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5on Google, Mar 10, 2023
I was denied permit to carry and a few different attorneys told me to lay low, don't rock the boat, take the loss, the state could revoke my FID and take all my guns. After speaking with Evan he said you need to get the denial off your record and get the denial overturned. He said I have a strong chance of beating it. After retaining them, I dealt with Lou, Evans brother. And what a true gentleman and pleasure to deal with. He communicated every step of the way and he won the appeal. He's a natural in the court room. I can't recommend these guys enough. If you're on the fence about these guys, don't be. more »
Business Response:
Thank you, Joshua. We appreciate your kind words. Enjoy your 2A freedom!
4on Google, Mar 09, 2023
Quick Summary: Good Knowledge base. Free Q/A service. Fast pace talking.

I asked a question on their contact us section of their website. The following day I was surprised when I received
a call from them for no charge. The Gentleman on the phone did talk a bit fast for me but I assume it's because he had other folks to get to. He seemed to show a genuine interest in 2A rights in the state of NJ. He also answered a few other questions that were not in my original inquiry. more »
Business Response:
Dan - Thank you for your review. Evan has been educating and defending gun owners for over 30 years. He also has a podcast, Gun Lawyer, where he continues to educate gun owners. Beverly
4on Google, Mar 09, 2023
They know their business, that is for sure.
I would have appreciated more communication from them with my case.
You have to stay on top of your attorney.
Good reputation in their fie
ld of practice. more »
5on Google, Feb 27, 2023
highly recommended! my rights wouldn't have been restored without their help. I worked with Louis and he was an absolute pleasure to have backing me in my matter. more »
Business Response:
Thank you, Chris! We have been restoring people's rights one client at a time for 30 years. Enjoy!
5on Google, Feb 27, 2023
Mr. Nappen is a true friend of the 2A community. I have worked within the legal system for over 12 years along with attorneys, and I understand that they deserve to charge for their services, which in many cases is legal counsel. Mr. Nappen took the time to speak to me about my situation without even charging me a dime.

He is truly passionate about helping people working against unconstitutional laws and is extremely down-to-earth.
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Business Response:
Thank you, Paul. Our firm focuses on assisting law-abiding citizens and keeping them out of the anti-gun legal system.
5on Google, Feb 14, 2023
If you need an attorney for gun rights or gun charges in NJ, this is your guy. Mr. Nappen has over 30 years of gun law experience! And you will be in great hands. more »
Business Response:
Thank you, Jillian. We appreciate your kind words!
5on Google, Feb 13, 2023
Extremely helpful more »
Business Response:
Thanks, Solomon. We appreciate your support.
5on Google, Feb 06, 2023
They are the most knowledgeable and the best 2A lawyers you can find. I've spoken to Evan, Louis and Lisa and they have all been great to speak to, very responsive, and accommodating. Louis handled my case and I couldn't have asked for a better outcome. more »
5on Google, Feb 01, 2023
Mr Nappen have provided timely and thorough advice in a professional manner which resulted in the desired outcome. He patiently listened, analyzed the situation and provided a sound strategy. I can wholeheartly recommend Mr Nappen’s firm as I will continue to engage them on firearm matters. more »
5on Google, Feb 01, 2023
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5on Google, Jan 14, 2023
Great communication and great info. They won't steer you wrong. more »
5on Google, Jan 11, 2023
I was unsure and had some questions about are rights like most of us. I reached out and he returned my call within a hour. We spoke and he gave me a better understanding of how to move forward. He is the best and his last comments was to give me a call back when you need me.
Thank You
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5on Google, Jan 10, 2023
Good experience, good lawyers . Just hope you don't get David Huang to represent you, very weak. more »
5on Google, Jan 04, 2023
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5on Google, Jan 02, 2023
Mr. Nappen is thee expert in NJ for your 2nd amendment rights as well as all issues related to firearms issues. more »
5on Google, Dec 06, 2022
Great advice and very helpful more »
5on Google, Dec 02, 2022
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5on Google, Nov 30, 2022
Mr. Nappen responded to my call quickly and answered all of my questions and gave me sound legal advice. I highly recommend Mr. Nappen…. more »
5on Google, Nov 30, 2022
Just spoke with Mr Napen in regards to my CCW permit delay and he was very knowledgeable and advised as to my options more »
5on Google, Nov 29, 2022
Evan's podcasts are second to none. more »
5on Google, Nov 29, 2022
Love the Podcast, Most well informed gun attorney in New Jersey. more »
5on Google, Nov 28, 2022
Awesome job on your Pod-Cast keeping NJ residents informed about their gun rights, all at no charge. more »
5on Google, Nov 28, 2022
Mr. Nappen is an incredible asset to the 2A community. His vast knowledge of NJ law is second to none. There is a reason every police department in this state has their own copy of the big orange book. Rest assured, you’re in the best hands possible if Evan or anyone on his incredible staff is on your side. more »
5on Google, Nov 28, 2022
Excellent, I had a great experience with Evan, knowledgeable and personable he helped me understand about the issue I was dealing with. Highly recommended more »
5on Google, Nov 27, 2022
Evan Nappen is an American Patriot extraordinaire whose devotion to freedom and Liberty earns him a place right next to the Patriots of 1776 from whom we owe the very creation of our beloved nation. God Bless and Keep Evan Nappen. more »