Dr. Robin J. Slowenko Dental P.C. Inc. review summary

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5on Google, May 12, 2018
had work done here when i had breathing and severe throat issues after a stroke. very good work under very difficult circumstances . the staff was friendly, and kind. more »
5on Google, Feb 10, 2018
Unfortunatly i was "fired" for missing appts. But i have a new dentist now. :)
Really liked her work and she is very nice and thorough. All work I had done was well done with very little problem
s into the future.
Suggest starting children here for dentist work! Treaty or not.
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4.5on RateMDs, Apr 04, 2015
Dr. Slowenko is am excellent dentist and his staff is great as well. Very professional and knowledgeable. more »
5on RateMDs, Sep 22, 2014
I have never had an issue with this dentist nor his staff more »
3.8on RateMDs, Aug 16, 2014
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4.5on RateMDs, Jul 31, 2014
I have always been satisfied, my husband grew up having terrible dentist experiences and couldn't believe what a different experience he had with Dr. Slowenko. more »
5on RateMDs, Jun 27, 2014
Dr.Slowenko is one of the best dentist's in P.A, hands down. Experienced,professional, excellent dental work. more »
3.5on RateMDs, Jan 17, 2013
I had good experiences with this dental office, particularly from the dental hygenists and from Dr. Fedyk. However, Dr Slowenko discontinued me as a patient, for failure to come in and pay $15.00 owed on my bill (they calculated the benefits wrong when I paid my bill) after paying thousands of dollars to this office in various treatments over a 9 year period of being a steady client. I expected to simply add the $15.00 to my next bill after my next treatment... I was shocked and offended at recieving a letter telling me not to return, over $15 not paid quickly enough!! more »
5on RateMDs, Nov 14, 2012
Dr. Slowenko is a great dentist. Very thorough and does what's in the patient's best interest - he is not in it for the buck! Also very knowledgeable about all dental issues, including muscular and skeletal illnesses. I give him two thumbs up and his staff is amazing, especially Rhonda and Lori, who remember everything about you! An extremely well run and efficient office where everyone bends over in order to accommodate the patient how it should be! more »
5on RateMDs, Feb 16, 2011
Dr. Slowenko and his staff are second to none based on all the dentists I have been to. I had a wisdom tooth pulled out last time I went and it was a difficult extration. Well I didnt feel a thing. Didnt even feel the needle and he had it out right away. They were awesome! Great job Dr. Slowenko and kudos to your staff. Well done! more »
4.8on RateMDs, Aug 19, 2010
Dr. Slowenko is very helpful in explaining treatment needs and offering his recommendations for the best treatment plan. He has been my Dentist for years and trust that he will always provide me with a respectful service. I highly recommend Dr. Slowenko...as a Dental Therapist I try to refer my patients his way. more »
5on RateMDs, Jun 10, 2010
Went to him for years and everything was just great. I would never consider going to another dentist. more »
4.8on RateMDs, Jan 27, 2009
Dr. Slowenko was excellent. I travel all the way back to Prince Albert from Fort McMurray just to see him. My husband has gone to alot of different dentists, ones who come and go. I finally convinced him to go to Dr. Slowenko. He couldn't believe how helpful he was and actually explained different options and procedures to him. I tell him that, that's what a good dentist is supposed to do. Also, the fact that I am terrified to go to the dentist, Dr. Slowenko does his best to reassure me and not make mme feel like an idiot. THANKS ALOT Dr. Slowenko!!!!!!!!!!!! more »
5on RateMDs, Jan 22, 2009
I, too had my veneers done with Dr. Slowenko. I cannot even BEGIN to tell you how many people have commented on my smile. And I DO smile now!!! Wonderful staff - would recommend him to all I know. more »
4on RateMDs, Nov 06, 2008
Dr Slowenko built my veneers to almost perfection, I have been complemented on my teeth for 15 years now and they still bling. I will keep him as my dentist until he retires. more »
5on RateMDs, Apr 04, 2007
Awesome. My daughter is finally okay with going to the dentist again! Excellent staff, excellent dentist. I'll never take my family to anyone else again! more »
5on RateMDs, Mar 12, 2007
Awesome place and great people. My daughter is very shy and I had a hard time trying to get someone to look at her teeth. A Theripist and nitric are available here. They take their time trying to make everyone comfortable. I have recomended their practice to everyone I know. Thank you very much! more »
4.7on RateMDs, Feb 25, 2007
Dr. Slowenlo has been my dentist for many years. I had moved to a northern community about 7 years ago, but still travel south to see this dentist over the dentists in my northern community. more »
5on RateMDs, Feb 15, 2007
Very professional staff; Wonderful chairside manor! I would recommend Dr. Skowenko to everyone I know. more »
5on RateMDs, Feb 12, 2007
Have been going there for years. Very thorough. Great front end staff. Does not make eye contact though. more »