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5on Google, Jan 22, 2020
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5on Trip Advisor, Jan 22, 2020
Great Service
Was able to pick up and drop off the car at the airport valet. Received an instructional video on how to use the car prior to picking it up.In other words using their service is ve
ry convenient. more »
5on Google, Jan 19, 2020
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5on Google, Jan 16, 2020
They look good exotic cars and really beautiful, and I feel that the price is not so high, I recommend it, very good cars!!!
Very good exotic cars, very good service and good workers, if I could
give more than 5 stars I would give them!🤩 more »
5on Google, Jan 15, 2020
Buen servicio more »
5on Google, Jan 15, 2020
Come rent your cars here definitely one of the best places to rent your car in Vegas more »
5on Google, Jan 14, 2020
It is an incredible experience, the staff treats you the best and the work is super efficient and reliable. I had a great time with the service they provide to you, it is so satisfying that they treat you as pleasantly as they do, thanks for The good service it provides. more »
5on Google, Jan 12, 2020
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5on Google, Jan 12, 2020
Undoubtedly the best of experiences when fulfilling the dream of driving a supercar (Lamborghini Hurricane) and all thanks to Diplomat Rentals that has the best cars of all Las Vegas and very important offer the best cost-benefit and above all an excellent service towards the client, all the employees are very friendly and above all very attentive with the client which gives me the security of returning very soon. Without doubt the best in Las Vegas. Highly recommended ... more »
5on Trip Advisor, Jan 12, 2020
attentive and punctual service, high professionalism in organizing and carrying out the rental including drop off and final report
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Business Response:
Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review! We appreciate having you as our guest. Follow us on social media to see the latest fleet options.
4on Google, Jan 11, 2020
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5on Google, Jan 09, 2020
Me and my wife were looking for an exotic and we call different places but everywhere they were being disrespectful and couldn't answer my questions right! until i finally call Diplomatrentals! Very professional, all the staff were helpful! we booked the Huracan, car was spectacular clean and shiny! we drove to Red Rock! what an amazing way to celebrate our 4 year anniversary! once we drop off the car, they offer us a ride back to our hotel in the Rolls Royce! Diplomat knows how to treat their customers right! 100% recommended! and no one beats their prices! more »
5on Google, Jan 09, 2020
In short, the best experiences I've had in life, a company of another level, employees, the treatment they give you, cars, all contribute enough to make it an experience of another world. I would rent a car with them, without a doubt, it was the best you can do in Las Vegas. Its only defect is that there are no more locations throughout the country because otherwise the company is perfect. Thank you very much for the treatment and congratulations for the excellent company you have. The number 1 without a doubt :D more »
5on Google, Jan 09, 2020
Excellent treatment, very attentive to everything.
Without a doubt when you think of renting a car, the only name that must pass through your head is "DIPLOMAT", cars of all kinds and prices are
unmatched, literally UNEQUALABLE.
The prices are too accessible.
DIPLOMAT is your best option, I know what I am telling you.
DIPLOMAT is luxury.
DIPLOMAT is comfort.


And the best part is that you can get that at a very low cost.
Greetings have a good day.
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5on Google, Jan 09, 2020
My name is Manuel Villegas I am from Mexico and I travel to Las Vegas Nevada on vacation, therefore I had the need to rent a car, look for the best option and in all the places where I asked for reference of a car rental company all coincided with diplomat, I approached the place and since the first unplanned time I had was wooooow! what place!!! the advisors welcome you in a very coordinated way they give you the confidence of being able to choose the car for your needs, in my case I rent an Audi R8 SPYDER, I tell you it is a super-luxury car, comfortable, in the rental company they have it impeccable in its interiors and exteriors, it is sporty central-rear engine.
Its aesthetic although it is sporty does not take away the elegant, the car can reach a speed of 300 km in 3 seconds.
The agency provides me with the car from one day to one year, they have the best prices that guarantee them when renting a car with Diplomat, compare what other rental companies offer and Diplomat does not charge extras or charge for car cancellation.
