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5on Google, Aug 20, 2019
Went in to have ingrown nails dealt with and Dr. Marble was really professional and explained the process of the removal. Had the removal on the same day. A day after the surgery Dr. Marble did call to check how I was doing. Overall I had a great experience here. Now I am pain free! more »
Business Response:
Kathleen, we are so happy to hear you are pain free! Thank you for taking the time to tell others in our community about your experience with Dr. Marble!
5on Healthgrades, Aug 12, 2019
I come all the way from Denver to see Dr. Lewis. He is the most compassionate, intelligent, and thorough doctor I’ve ever met. I previously consulted several podiatrists and other surgeons and he was the only one I felt comfortable with. My disabling condition is finally cured! more »
5on Google, Aug 09, 2019
Dr. Lewis is a very knowledgeable Dr. I’ve been to 3 trying to find a solution to my foot problem. Dr. Lewis diagnosed the problem immediately. With he’s treatment recommendations, I’m confident I’ll be ok. I will refer anyone needing a podiatrist to see Dr. Lewis. more »
Business Response:
Sherry we are so glad you found Dr. Lewis! Thank you for your review! We are happy to hear about your experience and results!
5on Healthgrades, Aug 06, 2019
I had a great experience with Dr. Lewis, and the whole team at Pueblo Foot & Ankle. Dr. Lewis not only did a fantastic job on my toe surgery, but he was very patient with all of my many questions. His bedside manner is great, and he is a very kind and concerned doctor. I very highly recommend Dr. Lewis and the practice of Pueblo Foot & Ankle. Thank you!! more »
5on Google, Aug 01, 2019
My foot pain was making me lose out on things that I enjoyed. After making an appointment to see Dr. Pfau, my life is so much better. He suggested shoe inserts and stretches, made sure that I was wearing the proper shoes and today, I am a very happy person again. He is an amazing Doctor! He took his time with me, making sure that he knew exactly what my problem was. His staff is also excellent. Thank you Dr Pfau. more »
Business Response:
Rose we are so happy to hear about your experience with Dr. Pfau and our TEAM and about your great results! Thank you for the review and for telling others about your satisfaction with Pueblo Ankle and Foot Care. We are here if you need anything! Getting people back to what they love to do is our motto!
5on Google, Jul 30, 2019
Experience with Dr. Marble in removing a nail on right middle toe was very good .
His practice was very knowledgeable and personal skills was very sincere. I highly recommend his services in the
future. more »
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Charles, we are happy to hear about your experience with Dr. Marble! Thank you for the review!
5on Blue Orchid Marketing, Jul 30, 2019
Dr Lewis was wonderful. He kept me informed prior to surgery , what to expect during surgery and the recovery weeks following. I will highly recommend him.
The staff at the clinic also were
very pleasant. more »
5on Healthgrades, Jul 28, 2019
Dr took one look at my problem big toe nail and immediately knew it had to be removed. more »
5on Healthgrades, Jul 25, 2019
Dr Lewis was very helpful in helping me. He explained things to me and always felt like my problem was a concern to him. I would recommend him highly. more »
5on Blue Orchid Marketing, Jul 24, 2019
Great thanks. We will return. more »
5on Google, Jul 18, 2019
more »
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Thanks for the 5 stars!
5on Blue Orchid Marketing, Jul 12, 2019
Very good experience super nice doctors and staff more »
5on Healthgrades, Jul 10, 2019
Dr. Pfau gave me professional and personal treatment. My very painful foot problem was treated, has improved tremendously, and I respected his friendly manner.
Dr. Pfau gave me appropriately det
ailed information, a referral to the research articles supporting my treatment, and a balance of realistic and optimistic expectations for my treatment outcomes.
I hope to never need this service again, however if I do, I will definitely return to Dr. Pfau.
more »
5on Google, Jun 22, 2019
Dr. Benjamin Marble is amazing . He helped me become pain free in my feet. Before visiting him I was buying foot inserts, socks, shoes, ice packs and almost anything else to help with my foot pain. These things would barely help. I work 8 hours a day on my feet for the past 20 years.I went to the good feet store and that helped but only for a couple of months. I decided that I needed to see a foot doctor. Dr. Marble gave me exercises and stretches to do. Fitted me with orthopedic inserts and recommended different types of shoes. He took the time to listen and evaluated my situation. I did everything he recommended and didn’t need any shots or pain medication.I am so glad that I found him. more »
Business Response:
James thank you for sharing your experience and amazing results! Your diligence in your own care has gotten you this far. So happy you found us and your pain free!!
