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5on Google, Feb 22, 2024
Megan was amazing I left the massage feeling so much better! She definitely knows what she is doing and communicates the process and explains as she is going. Such a positive experience and so professional. more »
Business Response:
Mitch, so glad you enjoyed the massage. The deep tissue massage is very targeted and an important component of the whole program we provide to optimize your health and the results.
5on Google, Feb 11, 2024
I've struggled with knee problems for years, exhausting various treatments with minimal success. After hitting a plateau last fall, I sought advice from my pain management team, who dismissed chiropractic care. I wish I hadn't hesitated. Dr. Pasternack's practice has been a game-changer. Since January, my condition has markedly improved. They identified spine issues overlooked by others, which were at the root of my knee troubles. Unlike my orthopedist, who proposed surgery without addressing the cause, Dr. Pasternack prioritized understanding and treating the source. I'm incredibly grateful for their thorough approach and regret not seeking their expertise sooner. The whole entire team is amazing!! Highly recommend! more »
Business Response:
Danielle, My team and I are so happy to be able to help you. Thank you for the opportunity to help you with your health care needs.
5on Google, Feb 08, 2024
All the staff are very professional and focus on your needs with compassion. They, in great detail, explain the treatment plan and how it will impact the issues you are dealing with. They truly care about improving your health issues with a comprehensive and thoughtful plan. more »
5on Google, Jan 12, 2024
I feel amazing I had my first massage today and I feel like a million bucks. This place as really helped me and my husband tremendously. more »
Business Response:
Phoebe, thank you for allowing my office to serve and help both you & your husband. It is a great pleasure and honor being able to help patients improve the quality of their lives.
5on Google, Dec 06, 2023
I’ve been going to Dr Pasternak since September. I had severe pain, numbness in my arms and hands due to pinched nerves in my neck which caused many sleepless nights. he suggested seeing him three times a week, having adjustments to repair the damage and misalignment for good, but worked with me when I couldn’t afford three visits per week. I went twice a week for 6 weeks And then, after being reevaluated, we were able to drop it down to once every two weeks, and I no longer feel the numbness or pain in my arms, and I can sleep through the night again. I love the atmosphere, and the people that work at Apple wellness and I highly recommend going here. He really cares and isn’t just out for money without results. more »
Business Response:
Fiercenal. Thank you so much for allowing my team& I to serve you and help you with your health care needs. I am very glad to read your kind words.
5on Google, Nov 15, 2023
The entire team have transformed my life and dramatically improved my quality of life. It's a joy every visit & I can't thank them enough for improving my mobility with pain drastically and continuing to be reduced or has been eliminated 💚. more »
Business Response:
Jessie, thank you for allowing my team & I to serve you. It gives all of us so much joy and pleasure to see how much you are improving.
5on Google, Nov 14, 2023
So thankful for the staff at Apple Wellness, they are amazing!! I finally made an appointment after having back and neck pain for a while and I’m so happy I went. I finally feel like my old self again. more »
Business Response:
Holly. I am so glad to know you are doing so well. It is my pleasure to be able to help you.
5on Google, Nov 01, 2023
Dr Pasternak recommended a ten-week program and he was very accurate. He uses very gentle techniques. Both massage therapists are excellent. In addition, everyone in the office is very pleasant, efficient and easy to work with. more »
Business Response:
Deborah, thank you for your kind words. My team and I are so happy you are pleased with the care you received and the results achieved.
5on Google, Oct 27, 2023
Dr. Pasternack and his staff have been an absolute life changer for me. I went into the office with multiple injuries I have been dealing with for over a year. After seeing many doctors, including other chiropractors, and not seeing much progress, I was starting to lose hope of a full recovery and ever living a normal life again. I got a thorough assessment, and had all my questions and issues addressed. I have been in recovery with this office now for a little over a month, and am doing better than I ever could have imagined. Although still in recovery, I can manage most self care again. A giant relief for me, and even more so for my family. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. My only regret is not coming to see Dr. Pasternack sooner. Thanks again Doc. more »
Business Response:
Daniel, I am so glad to be able to help you. My team and I thank you for the opportunity to help you with your health goals.
5on Google, Oct 26, 2023
Dr.Pasternack is very experienced and knowledgeable! Him and his team will treat you like family and actually care about your well-being. He is the only chiropractor who actually knows what he is doing! I highly recommend!!!! more »
Business Response:
Arslaan, thank you very much for your kind words and allowing me to help you.
