 06, 2019
EXCELLENT! Doctor and staff are phenomenal and very professional. Will continue with the maintenance program! more »
5on BirdEye, Jun 05, 2019
very friendly more »
5on BirdEye, Jun 04, 2019
Everyone was very professional yet friendly. I felt very comfortable with all the staff. Also very orderly and knowledgable. more »
5on BirdEye, May 13, 2019
The experience was very good. the Dr and staff could not have been nicer more »
5on BirdEye, Apr 02, 2019
Dr Riley and Staff are excellent; very profession, kind, caring and attends to their patients' needs. They get one thru the routine very quickly; never had to wait before getting started.
came with severe lower back pain and at the end of my sessions, my pain has minimized greatly, but not completely gone.
I plan to accept the maintenance plan to see if that eliminates my pain.
more »
5on BirdEye, Apr 01, 2019
Very satisfied and very happy! more »
3on BirdEye, Mar 07, 2019
Staff is helpful and friendly. I have made progress in mobility I would recomend Renuva for pain relief more »
5on BirdEye, Mar 04, 2019
I was faced with several surgeons telling me I needed spinal fusion for a very severe injury I sustained when I was 21.I have lived with back pain almost my whole life. Dr.Riley and the Renuva Back Team helped me so much. It was incredible! I got off the opiates and muscle relaxers I was doing activities I hadn't done in over a decade. I do not get excited about too many things, but my mobility is something I take serious, because I lost most of mobility due to back pain. Now 70% of my permanent pain is gone!! No pills no surgeries I feel great for the first time in 27 years I feel human again. I can do more now and feel like pushing myself more. It was one of the best decision I've ever made! I am so thrilled about my life and my future now! A million thank yous for the wonderful treatments I received from Renuva! more »
4on BirdEye, Mar 04, 2019
Very good. Super nice staff. more »
on Facebook, Mar 03, 2019
I had great results w the Renuva Core Care. They give you everything you need on the road to recovery. So thankful to have found this place, Dr Riley and his very helpful and amazing staff. more »
Business Response:
Awesome! Glad we could help you out!
5on BirdEye, Feb 19, 2019
I've been coming for 6 weeks and when I started I had no feeling in my hand. I'm just now starting to get some feeling back, not all of it but some and I know it will only get better. I have achieved great results in my spine. Staff and doctor are excellent and I would highly recommend them to anyone with pain or neuropathy. more »