Brookhurst Foot and Ankle Clinic Inc. review summary

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5on Website, Oct 25, 2020
Very nine and good service more »
5on Google, Feb 29, 2020
Omg this place was amazing ! I honestly never write a review but this place deserves the recognition. I took my son in for ingrown toenail. Not only was the staff Amazing but the Dr was very professional he walked us through each step of the procedure and explained what he was doing to ensure my son was ok . I highly recommend this place more »
5on Google, Feb 15, 2020
Very nice place high quality!!! more »
5on Google, Nov 18, 2019
I found Dr. Dang and his staff very professional, nice and very knowledgeable.
I came to Dr. Dang's office after having gone to a doctor that was not helping me. I didn't realize how l
ittle until I went to see Dr. Dang.
He spent time showing me and explaining in plain language my issues.
I would highly recommend him.
more »
5on Healthgrades, Jul 05, 2019
I saw Dr. Chuc B. Dang for a fungal infection on my nail, which I ignored for nearly two years until it began to spread to another toe. It was pretty awkward for a lady like me with a disgusting foot problem. The nail infection has gone bad, and I knew it would be painful since I had met a few homeopathic healers, and I haven’t always had positive results. Dr. Dang was pretty understanding of my situation, and respectful of my scepticism on modern drugs. He carefully explained what each medication was for, and tried to limit the amount I had to take and use. more »
5on Healthgrades, Jun 27, 2019
If you are in Westminster, you need look no further than the clinic of Dr. Dang. A fantastic doctor in his field, he proves that a podiatrist doesn't only solve feet problems, but the entire body is connected, and you can be experiencing the symptoms all the way up to your upper back and neck! I highly recommend his services. more »
5on Healthgrades, Jun 22, 2019
My aunt is diabetic, and she could hardly walk even for a few meters. Sometimes she complains and demands her feet get amputated as she’s hopeless. In a hospital, I know her doctors would just focus on her condition—as being diabetic, but my concern is on how she could get through with her feet and walk normally. So, we went to Dr. Chuc Dang’s clinic, as recommended by a friend, and we discovered his healing knowledge and skill. While diabetes cannot be reversed overnight, Dr. Dang assured that with just the right amount of visit, he could remove the pain away on my aunt’s feet. more »
5on Healthgrades, Jun 04, 2019
This first thing you normally think to do when you have ankle trauma is to run to the emergency room of the nearest hospital. But ERs can be pretty expensive, and only cover your immediate medical concerns. Luckily, I recalled the clinic of a podiatrist in Brookhurst, and I went there right away with my husband. Even without an appointment, Dr. Chuc Dang was warm and accommodating. The time you save by going straight to a podiatrist is totally worth it. more »
5on Healthgrades, Apr 05, 2019
Twisted ankles tend to cost you time and money if you’re a professional athlete. I saw Dr. Chuc B Dang as my ankle didn’t heal as fast as it normally would, and unlike other podiatrists, he correctly diagnosed it as a bone fracture and treated it like it should be treated. more »
5on Healthgrades, Feb 05, 2019
If you’re looking for a podiatrist who really knows his stuff, I can only suggest Dr. Chuc B Dang. He is not just a podiatrist but also an orthopedic surgeon, which means he knows the ins and outs of feet. He won’t recommend surgery all the time but will instead look for ways to get you to walk normally again without having to operate on you. Dr. Chuc B Dang is really one of the best podiatrists around. more »
5on Healthgrades, Jan 31, 2019
Dr. Chuc B Dang has been my dad’s podiatrist for years now, and recently, when I suffered a severe fall where I twisted my ankle, I’ve been seeing him as well. He is very professional and lets you know what he is planning to do and how it’s supposed to work. So far, I can only say his methods work very well. more »
5on Healthgrades, Jan 24, 2019
A friend of mine recommended Dr. Chuc B Dang when I was looking for a podiatrist in Westminster. He recommended that I call ahead as there is a long wait list for consultation. When I did call his office, the staff was able to get me a convenient consultation schedule right away. more »