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5on RateABiz, Nov 22, 2019
Great office. Friendly staff. Easy going Dr. Fixes me up well and deals with my idiosyncrasies. highly recommend more »
5on Google, Sep 19, 2019
Dr. Rhodes and his staff are all amazing. Everyone is so friendly and professional. more »
5on Google, Sep 15, 2019
Dr. Rhode is very nice and gentle. His office is clean and the staff is super friendly. They always make me feel comfortable when I come in for an appointment. more »
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Thanks for your praise Bianca
5on Google, Sep 15, 2019
Just a great experience all around. more »
5on Google, Aug 15, 2019
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5on Google, Aug 14, 2019
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5on RateABiz, Jul 30, 2019
Friendly, top quality experience.. Always the best smile from start to finish of any service I've done. Dr Rhode always thinks outside the box to fix any issue that I've. And I alway have an issue for him to figure out. You totally rock Dr Rhode.. more »
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Thanks for you review. We appreciate it
5on Google, Jul 24, 2019
My experience is always great. The staff is friendly and professional. Dr Rhode is great. He is always professional yet friendly, funny and gives a perfect shot of novicane. It never hurts. My teeth are healthy because of him and his staff. more »
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Thanks very much Diane.. You're a great Patient!
5on Google, Jul 15, 2019
Great experience with doctor James and his staff no pain and beautiful results can’t wait to come back to do more of my teeth I can smile again thanks so much doctor more »
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what a pleasure to have the both of you as patients. Thanks
5on Healthgrades, Jun 30, 2019
Dr Rhode and his staff show genuine concern. He asked me questions if I understood what treatment I needed. I appreciate that a lot. Brian Zl more »
5on Google, Jun 03, 2019
Outstanding more »
4on Google, May 15, 2019
Great staff have referred many friends and family
Been a patient for over 20years travel an hr to get there great job
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5on Google, Apr 12, 2019
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5on Google, Apr 11, 2019
I have been Dr Rhodes' patient for several years now and I can't thank him enough for the quality of care he has given me and my family. It's easy to recommend someone you trust. His staff is warm and efficient. Thank you to everyone there. more »
5on Google, Apr 10, 2019
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5on Google, Apr 03, 2019
Dr. Rhodes and his staff are all amazing. Everyone is so friendly and it's clear they know what their talking about. I have had great cleanings and exams and recently had impressions taken for a retainer/whitening tray. Never a long wait and never rushed out. Dr. Rhodes will answer any and all questions (which I always have a lot) He was recommended to me and now I recommend him to others. more »
5on Google, Apr 03, 2019
Dr. James Rhode helped me tremendously! I was in the process of getting all of my teeth fixed and out of no where the dentist I was going to dropped off the face of the earth and couldn't get ahold of him for almost a month. So my awesome mother- in- law referred me to Dr. James Rhode and thank God she did because in less than a month the whole process was finished and I couldn't be happier! Everyone is so nice and welcoming in the office and I would recommend him to anyone that needs a great dentist! more »
5on Google, Apr 02, 2019
Every time I go to Dr. Rhode to get my teeth cleaned, I have great checkups. I think it is due to the thorough cleaning I get from Nicki. Plus, it helps that he gives me good tips on taking care of my teeth. Flossing is very important. I am very happy with the care I receive at this dentist office. more »
5on Google, Apr 01, 2019
Pain free, friendly and excellent care as always! more »
5on Google, Jan 30, 2019
THE BEST! more »
5on Google, Jan 22, 2019
I drive 30 minutes for every check up just to see Dr Rhodes. I have seen a few other dentists in my area who have tried to tell me I have had cavities and other issues, just out to get more money. Dr Rhodes is honest and very nice, along with his staff. There’s never a wait and my appointments are always so quick. Highly recommend Dr Rhodes! more »
5on Google, Dec 19, 2018
To sum up a long story, I had a doctor when I was little that said my siblings and I had cavities every time we visited (which I believe is unlikely) name Dr. Gagliardi (name probably spelled wrong). We changed dentists when I was a bit older (8ish) to a dentist named Dr. Esposito, who was kind but failed to do proper root canals for both of my brothers and I, which was found out later when my little brother went to a dentist in Ardmore and I went here to Dr. Rhode's office. My tooth was completely black under the cap that was put on from the old dentist and was told by that dentist that it was "something that rarely happens". It turns out the tooth was black from bacteria because it was not handled correctly the first time. It was worse than a failed root canal for more reasons than that, but I am making this short story long already. Anyway, I was informed by Dr. Rhode of what was wrong with my tooth, so he cleaned it up to help and sent me to a specialist, who saved my tooth/gums from being infected and managed to keep my tooth from falling out. I am very grateful to have met Dr. Rhode, those who helped at his office, and those at the specialist's office. Otherwise, I might still have discolored and infected gums near where the tooth is and most likely would not have the tooth still. I was only 16 or just barely 17 when this got resolved, to give an idea of how I may have been affected by my experiences.
This is far better than the most I expected from a dentist's office and the best service I have heard of someone recieving from a dentist so far. Everyone I have met here are pleasant people and very considerate of people's concerns and needs. I like to ask lots of questions about what everything is and what everything does when I am going for checkups or having other dental work done, and I always recieve explanations without complaint. The music is enjoyable to listen to as well, and, although it is a dentist's office, I look forward to my next visit. Thank you for doing a fantastic job everyone!
Happy holidays!!
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5on Google, Oct 21, 2018
I've been going to Dr Rhode for several years and he has a great practice. The staff are very friendly and good at what they do. more »
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Thanks very much. We try harder
5on Google, Oct 15, 2018
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5on Google, Aug 29, 2018
Jim Rhode cleaned my gums excellently you could visibly see the difference around my teeth freshly polished. And he kept me engaged throughout the process so I wasn’t focused on the discomfort. Great dentist! more »