5on Google, Sep 27, 2023
I am very pleased with the work here, the alignments, massages and professionalism are great. I'm 29, very athletic, very active and work construction 7 days a week. I had a slipped disk and pinched nerve to where I could hardly move or tie my boots without agony. I called everywhere, even places I'd been too before and nobody would even see me for 2 weeks! I called them and was seen an hour later, 6 weeks later and I feel great! I highly recommend them as a chiropractic clinic, Dr. Pasternak is a phenomenal chiropractor and Meagan is an exceptional massage therapist! more »
Business Response:
Steven. thank you so much for your kind words. It is our pleasure to serve you and help improve the quality of your life
5on Google, Sep 10, 2023
My fiancee, Kameron W., hurt his back and could hardly walk. Dr. Pasternack got him in that day and worked a miracle. Within just a few visits he was almost back to his old self. So thankful that Dr. Pasternack was able to get him in so quickly and continues to do great work on him. Each visit is more of an improvement. more »
Business Response:
Tory, thanks for taking the time to share your experience. It is our pleasure to serve you and help you improve the quality of your life
5on Google, Aug 30, 2023
Well I went in with major back pain at time I woke up with so much pain standing doing the dishes was painful and with my experience at Apple wellness I have to say my back and spine is 100% better than before more »
5on Google, Aug 10, 2023
Focus is on the patient and coming up with a treatment plan that works. Worked with me on payments. more »
5on Google, Aug 04, 2023
Phenomenal place, truly. Every single staff member is so kind. Dr. Pasternack explains everything so clear and easy to understand. The change in my body is amazing, I'm so thankful. Lily at the front desk is the nicest! Hailey is super nice and helpful. Literally zero complaints. more »
5on Google, Jul 25, 2023
Good hospitality and service. Professional staff that as willing to help. more »
5on Google, Jul 20, 2023
They have helped me so much in the last few months, I'm so thankful. I highly recommend Apple wellness Chiropractor Center. more »
Business Response:
Sabrina, I am so glad to be able to help you. Thank you for your kind words and your trust. Dr. Pasternack
5on Google, Jun 24, 2023
Excellent!!! The staff and Dr. Pasternack are very compassionate and knowledgeable. Dr. Pasternack explains everything and makes sure you are educated on your condition and the treatment plan. Great place! more »
Business Response:
Jim. Thank you for your trust and kind words. I am very pleased to see you enjoying activities again. It is my pleasure to help you.
5on Google, Jun 14, 2023
Dr P was intuitive, thorough, knowledgeable and exhibited a genuine concern for my welfare and program progress. He also showed flexibility in adapting my treatment when an outside injury side-tracked my schedule. I would assign 6 stars if I could. more »
5on Google, Jun 14, 2023
Since I started receiving treatment from Apple Wellness my lower back pain has improved dramatically and I would recommend them to anyone who is experiencing back and neck pain Hopefully they can help you also. more »
Business Response:
Ricky. It is my pleasure to help you. Thanks for allowing me to serve you, Dr. Pasternack
5on Google, May 25, 2023
Great and professional staff members. I always get there early not expecting to be taken in early but they always do! Came in with sharp back pains and they have me feeling a million times better more »
Business Response:
Steven, thank you for your kind words. I am so glad you are feeling better.
5on Google, Mar 20, 2023
Very thorough, very nice and caring people. Also very polite and actually focus on the things that you tell them that are bothering you. The doctor is very good at what he does and explains things to you and what leads up to what problems that you are having. This is one of the few groups out there that I can honestly say that cares more about their patients than the dollar Very highly recommend. more »
5on Google, Mar 02, 2023
Never gone to a chiropractor before and this was my first choice, this was the best decision I have made for my lower back. Dr Pasternack is insanley knowledgeable and my lower back pain has nearly gone away since starting treatment. The staff is super nice and super helpful, 100% would recommend going here! more »
5on Google, Feb 08, 2023
Apple Wellness has helped me tremendously. turned my lower back around completely l!!! more »
Business Response:
Tristan, I am so glad we have been able to help you.
5on Google, Feb 01, 2023
Dr. Pasternak and his staff set the standard for optimal chiropractic care.
They took the time to listen to my concerns,I learned a lot about my body via the X-rays. My neck stiffness and lower
back pain is almost gone . Most importantly my headaches decreased!!! Yeah!
Highly recommend!
more »
Business Response:
Tanya. Thank you so much for your kind words and the chance to serve and help you with your health care.