The services have wide coverage insurance so that I can travel my destination without worrying about anything and thus just enjoy my experience of renting with Diplomat.
And this is just a little of my experience with Diplomat, the best company because if I tell you more I don't finish, Super 100 % Recommended.
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5on Google, Jan 09, 2020
Hello to all readers, I want to leave my experience that I had with the Diplomat company at the time of renting a sports car.
A few days ago I was in Las Vegas Nevada and I chose to rent a sport
s car to contact me to schedule an appointment and from the moment you schedule the appointment they treat you with kindness, already being in the appointment to see the rental process and the requirements, the treatment that you receive from the company is excellent and very worthy of recognizing from its staff, the process of renting a car of that level is quite accessible regarding what you need to be able to obtain it and the price is also something that I like, I also want to share with you that all the cars they offer for rent are in excellent condition and quite beautiful that you will not go unnoticed in the streets of Nevada. more »
5on Google, Jan 09, 2020
excellent company and the best experience renting a car !!! the spectacular treatment, the car care extraordinary! all very clean, well tidy, to talk about prices !! a marvel !!! All the workers and the owner treated me first, if you want to rent a car in Las Vegas, this is the best option and you are safe, they have the best cars, the best prices and the treatment is first !! I definitely recommend it, they also have 24 hour service. !! big company !! more »
5on Google, Jan 08, 2020
I really liked the work of this company since the commitment and determination of senior management is fundamental, through its policies, mission, vision and values ​​to create a good place to work, since that helps you to do it one of its many attractions that provide confidence and security when renting one of its presentations, the establishment is a very good and spacious place, people with a very good mood and the help they give us because there are people who do not speak English and there are Latinos who do their job very well, impeccable and very careful cars, the 24hr service is excellent, the kindness with package service and respect, it is certainly one of the best place I have visited, thanks for the trust and support they gave me, they are 100% recommended
(The prices are very good, I didn't think it was real)
I'll be back soon
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4on Google, Jan 08, 2020
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5on Google, Jan 08, 2020
Excellent place, I recommend them! They are very accessible and always try to bring the vehicle you want if they do not have it there, it is a service that provides security and confidence, they serve in the best possible way, the service to deliver and receive the vehicle is excellent, since they go to your home to deliver the vehicle at very accessible times, excellent service! more »
5on Google, Jan 08, 2020
What an excellent experience I had in renting an exclusive car with a good price in DIPLOMAT EXOTIC, it is an experience that all lovers of sports and exclusive cars can enjoy with an excellent price that gives you DIPLOMAT, a great company with a great management. A highly recommended company and I give them their well deserved 5 stars, if I gave them their 10 stars more »
5on Google, Jan 08, 2020
I want to say that it is the best page to rent your exotic cars !!!!!! and it is super reliable and safe and being in las vegas with diplomatrentals uffff is a paradise❤really a paradise with DIPLOMATRENTALS, you sometimes pay 590 dlls, sometimes 1000 dlls but really that what you pay is less than what you receive because receiving a wonderful car is very beautiful ...... I highly recommend them .. they deserve 20 of 10 ..... 5 stars more »
5on BirdEye, Jan 08, 2020
really a paradise with DIPLOMATRENTALS, you sometimes pay 590 dlls, sometimes 1000 dlls but really that what you pay is less than what you receive because receiving a wonderful car is very beautiful ...... I highly recommend them .. they deserve 20 of 10 ..... 5 stars more »
5on Google, Jan 08, 2020
Excellent service, very clean cars and have a great variety, they take you to your hotel, I have rented in other places in Las Vegas but none I like as much as dipomats since the attention they give you and especially the cars they have are difficult to find and more at those not so high prices, another great advantage is the insurance and above all that gives you the opportunity to drive a great car more »
5on BirdEye, Jan 08, 2020
Undoubtedly, Diplomat Exotic is the best in rental cars, the best luxury cars, the best prices have many units and the best workers
Luis leon takes you the car you want just in time wherever you
are, I recommend it to everyone thanks Diplomat Exotic blessings. more »