5on Healthgrades, Jun 20, 2019
Always friendly and very attentive. I recommend Dr. LEWIS! more »
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Thank you Annette for your review and we are thrilled you had a great experience with Dr. Lewis!
5on Blue Orchid Marketing, Jun 20, 2019
Great staff and friendly Dr.. more »
5on Healthgrades, Jun 19, 2019
I was referred to Dr Lewis by my PCP, Lev Asherov, for a suspected ganglian cyst on my ankle. Courtesy, professionalism, treatment and knowledge were first rate. I highly recommend Dr Lewis and staff. more »
Business Response:
Thank you for your review Jerry! We value our relationships with Primary Care Providers and we appreciate Dr. Asherov and his trust in us with his patients. Thank you for recommending Dr Lewis and our TEAM.
5on Google, Jun 13, 2019
Finding a good doctor is not very easy it seems. I asked around and really suffered with an Achilles tear and plantar fasciitis. It was very painful yet I felt like I needed to wait and find the right doctor. I have been to doctors that are ready to do surgery immediately. I was hoping against surgery. Finally after asking around, and looking on social media, a friend referred me to Dr. Marble. I made an appointment to see him as soon as possible. Dr. Marble addressed my injury and took matters in hand. He is thorough and very kind. It has been four weeks since I first saw him and I am out of pain and healing very nicely. Don’t wait - make your appointment with Dr. Marble. You will be glad that you did! more »
Business Response:
Ivan we are very happy you found us and are even more ecstatic that you are on the path to being pain free! Thank you very much for your review and telling the community about your experience with Dr. Marble.
5on Healthgrades, Jun 05, 2019
I was referred to Dr. Lewis by Dr. Marble. He was able to see me that same day and had read the MRI reports and examined my right foot and ankle. He advised me that if I decided to have surgery that I would not be able to put weight on that foot for months as the surgery was very detailed and intensive. He suggested that I try a custom brace as did Dr. Marble before attempting the surgery and I agreed. I did receive a custom brace and it is working very well and I am able to walk like before this ankle problem appeared. He is very knowledgeable and did an outstanding exam with good details of his findings. more »
Business Response:
We love that we can collaborate with our TEAM of podiatrists and have unbiased second opinions available to our patients. We also strive to deliver realistic and optimal treatments to our patients based on their individual needs and circumstances. We are well qualified to provide conservative care all the way to surgical care if need be. Glad you are doing so well Jef and thank you for the review!
5on Healthgrades, Jun 05, 2019
Dr. Marble was very efficient and ordered some tests and those results helped me to see what options I had to fix a right foot and ankle problem. Great Doc and knows his medicine. I highly recommend him for any issues affect feet and ankles. more »
Business Response:
Thank you for the review and recommendation Jef! Happy to know you are doing well!
5on Healthgrades, May 29, 2019
Very thorough and knowledgeable and excellent at educating on specifics of my condition more »
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We love that about Dr. Lewis. Thank you for sharing your positive experience!
5on Healthgrades, May 28, 2019
Visits were pleasant and he answered all of our questions and more. A true caring doctor! more »
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Thank you for the review! Happy to hear you had a great experiences in our office.
5on Healthgrades, May 22, 2019
Dr. Marble surgically shortened an infected toe, and corrected 4 hammer toes. All healed quickly and painlessly. Dr. Mable and the Pueblo Ankle and Foot Care staff are caring, efficient, and have a great "footside" manner. more »
5on Healthgrades, May 21, 2019
I made an appointment to see Dr. Marble about my big toe and I was wildly excited to receive one within the next day or so. They took xrays and found out what my problem was. Once he saw me, he immediately explained my xrays and promptly told me what to do to resolve the issue. Most doctors would have said come back 20 more times and we'll fix it. With Dr. Marble my problem toe was taken care of with the help of a kind and courteous staff too. more »
5on Google, May 15, 2019
I had gone to a few other doctors before finding Pueblo Ankle and Foot. I was suffering from a great deal of foot pain but no one was able to tell me what it was from. (I even had one doctor tell me I had an extra bone!). Doctor Marble right away found that I had a fracture in a small bone in my foot, we went through the process of the least invasive procedures to find healing. I ended up having to have surgery, I had very little recovery time and I am pain free! I know that I can trust Dr. Marble to provide the best treatment that works for my individual needs! more »
Business Response:
Cayla thank you for sharing your experience with Dr. Marble. Its unfortunate you had to endure that much pain until finding Pueblo Ankle and Foot Care but we are thrilled you are doing great now. Feel free to let us know if you need anything.