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5on BBB, Feb 28, 2023
Lyons Roofing maintains a great work team.. They were on site early every day, dealt with weather delays and worked long hours to stay on schedule. The Crew did a super job of cleaning up after themselves every day, which kept the work area safe for everyone. We did not just get new underlayment and other up to date improvements on our tile roof but also received great personalized service all around, a good warranty and a chance to get to know and work with Art ******* (Project Manager), *********************** (****** Office Manager) and their **********. In addition, their pricing was thousands of dollars lower than the other bids we had received. Very satisfied with our choice and I highly recommend Lyons Roofing. more »
5on Birdeye, Jan 23, 2023
Lyons Roofing did an excellent job replacing our house and garage roofs. They also cleaned up all the old shingles, stray roofing nails and hauled it away. We would recommend them. more »
Business Response:
Thank you for your very kind words, Dave! We view a roofing project before, during, and after the installation - including the important portion of cleaning up the work area. We are thrilled you are pleased with your new roofs - please remember to refer your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers! We have an awesome unlimited referral bonus that you will earn for every future customer whose full reroof we install based on your referral. Make sure everyone mentions your name when they call us! Thanks again for being part of the Lyons Roofing Family! Katherine Warwick Marketing Manager Lyons Roofing ~ Serving Arizona since 1993
5on Google, Jan 23, 2023
After we accepted their proposal, we had to wait nearly 4 months for our roof replacement, but it was worth the wait. They came as scheduled, worked fast and hard, and the crew did an amazing cleanup over the entire yard and driveway. They also replaced 4 skylights, moved 2 big HVAC units, and took out an old satellite dish that was on our roof. They were not our lowest bid, but we’re the only ones to propose a foam roof. I highly recommend them. more »
Business Response:
Sharing your experience with others is so appreciated, Ms. O'Brien! And thank you for sharing about your wait - it's not every roof type that has longer wait times than normally expected - but several roof types have been affected by supply chain issues. We are doing our best to convey the correct timing expectations - we view a reroofing project as a partnership with our customers and effective communication is key to this process. I often say that I wish I had been in roofing before building my house 25 years ago.....I definitely would have gone with a foam roof - you get insulation properties, plus - with proper maintenance - it is one of the longest-lasting roof systems in our climate. Please enjoy your Lyons Roof for many, many years to come! Katherine Warwick Marketing Manager Lyons Roofing ~ Serving Arizona since 1993
5on Google, Oct 04, 2022
We just had our home totally reroofed and the experience with Lyons was outstanding. From communication to workmanship it was super. I would highly recommend them! more »
Business Response:
That's an equally outstanding review, Jennifer! Your future referrals mean a great deal to us - so much so, you will earn a $100 bonus every time we reroof based on your referral...and that's unlimited! What a great side hustle, right?! So pleased you are happy with your Lyons Roof - thank you for entrusting us with this project! Katherine Warwick Marketing Manager Lyons Roofing ~ Serving Arizona since 1993
5on Google, Aug 25, 2022
Lyons Roofing is a professional company. The Project manager Art is the Best. I love my new roof..... I recommend this company to anyone who needs either roof repair or replace.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ more »
Business Response:
Thanks, Robin - We love receiving 5 Stars....but even more so, we love to provide 5-Star Service. You are 100% correct - Art is the Best! What an outstanding guy he is and we are beyond thrilled that he is part of the Lyons Roofing Family....and now you are, too! Thank you for selecting us and Welcome to the Den! Katherine Warwick Marketing Manager Lyons Roofing ~ Serving Arizona since 1993
5on Google, Aug 06, 2022
We had our 28 year old tile roof replaced and I'm very happy with their service. All of their representatives we're very professional and responsive (customer services reps, job site manager and install workers). They did a great job. more »
5on Google, Jul 26, 2022
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Business Response:
Appreciate your Five Stars, Glen! We are happy you are happy! Katherine Warwick Marketing Manager Lyons Roofing ~ Serving Arizona since 1993
5on Google, Jul 26, 2022
Awesome company! They replaced our roof 6 years ago and we had some damage from a wind storm and they came out and fixed the damage free of charge. Looking for a roof company then go no further and call Lyons. more »
Business Response:
Thank you for your review and your Five Stars, Jessica! When we state "Customers for Life" in our tagline....we are not messing around. We are happy to be of service whenever you need us - just keep our contact information handy and give us a shout! Thank you, again, for your kind words! Katherine Warwick Marketing Manager Lyons Roofing ~ Serving Arizona since 1993
5on Google, Jul 20, 2022
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Business Response:
Thank you for your 5-Star Review, Cathie! It is greatly appreciated and we are pleased that you are pleased with our work! Please let us know if we can be of service in the future! Katherine Warwick Marketing Manager Lyons Roofing ~ Serving Arizona since 1993
5on Google, Jul 11, 2022
I had a great experience with these folks....but a funny road to finally working together. I'll explain: A year ago I sought recommendations and then had 3 well-regarded roofing contractors come give us a quote for our re-roofing. I should point our here that Lyons was NOT the cheapest option, but in their process they presented me with 3 options, including some optional upgraded bird stop for our tile roof. I asked for some additional work repairing facia boards that they also quoted for me, and we decided that we definitely wanted to work with them. So far so good. Fast forward a few months, and NOBODY wanted to show up to work, in late 2021. Lyons was proactive in calling me to tell me that the project was going to be delayed, but even so, I got huffy and asked for my deposit back, which they immediately did, without any drama or stalling. Fast forward another month or two (early 2022) and I was getting quotes from other reputable roofing contractors for projects starting HOPEFULLY in December 2022. Hat in hand I went back to Lyons, asked for them to put me back in the queue, and they did, without so much as rubbing my nose in it. They started my project (complete re-roofing, two-story tile roof) 3 months later, and completed it in about 2 weeks. I was traveling for much of that time, and so my wife was left to manage the project - at NO TIME did anyone BS or otherwise disrespect her - it was a great crew and she felt comfortable working with them. Every day the crew walked the entire perimeter of our house and picked up Every Single Scrap of anything resembling trash or building materials. Every day. The tear-off work was done quickly, a dumpster was in and out of our driveway in 48 hours, and thereafter the work proceeded very quickly. The upgrades were really worthwhile for us, and they did a great job on some fiddly tricky areas of our roof, plus some facia repairs that I was a little fussy about. 10/10 would work with them again - this is a great company that takes pride in their work, they are great communicators, and they follow through on their commitments. more »
Business Response:
Well, Mr. Menten....I had to stop and take a moment after reading your glowing review. I appreciate your candor and especially love your true voice shining through! It's been such a tough couple of chain issues....murder bees....record-setting monsoon rain last summer...crazy gasoline prices...monkeypox and on top of that.....roof issues? It was certainly understandable that you were "huffy"...which is not at all how we saw it....we saw you as having a natural, human reaction to one more thing that's happening in the universe! We have all been there! I am particularly thrilled that you've shared the turn of events and the positive outcome of having a Lyons Roof installed. There's no doubt about it - reroofing your home is a major life event. We are grateful for the trust you and Mrs. Menten have conveyed to us and we value the relationship we have built with you. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts about your experience with your roofing project. I've shared your comments with our staff - it is the best feeling for our Owners, Management Team, Sales, Production, and Administrative Staff that you are happy with your roof! Please let us know if we can be of service in the future! Katherine Warwick Marketing Manager Lyons Roofing ~ Serving Arizona since 1993