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5on Google, Nov 20, 2023
Such a great overall experience! Their team is thorough, kind, professional and clean! Tyler and his crew made our experience as efficient as possible and was great to work with! more »
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Thank you for the feedback! It was our pleasure!
5on Google, Sep 27, 2023
I have been very pleased with the work Tyler and his team did in cleaning up a flooded laundry room and hallway; shower stall, etc. I have already recommended the company to everyone I've talked to. Everything was explained in detail before the work was done. Tyler also did a thorough job of completing the paper work necessary for my insurance company. They get an A+ from me!
Judy G.
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Thank you for the 5 stars & recommending us to others! We would always be happy to help in the future
4on Google, Sep 01, 2023
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5on Google, Aug 30, 2023
So far, so good. We had a burst pipe, and Tri-WEH was assigned as GC by Safeco. They have been courteous, here on-time, and have communicated well during the process. more »
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Thank you for the feedback! A pleasure doing business with you!
5on BBB, Aug 07, 2023
Excellent service with attention to detail. Prompt response. Would highly recommend. more »
5on Google, Jun 19, 2023
Our upstairs toilet overflowed and there was water leaking through the ceiling on the first floor. TRI-WEH came out immediately to dry the area and tear our carpet and a ceiling. Tyler was very responsive and professional. He texted before he arrived which was great - so I had time to put my dogs away. He submitted a prompt and accurate support to our insurance company. more »
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Thank you so much for the feedback! If you ever need our services again, we are always available 24/7!
5on Google, May 20, 2023
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5on Google, May 12, 2023
I am a plumber and they take care of all my customers I have always been impressed by there professionalism more »
Business Response:
Thank you Steve! Always a pleasure!
5on BBB, May 08, 2023
Excellent service! I contacted them after 4:00 p.m. on a Friday afternoon and they arrived around 6:00. It would have been earlier but for horrendous Friday traffic. When they got caught in it, they called to advise us of the delay. The gentlemen installed fans and a dehumidifier to run over the weekend, in an effort to dry out the room that had flooded when a pipe split. They were back promptly Monday morning to check progress, and their work had been very effective: carpeting was dry and drywall almost dry. They will be back in the morning to recheck and hopefully to remove equipment. They have been very considerate of our scheduling preferences throughout the process, and in explaining every step they take. We could not be more pleased with the people or the work they do. I would highly recommend TRI-WEH to anyone needing restoration services!
****** *
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5on Google, May 04, 2023
Leaking water pipe more »
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Thank you for the feedback!
5on Google, Apr 20, 2023
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5on Google, Apr 20, 2023
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5on BBB, Apr 20, 2023
Would highly recommend. Responded quickly and kept me informed of what they were doing and responded to insurance. more »
5on Google, Apr 20, 2023
In a stressful time where I sump pump failed, Tyler was so quick, kind, and caring!! Tri-Weh was recommended to us, and I will recommend them to everyone! more »
Business Response:
Thank you! We greatly appreciate it! Always happy to help in the future if you ever need our services again
5on Google, Feb 27, 2023
After dealing with the stress of an insurance claim, I felt so lucky to have Tri-Weh behind my back. Thanks for everything guys! more »
5on BBB, Jan 30, 2023
TRI-WEH was amazing. They responded immediately to our needs and were a pleasure to have in our home. Their work was thorough and they explained what they were doing and why. They gave a thorough accounting to our insurance. I would recommend them and absolutely use them again if the need arises. more »
5on Google, Dec 30, 2022
The guys at Tri-Weh were able to get out to us when our pipe burst over the holiday weekend faster than we could have ever expected and got us all dried out! We would recommend them to anyone looking for restoration from any catastrophic event. more »
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Thank you for the feedback! It was our pleasure doing business with you!
5on Google, Nov 10, 2022
They did an Awesome job and explained to me what they were going to do. I am very happy. Thank you Tyler for the attention you gave to my dog Mikey because I had to leave for work. more »
Business Response:
We love dogs here at TRI-WEH! Thank you for your feedback!
5on Google, Sep 13, 2022
Had a really good experience with this company after having a bad experience with a different one. I had a mold issue in my basement that wasn’t handled right by a different company so I called Tri Weh and they were able to come out fairly soon. They were able to clean up the mold correctly and leave my basement looking 10x better than it did before. Definetly recommended as the job was done thoroughly and correctly. more »
Business Response:
Sorry the first company didn't work out for you, but glad we could help you get your home back to normal! It was our pleasure. Thank you!
5on BBB, Jul 15, 2022
TRI-WEH was amazing! The whole team but especially ****** who acted as my educator, guide and resource. I was out of state and had COVID when all this started, I received a recommendation to TRI-WEH and am so thankful I did. They have been responsive, clear in their communication, collaborative and respectful. I live in a condo, and one neighbor saw them in the hall, she reported they were polite, but also respected my privacy but saying they were here to work on a unit, but not stating who's. She knew because I'd been in contact with her, but she too was impressed with their integrity.They always let me know they were coming and were timely. I came home and still had COVID so they had to delay their work until I was well. They got in very quickly after I was cleared. I am only bummed they aren't available to do the restoration work as well. I understand why not. If you need mitigation and/or repair work after a leak - this is the team to work with.!! more »
5on Google, Apr 12, 2022
Very professional, on time, and willing to do whatever it takes. They got the job completed fast. I would definitely recommend this company. more »
Business Response:
Thank you for your feedback! It was our pleasure!
5on Google, Apr 06, 2022
TRI-WEH did an amazing job of pumping the water out of our basement and did a great job of cleaning up. We had a pipe burst and sump pump failure. They were very responsive, professional and very reasonable priced. They worked hand and hand with the insurance company to make sure we were treated fairly and got the money we deserved. There report and presentation of damage and repairs was amazing. They backed the report of with pictures and data. I would highly recommend TRI-WEH for any restoration that you need. One of the best companies I have ever worked with. Thanks! more »
Business Response:
Thank you! We appreciate the feedback! If you ever need our services again we would be happy to help.
5on Google, Mar 23, 2022
The service technical was polite the entire time and kept me updated on the process. Although there was a bit of a wait due to previous clients, when they started the job they worked everyday until they completed the job so it was done fairly quickly. I would definitely use them again if ever needed because my basement now looks spectacular. more »
Business Response:
TRI-WEH is so glad that you are happy with the turn out! Thank you so much for the feedback!
5on BBB, Feb 07, 2022
TRI-WEH staff were professional, personable and communicated needed information. The follow up was prompt and again, professional. Important information was relayed. No concerns in my home. I would recommend them! more »
5on Google, Feb 02, 2022
This company was very responsive and professional. They did a great job, work to save me money and we’re very responsive with all communication. I would use them again in a heartbeat! more »